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Thomas Firbank Removals & Storage Ltd

A family run business based in Bath

Thomas Firbank started his business in 1997 and the service level now is as it was then – striving to surpass our clients’ expectations. With good business growth during difficult trading times Thomas has managed to evolve the company to the highest level. After 20 years Thomas was looking for the next step in driving the business forward and looking to further establish the impact they have on the house and office moving and storing market.

Thomas Firbank Removals have very strong relationships with many other moving companies throughout the UK. The decision was made to seriously look at where Thomas wanted to take the business in the next 10 years. Where we are today is the result of this forward thinking and with our new stronger relationship with his old friends at the Ward-Thomas Group of companies Thomas has mapped out the future for his business via the merger. Thomas said, “What this now allows me to do is manage and take the business in the direction of growth and acquisition solidifying our position in the market place. Not only to grow my own business but to help in the establishment of a group of companies as far afield as Glasgow, Manchester, Dorchester, Bath, Newbury and London. Being able to work with all our group members, we can offer our clients an extraordinary level of service mirrored by the ability to offer very competitive rates around the UK. Utilising the synergies of our own network with our own staff will provide benefits to both us and our clients – we will be able to offer new and improved services.

It really is hugely exciting!

Please feel free to email or ring us if you have any queries.