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Thomas Firbank Removals & Storage Ltd

Thomas Firbank Removals is part of the independent Master Removers Group. The Master Removers Group benefits from being owned by people who actually work in the removals industry and whose insights into it include the understanding that a company lives and dies by its customer service. All the companies within the Master Removers Group make excellent service (meeting or exceeding customer expectations) their priority. At present, eight businesses are part of the group, employing almost 400 people, with depots that cover the entire country. As a result, costs are kept to a minimum even when customers are moving out of their immediate area. Travelling costs can sometimes be eliminated altogether. The group is thriving financially and is able to invest in up-to-date vehicles (over 100 of them, in a variety of shapes and sizes) and moving equipment, as well as meeting its environmental commitments. With 12 warehouses spread throughout the country, the Master Removers Group is also able to provide affordable, high quality storage to suit all conceivable customer requirements.