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Adapting Your Home to Become Eco-friendlier in Bath

Posted on August 26, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Adapting Your Home to Become Eco-friendlier in Bath

Until recently, going green was once something that people didn’t take too seriously.  But things are changing now, and people are starting to pay more attention. Even for cities like Bath that doesn’t have the same pollution levels as London, carbon emissions are an issue that we can no longer ignore. The best thing about the rise in awareness of being eco-friendlier is we can all do our part, starting today.

At Thomas Firbank, we take our company’s impact on the environment seriously. We recycle and reuse materials whenever possible. We’re part of the wider Bath community, both as a business and residents, and it’s within all our interests to reduce our carbon impact. To give our followers a helping hand, here are some easy suggestions on how you can make your home an eco-friendly zone.

How to Make Your Home in Bath Eco-Friendly –

Using Renewables – although the upfront cost of installing solar panels or a small wind turbine is expensive, your energy bills will decrease. And within a relatively short space of time, your initial investment will be more visible. It’s also one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Repurpose Furniture – rather than buying new furniture, it’s possible to repurpose existing materials to save money. Additionally, repurposing also helps your individual carbon output by reducing waste. And using pallets is a trendy way of creating new outdoor furniture.

Eco-Friendly Paint – you’d be surprised at this one, but the types of paint we use in our homes are full of toxins. These toxic properties can make their way back into the water, air and food chain. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that are much kinder on the environment.

Recycle & Reduce Plastic – recycling has been around for years, but we’re all guilty of throwing away items without consideration for what happens next. If possible, try to reduce any additional plastic and use tap water through a filter.

Meat-Free Monday – this is one that everyone can try. If you avoid eating meat once a week, it can have a huge impact on the environment. You might also find some delicious vegetable dishes, and this can be an enjoyable way of making a difference.

Other Energy Saving Tips for Bath’s Residents –

Replacing insulation is an excellent way to reduce your carbon emissions. To do this, you’ll need to know what your home’s current insulation is like. A home energy auditor can assess and identify areas where insulation is lacking, and air sealing is required. This can work in conjunction with a new boiler to reduce your energy consumption.

Changing all light bulbs to energy-saving options is a simple but effective way to move towards a greener home. Most incandescent bulbs use a surprising amount of energy, so replacing them with LED or CFL light bulbs will help to lower your overall consumption. And, of course, remember to switch off any lights wherever possible.

If you have older windows and doors, the seal may have worn out. Additionally, the wood or plastic could have cracks which allow damp or water in. You can replace or repair them, but you should always re-seal around each window and door. Double glazing isn’t cheap, but it will save you a fortune in the months and years ahead.

At times, we’re all guilty of leaving an appliance or light on when it’s not in use. If you are smarter and more vigilant, you’ll be able to reduce your energy consumption just by switching appliances off. Same with any lights when you’re not in the room. And remember – an appliance that’s on standby is still on.

Thomas Firbank – A Greener Removals and Storage Company –

The scale of the environmental issues we all face is now something that no one can, or should, ignore. With this in mind, the move towards greener homes and workspaces continues to be an excellent way to improve our habits. With suggestions for a country-wide ban on single-use plastic, we’re heading in the right direction. But we’ll all need to make some serious changes to our daily routine.

Installing renewable energy does have some initial upfront costs, but you’ll save money in a relatively short time. Your investment is part of a long-term plan of reducing energy consumption and costs. And there is no better way to make a significant improvement to your carbon footprint.

Thomas Firbank works with hundreds of domestic and business customers who are making positive environmental steps. Every process we undertake as a business promotes efficiency and recycling. We’re here to help Bath move further towards a carbon-neutral era.

If you would like to discuss ways you can improve your carbon footprint, contact us today. The Thomas Firbank team are part of the positive push towards an eco-friendlier Bath.