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How Our Moving and Storage Services Can Help AirBNB Hosts In Bath

Posted on September 4, 2022 by Thomas Firbank Removals
How Our Moving and Storage Services Can Help AirBNB Hosts In Bath

Bath is a timeless magnet for visitors, who want to take in the majesty of this historic Spa town amidst the glorious Somerset countryside.  Aside from its perennial appeal, the growing trend of staycations in the UK sees more people wanting to holiday within the British Isles.  Since the pandemic, Airbnb has noted a steady increase in appeal for longer holidays in more rural locations.  Notably, there is a trend away from tourist areas, and more appeal for the home-based holiday in a lovely setting.  Accordingly, since 2014 there has been a significant increase in the number of Entire Home listings on Airbnb. This reflects the movement in trend from renting a room in someone’s home, to renting the entire place.  If you are considering renting your place as an Entire Home listing, or even part of your property, consider how a storage service may be key to developing an efficient business strategy. 

5 Steps to consider when preparing your home for Guests 

Every home and listing is different, with unique features and particular appeal.  To build a good listing and get good reviews you will have to meet guests’ expectations and provide them with a great space to be in while providing a seamless service.  A lot of this is done through advance preparation, making a good space, and setting up systems in case there are any issues that arise during their stay.  Here are ten essential things to factor into what guests appreciate in a place. 

1. Essentials to consider for guests 

  • Coffee machine and kettle, refrigerator 
  • Good wifi access
  • Good Lighting
  • Keyless entry pad for access 
  • Good mattresses and bed linen
  • Add extra beds/ pull out beds/ bunk beds to maximise accommodation
  • Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and a first aid kit
  • Childproofing your space
  • Garden features, hot tub, fire pit, garden furniture.
  • Welcoming supplies 

2. Subtract before you add

If you are letting your entire home, you may be excited to upgrade some of the features for guests.  However, the first step is really to minimize and declutter what you already have in your home.  In general, a minimalist aesthetic is appreciated by guests, who like to use your space as a backdrop to their experience.  In addition, you may wish to purchase specific furniture only for the rental project, as business expenses, in which case you can store your personal furniture. At this point, a storage container dedicated to your personal inventory from your home can be an excellent way to swiftly create a blank canvas for your holiday let.  Our removals and storage service can be a quick and easy way to transport these items to storage, and then back again when you want to set up back in your home. 

3. Hiring a team 

You may not want to be involved in the daily running of the business; in which case you can hire a manager to head up a team.  Depending on the scale of your listing, you may need a handyman, gardener, cleaners, and window cleaners.   It is important to have a network of capable individuals on call in case any issues arise, and there are many companies now that will manage this for you.  Consider our removals and storage team as an additional wing of that team.  We can be the transport and storage service that oversees the change of possessions in your home swiftly and with a thorough inventory system, so it will be well organized.  Airbnb has a facility for setting up a team on the listing, so you are able to add co- hosts and managers into the communications and bookings process.

4. Insurance and safety 

 Airbnb’s host guarantee provides up to $1 million in insurance coverage for property damage in 29 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Airbnb’s insurance is not a substitute for homeowners and landlord’s insurance, and it doesn’t protect against theft or personal liability.  However, some insurance firms have realized the importance of filling this gap and it is now possible to get insurance add on’s to a home insurance policy that covers Airbnb and holiday letting.  Generally, the review system works well so that you can vet your guests before agreeing to their booking request, and you can draw up your rule book for your listing, and guests are obliged to comply.   To feel at ease, this is an important step in your preparation. 

5. Refurbishments 

In a personal home, there can always be a bit of a time lag before one “gets round to “ fixing something. However, that will have to change if you are going to rent out your home. An overall makeover is in order, making sure that you have everything functioning well, and looking good.  A basic redecoration of paintwork can really refresh a space and give it a cared for feel.  In addition, consider your overall aesthetic theme and keep it consistent. This will look good in the photographs on your listing.  Consider features like your front door, entryway, and how comfortable your garden is for guests.  Finally set up the kitchen with good undamaged kitchenware, and personal touches that will make it pleasurable for your guests to cook and eat there. 

Ways to store personal items if you are renting out your home

Five storage ideas for concealing and safeguarding personal items.  You may want to invest in plastic storage containers and set up a system whereby you can conceal your storage within your space.  Using the spaces your guests may not have access to like outbuildings, lofts or garages may provide you with storage options.  Investing in secure furniture which can be locked is also an option. 

  • Home Safe
  • Under bed storage
  • Designated Owner’s closet or cabinet
  • Garage, loft or basement
  • Garden buildings 

While these can be useful ways to conceal smaller items during the rental period, it may become awkward if you need to access things during a booking.  For this reason, having a storage facility that is safe and secure with drive-up access is a brilliant alternative.  This way you eliminate concerns about your valuables remaining in the house while you have visitors, and there is no need to disturb them when you realise you left your passport in the safe.  Another advantage of a professional self-storage system is that they are designed to preserve the integrity of your possessions, from dampness and other destructive elements. 

How we can help your business 

If you are considering the potential of your Somerset home as an Airbnb business, or your Airbnb business is expanding we are here to help.   Thomas Firbank offers easy access drive-up storage at our self-storage site on the Lower Bristol Road.  Additionally, our removals service and man and van service can be the transportation to and from the storage unit, if you are moving furniture and larger items.  You can access the storage unit yourself 24 hours a day, by driving right up to it.  Our rates of Student Storage Lockers from only £10 per week plus vat are extremely competitive.  

We are proud to provide some of the most secure and competitively priced units for self storage Somerset has to offer. Spacious and affordable, our modern self storage units are the perfect solution to your needs. For just a small monthly payment, you can safeguard your possessions and your flexibility to manage your home and business as one.  Consider us part of your team and for a free quote drop us a line.