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Apps To Help With Moving House

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Apps To Help With Moving House

In the digital age of today, no longer are we confined to pencil and paper when determining how to move house. In fact, no move is complete without the assistance of some helpful mobile phone apps to keep everything on track and make it easier to be organised. Of course, many of the list-making and note-taking apps we already use for other purposes can be just as invaluable for a house-move; apps like Apple’s Notes, as well as Wunderlist and Evernote, are unbeatable when it comes to staying organised. But there are also apps that are specifically and exclusively dedicated to the process of moving. It’s practically axiomatic; if you can think of it, then there’s almost certainly an app for it. Here are some of our favourites from among the latest ones on the market, which can help you get from one side of your move to the other, sanity fully intact and possessions all in one piece.

Home Move Pro [Free, but with in-app purchases]
According to the blurb, this tool has “everything you need to plan and organise your home moving”. It’s a complete planner, with checklists, and it also makes use of lists, audio notes, photographs and more. You can keep all contact details and telephone numbers in one helpful place, too.

Moving Home UK [Free, but with in-app purchases]
Another app for planning and strategising your move from start to finish. You can stay abreast of all your tasks, checking them off as you complete them. The app offers assistance right from the start of the process, when you’re viewing potential new places to live. A location guide gives you information about the schools, hospitals, crime rates and amenities of different areas.

Packing Pro [£2.29]
Although this well-liked app is often used to help people prepare themselves for travelling, it comes in just as handy when you need something to help you plan the packing up of all your belongings before a move. You can draw up lists for every room in your home, utilise reminders, create alerts and deadlines, and keep track of the number of items there are in each room.