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Bath Property Price Boom – an Excellent Place to Invest

Posted on January 11, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Bath Property Price Boom – an Excellent Place to Invest

Bath is one of the most sought-after places to live in the UK. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also one of the most unique cities in England. And unlike a lot of areas, Bath and its surrounding areas have not seen a dip in house prices. In fact, Bath is going through a steady and consistent property boom that doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.]

As Bath residents, the Thomas Firbank team know why Bath is so famous. There is so much to see and do here; you’d struggle to fit it in. That’s why a lot of people make the decision to relocate here. And as far as investing in property goes, the current house prices are a desirable prospect.

Why Bath is Such a Popular Destination –

It’s difficult to pinpoint any one reason why Bath is so popular, mostly because there are so many things to do and see. One visit is never enough, and once you’re here, chances are you’ll return. But don’t take our word for it – just ask the people who’ve made in one of the top ten tourist destinations in the UK.

Bath attracts a lot of successful people who often buy second properties in Bath and the surrounding areas. Londoners who want a getaway that’s within a reasonable travelling distance find Bath to be the perfect destination. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to retire somewhere scenic with lots to do and see. The area also has a lot of schools for younger families, which makes Bath an attractive choice for relocation for all ages.

The house prices in Bath go against the overall decline in property prices for the UK by continuing to increase. Even the doom and gloom from Brexit isn’t dampening Bath’s prosperous boom in property value. For anyone who wants to invest their money in property, Bath makes a lot of sense.

Another reason for Bath’s popularity is that it doesn’t lose any of its charms. There’s nothing tacky or ‘touristy’ about Bath, that’s why people love it. It’s famous for its Bath Stone architecture and Georgian buildings. The sites of historical significance like the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey are the main attractions, as well as the Jane Austen Centre and Royal Victoria Park. Everything about Bath is built around its history and its preservation, which is why it’s the only city in the UK to have UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Some Tips for Potential Bath Residents –

Visit Bath more than once – you won’t have time to see all the sites in one visit. There are lots of fantastic restaurants and places to enjoy a drink. If you love the theatre, Bath has three to visit – the Royal Theatre, the Ustinov and the Rondo Theatre. For art lovers, you’ll find the Victoria Art Gallery, the Royal Photographic Society and the Hobarth Gallery.

Two apps will help you navigate the city and keep up to date with all the upcoming events. The Bath Life app is the stalwart publication of everything that is Bath. You can enjoy all the reviews and current and future events, as well as fashion tips and Bath-related trends.

The Official Bath app is one of the most impressive apps available for Bath. It’s designed for locals and visitors, to improve their experience of Bath. You can find all the best restaurants and coffee shops. If you’re lost, the ‘where am I’ function locates where you are and helps direct you. The augmented reality feature helps you explore the city with your phone’s camera.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Favourite Removals Company –

The Thomas Firbank team pride themselves on providing the best removals and storage service in Bath. As part of the Master Removers Group, we’re part of an elite family of removals companies that collectively cover the whole of the UK. Not only that, we regularly relocate people to various parts of Europe and all over the world.

Thomas Firbank operates with the ethos that every customer has different needs. That’s why we get to know every person and company we work with as much as we can. This helps us create a picture of what they need from us. We’re always happy to talk through our range of services, even if it’s just a first inquiry. From the first time you phone us, you’ll feel at ease with our friendly members of staff.

Thomas Firbank has a variety of vehicles to do any size relocation, and we have the right equipment to move any furniture. No two objects are the same, and that means they all need different sorts of packaging and they need to be transported differently. Our expert team will do everything possible to make sure that your goods are in perfect condition for when you arrive in Bath.

At Thomas Firbank, we understand why Bath is such a popular place for relocation. We love our city, and we’re always happy to see more people join us as residents of Bath. Contact us today if you want to chat about Bath or a possible relocation here.