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Business Storage

Businesses are finding that adding extra space to their premises is not always easy, or cheap. With the cost of office space in Bath at an all-time high, many Somerset businesses are choosing to find somewhere offsite to store the things they don’t need from day to day. When it comes to self storage Somerset businesses are finding the units we offer are great value, highly secure and incredibly convenient, making our self storage for businesses a great alternative to overcrowded offices.

Why use self storage for your business?

There are many reasons self storage works well for our business customers. Because we offer storage Somerset wide, we have a wide range of clients who use our facilities for a multitude of reasons. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Business expansion: If you need to take on another member of staff but have no more desk space, maybe one of those overcrowded stock cupboards could be redesigned into a useful office for someone. Placing items like boxes of marketing materials, document archives or event display equipment into our storage units can mean you can stay put longer and save on having to move.
  • Health and safety: Is your office littered with boxes that you have nowhere else to put? If so, you could be posing a health and safety problem to your staff, and in today’s compensation culture, this is an issue that could end up costing you dearly. Hire self storage Somerset wide and protect your business from a claim.
  • Temporary storage: Our units are particularly popular with businesses that are moving premises. Our units provide excellent storage during removals to clear space and make the mover’s job a bit easier.
  • Secure document archiving: If you are using a filing cabinet as your document archive, how secure is it really? Are the keys hanging on your administrator’s desk? With data protection a primary concern for many businesses, it is a good idea to consider another way to store your documents. Our self storage Somerset is highly secure, and uses a multitude of security measures to ensure your documents are safe in our hands.