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Tips for First-Time Buyers and Bargain Hunters in Bath

Posted on May 16, 2024 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Tips for First-Time Buyers in Bath

When it comes to life goals and ambitions, many of us will put being a homeowner near the top of any wish list. For people in a seemingly endless cycle of renting, the thought of having a house or apartment would be a dream come true, a significant milestone in their journey towards financial stability. Although house prices are decreasing, many obstacles remain before entering the property ladder.

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Money-Saving Ideas for Start-Up Enterprises in Bath

Posted on April 17, 2024 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Money-Saving Ideas for Start-Up Enterprises in Bath

Every great journey starts with a single step; the same goes for start-up enterprises. These ventures often emerge from the humblest of beginnings, such as a home office or a garage. This is a testament to the potential of your small idea, which, with the right nurturing, can blossom into something truly remarkable.

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Make More Space at Home with Storage in Bath

Posted on December 28, 2023 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Make More Space at Home with Storage in Bath Sometimes, we look at our home and realise we need more space. The living and dining rooms are cramped, the kitchen cupboards are full, and the garage has no space left. The spare room is a glorified storage unit; each bedroom is full to bursting point with items. Cramped living spaces aren't good for our health. It isn't easy to feel at home if we don't feel comfortable. This may lead to you considering upsizing to a larger property. Still, there are ways to revamp your house or apartment to make it feel new again. Let the Thomas Firbank team guide you through getting the most with storage in Bath. Contents Make More Space at Home with Self Storage Keep an Active Inventory as you Go Deep Dive into Decluttering: Transforming Chaos into Calm Bath's Sustainable Living Guide: Recycling and More Practical Tips for Sustainable Living: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Maximising Space Inside Your Home: Clever Storage Solutions DIY Storage Ideas for Creative Organization Maintaining an Organised Living Space: Practical Tips Make More Space at Home with Self Storage One of the best ways of creating more space at home is to use self storage. A 50-square-foot storage unit can hold an entire apartment's worth of items. That's more than enough to reclaim the spare room and garage. Just think of what you could do with that extra space. It's not just about freeing up space – the reclaimed rooms can now be used properly. You can now have guests stay over or rent out the spare room for additional income. The car can return to its rightful place in the garage or be converted into a utility room. You now have enough space if you have a hobby or want to work from home. Then there's the security that a self storage unit provides. Most houses and apartments are built to store things that prevent damage and theft. The advantage of storage units is that they're made to withstand extreme weather conditions and fire damage. If you have expensive or irreplaceable items, you know they'll be safe and secure in your storage unit. If you need long-term storage, Thomas Firbank offers container storage. However, you should be aware that this option has access restrictions, which is why many people opt for self storage. Keep an Active Inventory as you Go If you don't already have a list of your possessions, it's time to log everything in your home. You can do this the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper or on a Word or Excel document. Many home inventory apps are also free for Android and IOS devices. You can document everything with images, which you can save in files for each room. This makes it easier when you need to check where something is quick. Insurance companies also accept inventory lists for things like contents insurance applications and claims. If you're moving your things into a storage unit, this is the perfect opportunity to begin your inventory. List each item you remove and save as a separate file. That way, you'll not only know what items are in each room at home, but you can also check what's in your storage unit. All at the click of a button. Deep Dive into Decluttering: Transforming Chaos into Calm Psychological Benefits: Clearing the chaos isn't just about making room; it's a mind makeover. A tidy home isn't just pleasing to the eye; it's a stressbuster, a focus enhancer, a well-being booster. Experts say so, and studies back it up. Room-by-Room Guide: Let's get to business – room by room: the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and even hidden spots like closets. Think about your bedroom, for instance. Clear out the excess clothes and accessories. It's not just tidying up; it's crafting a peaceful sleep haven. Emotional Aspect: We get it; there's a story behind every item. But sometimes, letting go is a freedom ticket. Connect emotionally, but also free yourself. Imagine the weight lifted, the space opened up. Real stories, absolute freedom. Strategies for Overcoming Overwhelm: Decluttering overwhelming you? Who hasn't been there? Break it down. Set achievable goals. Get a buddy. It's not a marathon; it's a journey. Someone did it, and so can you: small steps, significant results. Feng Shui and Other Techniques: Feng Shui is not just rearranging furniture. It's about energy flow and harmony. And there's more – the KonMari method, 20/10 rule, one-in-one-out rule. Mix and match to find what clicks for you. It's like a recipe for a balanced living space. Sustainable Decluttering: Let's be Earth-friendly. Don't just toss things; give them new life. Donate, recycle, repurpose. In Bath, we've got initiatives doing just that. Your clutter becomes someone else's treasure. Decluttering isn't just cleaning up; it's a journey to a more serene home. Dive into the psychology, tackle each room, handle the emotions, conquer overwhelm, embrace harmony techniques, and do it all sustainably. Your space is waiting for its transformation – let the decluttering adventure begin. Bath's Sustainable Living Guide: Recycling and More Local Sustainability Initiatives: Right here in Bath and Somerset, we're in sync with the green vibe. The Bath & North East Somerset Council has a game plan. Check this out – the Sustainable Community Strategy. It's like a roadmap, preparing communities for climate change and diving deep into environmental sustainability. You can also read our comprehensive guide for people moving to Bath, with details of essential services. Business Contributions: Our local businesses are key stakeholders in driving the green wave. There's a shared ambition for low-carbon transport, reducing waste, and boosting local products that change with the seasons. It's like Bath businesses are the eco-champions, making sustainability a part of their DNA. Community Partnerships: Teamwork is not just a word. The Bath & North East Somerset Initiative, the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), and all the key players are teaming up. They're not just talking; they're walking the walk. Economy, regeneration, skills – a trio dance for a better, greener community. Now, that's a commitment in action. University Engagement: The University of Bath goes beyond lectures and coursework; they're all in for a sustainable future. Their "Sustainable Futures and Healthy Living" campaign? It's more than a slogan; it's a mission. They're digging into the significant challenges – economy, society, environment, and health. It's like a classroom with a global green outlook. Event and Campaign Participation: Recycle Week shines a spotlight on recycling, a shout-out to everyone. Bath is on it, building awareness and sparking that recycling spirit. It's not just local; it's a ripple in the global pond. Practical Tips for Sustainable Living: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Use Reusable Items: Ditch the disposables! Swap out that paper napkin for a cloth one. Rags over paper towels. And those single-use water bottles? No, grab a reusable one. It's not just about being eco-friendly; it's a daily habit. Food Waste Reduction: Food planning is not just for chefs. Plan your meals, store leftovers right, and get creative. Organising your meals in advance makes it possible to align meals and turn the process into a sustainable masterpiece. Composting: It's not just trash; it's a treasure for your garden. Food scraps and yard waste? Compost them. Turn it into organic fertiliser and reap the benefits with homegrown veg. It's not just recycling; it's nature's circle of life. Recycling Practices: Aluminium, glass, and paper are not just materials. Recycle them. It's not just a bin; it's a green superhero move. Reduce waste, rev up the recycling machine. Secondhand Purchases: It's tempting to get new things, but most of the time, it's unnecessary. Secondhand buying doesn't carry the negative stigma it once had. It's not just about buying; it's recycling in style. Less waste, more character. Plastic-Free Lifestyle: Single-use plastics? No thanks. Skip the straws, bags, and utensils. It's not just about saying no; it's a small step for a plastic-free planet. Be the change, sip by sip. Eco-Friendly Product Choices: What you buy matters. Choose from renewable resources and biodegradable stuff. It's not just shopping; it's an eco-friendly spree. Mother Earth approved. Water Conservation: Leaky faucets? Fix them. Low-flow toilets? Yes, please. It's not just water; it's liquid gold. Conserve it. It's not just fixing; it's a water-saving mission. Local Shopping: Forget the big chains. Go local. Support the neighbourhood heroes – local businesses and farmers. It's not just shopping; it's community love. Less transport, more community spirit. Home Gardening: Plant a garden. It's not just greenery; it's a personal grocery store. Herbs, veggies – grow your own. It's not just gardening; it's a tasty revolution. In a world of choices, these tips aren't just actions; they're your daily superpowers for a greener life. From reusable swaps to local love, each move counts. It's not just sustainable living; it's living sustainably – a lifestyle that's practical, impactful, and uniquely you. Maximising Space Inside Your Home: Clever Storage Solutions Unlocking Home Potential: Small space? No problem. Clever storage is the key. UK websites spill out on space-maximising tricks that turn tight spots into organised havens. Utilising Architectural Features: Think beyond walls. Alcove home offices? Built-in benches? It's not just storage; it's storage with style. Merge functionality with your home's bones. Back-of-Door Storage: Doors are more than entrances. The back? It's not just a blank canvas. Use it! Hang small wonders – accessories, essentials. It's not just a door; it's a storage hero. Bespoke Storage Units: One size doesn't fit all. Tailor-made units? It's not just storage; it's storage that fits like a glove—shelves, cabinets, drawers – custom-made elegance. Multifunctional Furniture: Furniture with a twist. Coffee tables that store benches that hide treasures. It's not just furniture; it's furniture on a mission—functionality without the fuss. Storage Beds: Beds aren't just for sleeping. Drawers underneath? It's not just a bed; it's a secret storage chamber. Say goodbye to wasted space. Self Storage Units: Is your home getting cramped, and you're struggling for space? Thomas Firbank's got your back. Self storage units? It's not just storage; it's storage on standby. Secure, off-site, like an extension of home. From architectural blends to door wonders, bespoke elegance to furniture magic – small spaces are no match for clever storage. It's not just maximising space; it's creating a space that wows. Bath and Somerset, where storage isn't just a solution; it's a lifestyle. DIY Storage Ideas for Creative Organization In the world of DIY storage, it's not just about solutions; it's about crafting a storage story that's uniquely yours. From custom baskets to upcycled chests, geometric flair to cardboard creativity – each project is a burst of personal style. Custom Storage Baskets: Say goodbye to bland storage. Craft your baskets your way. Woven bamboo, fabric, or wood – it's not just storage; it's a style statement. Your style. Upcycled Tea Chests: Tea chests aren't just for leaves. Repurpose them – storage with character. It's not just a chest; it's a history-filled storage show. Sustainable and chic. Geometric Shelves: Shelves, but make them art. Geometric style, your way. It's not just shelving; it's a personal gallery. Get creative with your space. A-Frame Bookcase: Books need a home, a stylish one. A-frame bookcase – not just storage, but a statement piece. It's not just a case; it's a bookish masterpiece. Creative Cardboard Storage: Cardboard's not just a box; it's a storage hero. Get inventive – organise, store. It's not just cardboard; it's your versatile storage sidekick. Gu Pots as Storage Containers: Gu pots are not just dessert containers. Repurpose them into stylish storage. It's not just pots; it's dessert chic turned storage savvy. Egg Carton Craft Storage: Eggs aren't just for breakfast. Cartons – crafty storage. It's not just organising; it's eco-friendly crafting. Sustainability meets storage. Jam Jars as Vases or Containers: Jars aren't just for jams. Empty? Repurpose them. Vases or storage – it's not just a jar; it's a double-duty hero—creativity in a jar. Maintaining an Organised Living Space: Practical Tips Maintaining an organised living space is more than tidying up; it's a lifestyle. Dive into practical tips that turn chaos into calm, making every corner a haven of order: Declutter Visible Surfaces: Your living room's first impression matters. Keep surfaces clutter-free for an instantly organised and inviting space. It's not just a table; it's a canvas for order. Hidden Storage Options: Furniture's secret life? Storage! Embrace pieces with hidden compartments or lifting seats. Declutter without sacrificing style. It's not just furniture; it's storage magic. Balance White Space and Storage: Have you ever heard of white space harmony? Strike the perfect balance between furniture and emptiness. Uncluttered areas? It's not just space; it's visual serenity. Multifunctional Furniture Integration: Beds with drawers? Furniture that multitasks? It's not just a bed; it's a storage powerhouse. Maximise utility and minimise clutter. Optimise Wall Space: Walls aren't just boundaries. Install shelves and built-ins to make vertical storage a masterpiece. It's not just a wall; it's storage reaching new heights. Intentional Future Purchases: Think about storage before hitting that buy button. Every purchase should have a home. It's not just shopping; it's mindful curation. From decluttering surfaces to intentional buying, your space transforms into a haven where clutter dares not tread. Bath and Somerset, where organised living isn't just a concept; it's a daily rhythm. Thomas Firbank – Bath's Favourite Storage Providers The Thomas Firbank team have been providing storage in Bath for twenty years. Moreover, we call Bath our home and believe in providing the highest level of customer service. By asking people why they use us for storage, we help to build close relationships with our customers. Many people use us when they relocate and recommend us to their family and friends. Self storage is an excellent way to improve your living spaces. Your home isn't built for excessive storage; you shouldn't cramp and clutter it with your possessions. Thomas Firbank covers the whole of Somerset and Wiltshire. Our team can store any number of items, and we have all the right tools and equipment to complete the job. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs in Bath and the surrounding areas in Somerset.

Sometimes, we look at our home and realise we need more space. The living and dining rooms are cramped, the kitchen cupboards are full, and the garage has no space left. The spare room is a glorified storage unit; each bedroom is full to bursting point with items.

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New housing in Bath and Northeast Somerset to be all net zero 

Posted on February 21, 2023 by Thomas Firbank Removals

Bath and Northeast Somerset have adopted an energy-based net zero housing policy.   What this entails is that planning permission will only be granted to new developments that generate as much energy as they consume.  Furthermore, the construction materials must also cap their emissions at an acceptable level in order to align with net zero.  Informed by industry-leading initiatives such as the London Energy Transformation Initiative, the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers, this policy is set to be groundbreaking and lead the way to more sustainable building practices nationwide.  But what exactly is net zero, what is a carbon-neutral home and how can you make your home more energy efficient? This article will look at these different terms in more detail. 

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An Area Guide to Bath

Posted on December 19, 2022 by Thomas Firbank Removals
An Area Guide to Bath

As UNESCO heritage sites go Bath is a living breathing marvel that you can actually live in.  The Romans bequeathed the Baths and the Temple of Minerva, and the Georgians continued the project with elegant outstanding golden buildings.  Jane Austen documented the high life of Bath elites at the Assembly Rooms, The Pump Room, and strolling in The Sydney Gardens in some of her novels. With architectural treasures like the Pulteney Bridge, which was built in the 18th Century, and the Royal Crescent, there is more than the stately Bath Abbey to delight in. If you are considering becoming a full-time Bathonian, or flirting with the idea, let us unfold the map for you. 

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Moving Fine Art And Sculpture in Bath

Posted on August 25, 2021 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Fine Art & Antique Relocation

Whether you’re a private collector or your company works in the art industry, it’s essential to know how to move and transport these pieces. In nearly every related situation, the items have a significant value and an element of delicacy. For that reason, it’s necessary to plan thoroughly and avoid any potential issues before the hands-on stuff. You typically get one chance at this, so there’s no margin for human error where it’s avoidable.

By choosing Thomas Firbank as your removal provider, you’ll have a team of experts in your corner. We have plenty of experience packing, securing, and transporting fine art and sculptures. Not only that, but we’ll also provide any additional information and tips whenever a need arises. Let’s make your upcoming task of safely moving artwork a successful one.

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Tips for Summer Event Organisers in Bath

Posted on June 28, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
When upgrading our homes, we all have ambitious projects we would love to start. For some people, undertaking a renovation or remodelling project is a passion. Then, some businesspeople buy and renovate properties for a living. Then, the other less fortunate ones must take on an urgent renovation due to a structural issue in their house. Thomas Firbank has many customers who are either in the property development sector or have done their own renovations at home. Many professionals use our Man & Van service because it ticks many boxes for their needs during their development. This service fits the same criteria for a residential renovation or remodelling. Contents How Man & Van Can Help with Renovations and Remodelling A Range of Services for Your Property Development in Bath Finding Trusted Traders and Navigating Council Planning Tips on Finding Renovation Properties in Somerset and Beyond Removal Services that Support Renovations and Remodelling Self Storage - Your HQ When Remodelling or Renovating Reducing Costs and Excellent Customer Service in Bath How Man & Van Can Help with Renovations and Remodelling Whether starting a renovation or remodelling project for your business or improving your home, you'll need assistance. By partnering up with Thomas Firbank, you'll receive the best man with a van service in Bath and the surrounding areas. And this service is perfect for any property development. Thomas Firbank's Man & Van service (Small Moves) is the choice of the professionals, and there are many reasons for this. Every development project requires people to undertake various labouring tasks. To collect materials and tools, you'll need a vehicle and people to make the journeys. And that's why many professional property developers use us. Every Man & Van job comes with the use of one or two of our team members and a small van. Thomas Firbank only hires experts in removals and storage, and often, our staff have experience in various trades. Our vehicles are ideal for collecting any equipment or building materials. Using a man and van service makes sense, considering the various tasks you must arrange. We're also available should there be any issues with your project. If you have any last-minute cancellations from sub-contractors, you can call us to see if we're free. We'll always do our best to accommodate emergency situations. A Range of Services for Your Property Development in Bath In addition to providing the best removal services in Bath, Thomas Firbank has various other options available for your project. If you have larger items of equipment that require transportation, our Large Removals vehicles are ideal for more significant loads. We have a fleet of removal vans at our disposal, ensuring we have the right size for the task. Before you start your development project, you'll need to take all the furniture out of your home. And the best way to ensure your possessions are safe from theft or damage is to use storage. Thomas Firbank now boasts the largest storage facility in Bath. We have self storage and container storage units to suit everyone's needs. Renting a storage unit will also be handy for your renovations or remodelling. If you have valuable construction equipment, the best place to safeguard it is with Thomas Firbank's storage depot. Your storage unit may be so beneficial that you continue to rent it after completing your project. At Thomas Firbank, we have a variety of removals and storage options to suit everyone's needs. Furthermore, we have a professional packing service to ensure you get the most out of your storage unit. We have every service you need for your development project under one roof. Finding Trusted Traders and Navigating Council Planning In the maze of finding reliable builders and tradespeople for your renovation project, it's crucial to tread carefully. It's like navigating a dense forest – daunting but manageable with the right tools. Trusted Traders Look to trusted trader lists and council-approved directories for a solid starting point. But remember to appreciate the power of personal referrals from friends, family, or even us here at Thomas Firbank. Google Ratings Now, onto the digital reconnaissance. Google reviews can be your guiding light, offering glimpses into the reliability and reputation of tradespeople in your area. And don't overlook testimonials on their websites – they're like breadcrumbs leading you to a reliable path. Attention to Detail Attention to detail is your best ally when grappling with council planning regulations. Dot those "i's" and cross those "t's" regarding permits and local building codes. And in the realm of budgeting, it pays to be thorough. Cast a wide net and gather multiple quotes for each trade you need – it's like laying the groundwork before the big reveal. This comprehensive approach helps uncover potential savings opportunities before making any commitments. Tips on Finding Renovation Properties in Somerset and Beyond When finding the perfect renovation property, it's essential to explore all avenues, catering to various circumstances and aspirations. Suitability or Renovating Renovation might only be ideal for some, as it demands considerable effort and commitment. However, the potential rewards are substantial, whether you're hunting for a bargain, considering house flipping as a career, or simply taking the first steps onto the property ladder. Finding Renovation Properties Let's delve into the hunt for renovation properties, casting our net wide to maximise opportunities. Online platforms like the Trovit website can serve as valuable hunting grounds, offering many listings ripe for transformation. Additionally, venturing into property auctions in Bath, Somerset, and neighbouring counties opens doors to hidden gems awaiting discovery. Don't limit your search radius just yet – casting a broad net increases your chances of snagging the perfect property. Estate Agents & Valuations In your quest for the ideal renovation project, consider the guidance of local real estate agents in Bath and the surrounding areas. Their expertise can help streamline your search, grouping suitable properties and filtering out the less-than-ideal ones. Moreover, they can provide invaluable insights and valuations, both speculative and post-renovation, guiding you towards the most promising opportunities. Removal Services that Support Renovations and Remodelling When diving into your renovation project, take into account the indispensable role that removal services play. At Thomas Firbank, our Man & Van service offers tailored solutions, from collecting materials to daily site deliveries, ensuring your project stays on course. Experienced Movers Our services extend beyond mere transportation because it's vital to your renovation's success. With our team's extensive removal and storage expertise, including backgrounds in various trades, navigating your project's complexities is a breeze. Planning Equals Success Meticulous planning is our hallmark at Thomas Firbank. From safety protocols to meeting deadlines, we cover every base. Likewise, we collaborate closely with your project's professionals to ensure our actions seamlessly complement their efforts. With us, you can confidently embark on your renovation journey, knowing every detail is expertly managed. Self Storage - Your HQ When Remodelling or Renovating Let's explore the advantages of using self storage facilities as your headquarters for renovation projects. Storage Benefits With a dedicated storage unit, you can safeguard your tools and materials free from environmental damage. Say goodbye to nightly tarp rituals – your belongings remain secure and protected, minimising wasted materials and replacement costs. Storage as Dedicated HQ Our storage units offer more than just storage space; they become your command centre for project organisation. Beyond tools and materials, savvy users utilise the space for paperwork and documentation, keeping everything centralised and easily accessible. Furthermore, the flexibility of self storage means no restrictive contracts – you're in control of your storage needs. You can end your rental when it suits you. Storage on Your Terms Whether you require short-term storage during a renovation or find ongoing use for added security and convenience, your storage unit remains at your disposal. With Thomas Firbank, your renovation journey becomes smoother and more efficient, with self storage as your reliable ally throughout the process. It's all about flexibility and the ability to use a service when needed. Reducing Costs and Excellent Customer Service in Bath Let's talk about reducing costs and receiving top-notch customer service in Bath. For budget-conscious homeowners, utilising removal and storage services offers a range of benefits, including flexibility, expert handling, and freedom from long-term contracts. At Thomas Firbank, our removal and storage solutions are tailored to suit various budgetary constraints, ensuring everyone can access reliable support for their renovation projects. Reputable Traders & Planning As discussed earlier, finding trusted traders and navigating council regulations are crucial for a successful renovation. These elements form the backbone of any project, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Thomas Firbank recognises the importance of these factors and offers comprehensive support to homeowners in Bath, helping them easily navigate these challenges. Cutting Costs Our services are designed to complement and enhance renovation efforts, providing practical solutions and peace of mind to homeowners throughout the process. Whether it's our expert handling, flexible storage options, or commitment to excellence in customer service, Thomas Firbank is dedicated to supporting our customers every step of the way. So, if you're embarking on a renovation or remodelling project in Bath, look no further than Thomas Firbank for all your removal and storage needs. Proven Track Record Check out our online ratings to verify our proven track record, and rest assured that we're fully compliant with BAR (British Association of Removers) standards, with an internal Quality Policy in place to ensure the highest service delivery standards. Thomas Firbank – We're Bath's Number One Man & Van Service Thomas Firbank works with hundreds of people yearly who take on renovation and remodelling projects. Whether for business or domestic purposes, partnering with our team will guarantee positive results. We understand the need to meet deadlines to avoid delays. Time is money, and we never waste it either. We assess and plan everything in advance to ensure we provide the most efficient service possible. Our team will turn up early and complete the task on time. Moreover, the Thomas Firbank team takes great pride in being known as the best removals and storage service in Bath. Attaining the highest standard of customer service is our primary focus, and we strive to achieve this with every job we take on. Everyone at Thomas Firbank understands that every customer has different needs. That's why we get to know every person we work with as much as possible. This helps us create a picture of what they need from us. We're always happy to talk through our range of services, even if it's just a first inquiry. You'll feel at ease with our friendly staff members from the first time you phone us. For your next renovation or remodelling development project, it's wise to use the experts in Bath. Contact us today, and we'll discuss our range of services.

Bath is a wonderfully versatile city that refuses to be pigeonholed as being popular for any one aspect, although it’s well-known for its year-round events. Summer is one of the busiest times of the year in Bath and Somerset, and it’s usually ideal weather for outdoor occasions. And there really is no better city or county to host all manner of events, and organisers find a lot of support for their work here.

Any event organiser will tell you that their work is more than a full-time job in the months leading up to a major event. It’s a twenty-four-seven type of vocation that can become very stressful and chaotic, to increasing degrees as the date moves closer. Thomas Firbank currently works with several organisers in Bath, and we believe that our range of services is an ideal match for this industry.

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Quality Independent Retail Shopping in Bath

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Articles Bath

Bath is one of the most renowned cities in the UK for many reasons. From the historical sites to the iconic Bath stone buildings, you won’t find a place like it. In fact, Bath has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the only city in the UK to be given this status.

One of its lesser-known but equally impressive qualities is its independent retail shops.  If you want the perfect mix of local stores and artisan goods as well as top high street brands, Bath is the destination for you.

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What’s on in Bath this Autumn

Posted on September 19, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Moving to Bath: Council Info, Waste Collection, and Essential Services

Now that summer moves into autumn you might feel glum about the colder weather. Luckily for Bath’s residents, you live in a vibrant city that always has lots to do. What better way to shake off the autumn blues than taking in some of the best festivals and events that Bath has to offer? Don’t sulk the summer that’s gone, welcome in the beautiful autumn in Bath in style.

Bath has a lot of excellent things to do this autumn, and Thomas Firbank has put together some suggestions for residents and visitors alike.

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Moving Out Of London To Bath

Posted on June 23, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Moving Out of London for Calmer Surroundings

Sometimes inner-city life can get to be too much and you’ve decided to move out of London for calmer surroundings. Life in the capital is non-stop – a twenty-four-hour city that never seems to pause for a rest. And while that might have been the perfect location for you ten years ago it could be a bit too much now, and you’re ready to trade it in for a more peaceful and toned done life. Luckily enough, there are plenty of places not far from London that many people have chosen to relocate to for this reason.

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