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Decluttering and Covid Cleaning Your Home in Bath

Posted on August 3, 2020 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Decluttering and Covid Cleaning Your Home in Bath

While it might take some motivation to start, a thorough, top-to-bottom house clean makes a massive difference to how we feel about our home. This also works the other way around, where a messy house or apartment puts a dent in our mood when we walk in the front door. However, it’s not just a case of how we respond to cleanliness. The Covid-19 pandemic also brings new questions around regularly cleaning to avoid health issues.

Thomas Firbank is always on the look for new ways to help our customers and followers. This blog is for people who want a clean home, where you won’t have to worry about any coronaviruses and other contaminants remaining on surfaces.

Declutter Your Home and Consider the Possibilities –

Yes, we’re going to be talking a lot about decluttering, and it’s not the most exciting of conversation. Like most things, however, it’s all about context and why you’re doing something. After all, mundane tasks are only dull if you’re unable to link an incentive to it. You should try to think about how to turn your deep cleaning into something positive; you’re creating a blank canvass, possibly before some decorating? A new lick of paint and clean carpets will make your home feel brand new.

Due to the lockdown, more people are working from home, and we think this will continue for many months. That’s why it’s worth considering a home office by converting a room in your house or apartment. And to do this, you’ll need to declutter, clean, and start again from an open space. This is because you’ll need to think about more electrical points and to replace a bed with a desk and office chair.

An advantage of doing a thorough clean is you’ll notice any small repairs you can do as you go. Unfortunately, you might spot some more troubling problems, like damp, but it’s always better to tackle this before it becomes a big issue. You might even find the urge to take on a more involved project and do some renovation work.

Clutter is holding you back, so it’s time to deal with it and stop it getting in the way. A self storage unit is an excellent service for this purpose, as you can move everything out while you clean. Thomas Firbank can provide this, and we help people with decluttering all the time. We understand the benefits of having a tidy house or flat, and our range of services can help.

A One-Week Decluttering Schedule –

There’s no escaping it – we’re all guilty of putting things off as well as some light hoarding. While it’s necessary to repurpose wherever possible, this doesn’t mean keeping old collections of cables for appliances you no longer use or own. Decluttering is an essential part of organising and maintaining a tidy home. And the best way to tackle it is to jump in with both feet and get it done quickly.

Create a timeline – creating a schedule can help drive progress. Giving yourself no more than one week to start and complete the decluttering job will save lots of wasted hours of procrastination. Just dive into the task with no other thoughts than to reach your goal within seven days or less.

Use a home inventory app – download one now and start getting used to its features. A good home inventory app can save you lots of time when you need to locate an item. It splits everything per room with images of each piece, and there are plenty of free apps available.

Set goals – have a plan for each room to help keep focus. Do you need to make any repairs in the garage? Are you repainting the living and dining room? Does the tiling in the kitchen need to be replaced? This will determine how much time should be spent in each room.

Stop hoarding! – be brave, be bold, and prepare to get rid. If you’re guilty of being a hoarder, then it’s a good idea to get someone to save you from yourself. Check that you’re doing your due diligence by undertaking regular monthly decluttering to make sure you don’t regress into bad habits.

Using Self Storage to Create Space While You Clean –

Before you start decluttering, you’ll need to create as much space as possible. There are various ways to achieve this, but it’s more straightforward to clean without moving objects around your home. It’s difficult to concentrate on cleaning if you’re continually swapping pieces of furniture and appliances from one room to another. What’s the best solution to help do this?

Self storage is the ideal service for anyone who’s doing a deep clean of their home. By moving everything out in one go, you can clean with impunity, making things easier and quicker. This also means you won’t have to worry about damaging your possessions with cleaning products. And many Thomas Firbank customers keep their storage unit after the job is done because it’s convenient.

Thomas Firbank has the most extensive storage facilities in Bath, and we work with people from all over Somerset. We have excellent security measures in place to guarantee the safety and security for your belongings. With CCTV monitoring throughout our branch, nothing gets in or out without permission. You’ll have the peace of mind your items are in safe hands.

A Deep Clean when Selling Your Home –

Decluttering and cleaning aren’t always for people hoping to improve their living spaces. If you’re thinking of relocating, you’ll have plenty of preparation and organising ahead of you. This means planning forward with a view of selling your property within a reasonable period. There’s nothing like a clean property to help move things forward towards a timely conclusion.

Conversely, there’s nothing like a dirty house or apartment to put off potential buyers. This doesn’t necessarily mean actually unclean – old paintwork will give the appearance things aren’t tidy. The last thing you should do is make viewers second-guess. A spotless home will put their mind at ease straight away, making the estate agent’s job much more manageable.

In practical terms, you have two choices when approaching a thorough cleaning job. You can do this yourself, or, leave it to the professionals. Thomas Firbank has connections in every relevant business sector, and we can refer you to a reputable professional cleaning company. However, they won’t do the decluttering for you, so don’t think you’re getting off lightly.

Safer Removals During the Covid-19 Pandemic –

Like most companies at the moment, we understand the need for adjustment and being flexible with how we operate. The safety of our customers and staff is paramount to us, and we plan everything in detail with this focus. It requires us to amend how we handle inquiries and bookings, as well as when we’re on-site, but it’s a crucial part of combatting the Covid-19 virus.

Thomas Firbank undertook removals and storage throughout the lockdown, even during the stricter phase. To do this, a stringent Health Policy was implemented to remove any contaminants while improving things like PPE. We meet deadlines, and the increase in health and safety protocols won’t cause any delays.

Every member of the Thomas Firbank removal’s team will regularly wash or sanitise their hands, which includes before arrival and throughout the job. We provide them with PPE equipment and hand sanitiser. They will wipe down any surfaces or frequently touched objects with disinfectant wipes. We would also suggest booking a professional cleaning service which we can provide a referral for.

We’re also taking inquiries and bookings from online video platforms. Video quoting, via WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype or Zoom, is how we offer quotes. We can conduct in-person meetings where necessary, but we’re trying to limit them. These measures will help reduce any risks of infection without causing any issues with the services we offer. We will always be available to discuss your relocation by phone, email, or on one of the video platforms.

Tips on Cleaning to Kill Coronavirus & Other Germs –

The truth is Covid-19 is still an unpredictable disease. We’re learning new things about it on an almost weekly basis, which can be confusing and exhausting. However, it’s better to continue to be vigilant, even if we’re starting to get pandemic fatigue. Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is a novel virus, which means we have to learn as we go. And you don’t always need to have any noticeable symptoms to spread it to other people.

Covid transmits via respiratory droplets, often within a distance of six feet between people. This is why social distancing is so effective, in addition to wearing masks. However, there’s evidence to suggest it remains viable for many hours on surfaces as well. That’s why you should clean dirty surfaces, then disinfect the areas afterwards.

You should regularly clean surfaces and objects in your home, especially ones where multiple people come into contact with. Think along the lines of doorknobs, countertops, keyboards, toys, mobile phones, and bank cards. Another tip with regards to clothing is to wash on a higher temperature, or you can iron clothes to reduce the risks of contaminants remaining in the fabric.

Thomas Firbank – Helping People Organise their Home in Bath –

At Thomas Firbank, we know cleaning and decluttering is a pain, but a necessary thing to do. It can also be a surprisingly motivating process, with many people opting to take things to another level. Even with some simple improvements, you can make your current home feel like a new one. And there’s no better feeling than walking into a bright and clean house.

By renting a self storage unit and planning things well, you can make it a relatively simple task. Yes, it will require effort, but it doesn’t need to be a hard chore. And if you’re smart, you’ll rope in some family or friends to give you a hand. Delegate the tasks evenly, and you can save lots of time while ensuring everyone chips in. Just beware of any family members who are guilty of hoarding, as items might magically reappear.

If you’d like to see how our range of services can help you organise your home, please contact us today. We can tailor or existing packages to meet your requirements.