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Decluttering With Storage Before a Sale or Redecoration

Posted on July 28, 2021 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Decluttering With Storage Before a Sale or Redecoration

Storage can be an absolute Godsend if you’re getting ready to sell up or needing to clear rooms while you redecorate. At Thomas Firbank, we have first-rate storage facilities that can take care of all your belongings for as long as (or short) as you need. But in addition to storage, there are other procedures you can employ in order to give your home a thoroughly refreshing touch, and chief among them is decluttering.

Some people’s shoulders sag just reading that word. They fear the seemingly Herculean task of going through everything, having to be ruthlessly unsentimental about what to keep and what to discard. It can all seem too much. But if you keep a few tips in mind, decluttering is easy. Better still, it always has a knock-on effect on morale because as the clutter disperses, you’ll feel a sense of relief. Here are some principles and ideas to keep in mind so that you can declutter with the best of them.

Our Guide to Fearless Decluttering –

The best way to approach this is from a positive frame of mind rather than sighing at the prospect. Let’s be honest, not many people like tidying up, and it’s not exactly the best way to spend an afternoon. Decluttering takes it to another level, though it’s understandable why it gets put off on repeat. That’s why it tends to build up and becomes unmanageable.

Unfortunately, we’re going to suggest the opposite here and would like everyone reading this to jump into this task without fear or hesitation. There are several benefits to consider, and we’ll elaborate on them in this article. We’ll provide some examples to give you some context and reason behind any suggestions we offer.

In this blog, there are five main points to apply when you undertake a full declutter of your home. The list isn’t exhaustive but should put you on the right path towards a clutter-free house or apartment. You might even save some money in the process, and it definitely makes things like moving more efficient. And using storage will give you additional space as well.

One: Stop Buying New Things –

Make a conscious effort to stop new stuff from coming in. There’s little point in decluttering unless you are getting rid of more stuff than you’re taking in. Otherwise, you’re simply replacing one set of clutter with another. So, stop it in any way you can. Decide not to buy stuff. Be less acquisitive, at least while the decluttering process is underway.

This isn’t just about large items like new appliances and furniture. You should limit buying anything until the relocation is over. Not only will they take up space, but there’s also the packaging to consider as well. If you have any purchasing needs for the new place, consider whether they’re essential now. Instead, wait until you arrive and get to know the area more.

The two aims of decluttering when moving are creating space and reducing waste. You can’t do either if you’re buying new products that will come with packaging and will need storage. Let’s keep things simple and reduce the overall moving volume now instead of increasing it. You can always reward yourself later by having a splurge when the boxes are unpacked in your new home.

Two: Take a Month to Declutter –

If you’ve given yourself enough time, you can make decluttering leisurely and free of pressure by simply getting rid of one thing a day. No one said decluttering had to be a frenzied undertaking to be completed within twenty-four hours. It makes more sense to spread the job out over a longer period, and we’ll point out a few reasons why.

While there’s some logic to getting things done sooner, it can cause more issues, outweighing any benefits. The shortest amount of time we suggest is one week to get everything done. However, we also feel this is rushing things a bit, and you might end up frazzled and suffer from burnout by trying to do it at this speed. Why not take a bit longer and do it at your own pace?

We think three or four weeks is the optimum time to commit to this exercise. You’ll have lots of things to juggle as you organise, and there’s no pause button for life. Everything carries on as normal at work and home, and that’s without considering other emergencies that might crop up. Giving yourself more days to complete will reduce stress and allow you enough time to complete the decluttering properly.

Three: Be Bold and Remember the 3Rs –

Don’t worry about holding on to things in case they might become useful, or you feel there’s sentimental meaning. Everyone’s guilty of investing more into an object than it warrants. Sometimes, a thing is just a thing. If it’s not serving you, it’s time for it to go. More often than not, we’re holding onto something that gathers dust and is rarely going to see the light of day.

We’re not minimising this exercise. It takes a lot of determination and bravery to pull off, especially if you’re prone to hoarding. The problem is many of us try to get rid of an item with the best of intentions. But they magically appear in the wardrobe or garage again because we’re unable to go through with our decision. Luckily, there’s a simple way to determine whether you should keep something or not.

It all comes down to usage and a bit of honest evaluation. There are three categories and outcomes: 

  • you still use, and the condition is good – you can keep
  • you sometimes use, and the item is in a decent state – the maybe pile. 
  • The final choice is where you rarely or never have any use for something, and this should be simple – you need to get rid of it.

You can do this in an environmentally sound way to help put your mind at ease. The options are to sell or donate anything that has value. If possible, feel free to try and find another purpose for it. You can recycle it at your local tip or a recycling point near you in Bath for everything else.

Four: Try This Clothing Tip –

When it comes to the typical offenders of clutter, clothing is one of the common misdemeanours. Use this trick to work out which clothes need to go. Each time you wear an item, place it back on its hanger at the far-right end of the rail. Over time, the things you like will build up at that end, and others you don’t will be stuck at the opposite end.

Another way of determining whether you should keep something is what condition it’s in. Is the arm coming away at the seam? Is the pattern fading? Does it fit well? There are some things you can repair, and we encourage everyone to try. But the ones that are beyond redemption need to go for recycling or to an upcycling company.

In reference to section one – don’t buy any new clothes now! Save this until you relocate and are fully unpacked. You can then plan a shopping weekend and get to explore the area more. For now, aim to create more wardrobe a drawer space before your relocation. There’s lots of time to buy a new wardrobe when all the boxes are in, and you’re settling into your new location.

Five: Make it a Regular Habit –

So, here’s the thing about decluttering – it doesn’t need to be a mammoth task. The simple way of preventing it from being a massive chore is to do it regularly. Don’t wait until you’re moving to do a big clean-up and avoid the temptation of staying for a new season to start. Try this every month or quarterly at the very least and mark it on your calendar or save it on your phone.

By doing this, you’ll keep on top of things and never worry about clutter getting in your way. There won’t be a lack of storage spaces to agitate you. However, if you’re still finding there are not enough places to store things, there’s another option. Thomas Firbank has the best self storage facilities in Bath, and many of our customers consider their storage unit as an extension of their home.

It’s possible to think of better uses for the rooms in your home. Even smaller properties can benefit from a combination of clutter-free living and storage. You’ll be able to have a spare room or an office area. Set a day in your phone’s calendar and dedicate it to going through everything. It’s a much quicker job if you do it on a regular basis.

Thomas Firbank – Top Tips for Movers and Storers in Bath –

Whether you’re moving or need storage, clutter is only going to make things more difficult. It makes sense to get rid of things you don’t use and have no purpose anymore. And it’s possible to do so without them ending up in a landfill or similar. You’ll have a clear conscience and room in the wardrobe for new things. You can reward yourself with a shopping trip when your relocation is over.

Thomas Firbank believes in adding value wherever we can. This goes beyond the day of the move or when someone starts using storage. If we can help people, we’ll do so and offer experience and industry-related tips. You can also get a free quote from us for removals and storage, with no pressure to book. We’re always happy to discuss our range of services in more detail.

It’s time to declutter before your next relocation. Click here, and our assessment team will provide you with a free quote.