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E-commerce – How Man & Van and Storage Can Improve Your Start-up in Bath

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
E-commerce – How Man & Van and Storage Can Improve Your Start-up in Bath

Starting a new business venture is an exciting challenge that awaits anyone who’s brave enough to become their own boss.There is a lot of planning and saving before you can begin. However, the difference is that the research and work you do isn’t a chore because it’s yours. Every step forward you make feels like you’re achieving something, and that’s something most jobs can’t match. It does require some sacrifice, but the result can be truly inspirational.

Thomas Firbankhas been working with business customers for over twenty years, and we’ve seen some excellent businesses grow from humble beginnings. Nowadays, the modern business environment is more accommodating than ever before for people who want to go their own way. A big part of any new venture’s success is working with the right companies and finding people who champion your enterprise. And that’s precisely what we do at Thomas Firbank.

How Man & Van and Storage Are Ideal for Start-Ups –

You’ll see this written in a lot of business start-up articles. The first year in any new companyis about survival. That’s what can make or break a new company or venture. And it’s crucial that you keep any losses to a minimum, or better yet, break even. This should include any repayment of loans of your investments.

For people who are entering the e-commerce sector, you need to do lots of homework around the products you aim to buy and sell. Additionally, you should map out the process of how your company will function. Rather than investing in a delivery vehicle in your first year, you can outsource this to Thomas Firbank. Our Man & Vanservice is convenient, efficient and it presents an affordable way to start off your e-commerce venture without a vehicle.

Instead of renting a commercial space as a depot, you can use a storage unit in our brand-new facility. By renting a storage unitthrough Thomas Firbank, you can streamline our Man & Van service to complete a primary collection and delivery system. Storageis the best way to safeguard your products and equipment from theft or damage.

Alternative Workspace for Your E-commerce Enterprise –

A storage unit can be much more than just a space to store your goods. It’s possible to rent a storage unit from Thomas Firbank and use it as your head office. A storage unitcan double up as a stock room and a basic office space. It’s a growing trend in the start-up and SME circles to use storage units as alternative offices, studios and other workspaces.

It’s simple – all you need is a desk, a chair, a laptop or PC and a router. A filing cabinet or two and a picture of a loved one, and you have yourself an office. You can then split the storage unit in half to have your office on one side and your stock and equipment on the other.

At Thomas Firbank, we have the largest storage facility of its kind in Bath, and we’re looking into adding more units soon. You don’t have to worry about things like twelve- or twenty-four-month lease. You only need to keep your storage unit for as long as you want it. And we’re flexible for people who need to upgrade or downsize their storage unit.

Thomas Firbank – Championing Start-Ups and Small Businesses in Bath –

Thomas Firbankworks with hundreds of businesses in Bath every year, and we understand the importance of maintaining a budget. Reducing costs makes it possible to invest in key areas to promote growth. That’s why we keep our prices low, which is ideal for any start-up enterprise. It all goes a long way to surviving your first year and thriving in your second.

At Thomas Firbank, we put our emphasis on providing the best removals and storageservice in Bath. It’s our number one priority to deliver complete customer satisfaction on every job we undertake. We want out help our business clients achieve their goals by being there for them at each stage of their development.

The e-commerce sector is a thriving industry that is exciting because of its variation. You can buy and sell anything from retro football strips to Northern Soul vinyl. And with companies like Thomas Firbank in your corner, it’s never been easier to enter the market.

If you’re considering an e-commerce start-up business in Bath, contact ustoday. We guarantee that we can help you with the necessary elements of your new enterprise.