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Working in Style: Garden Offices in Bath for Remote Workers

Posted on March 27, 2023 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Working in Style: Garden Offices in Bath for Remote Workers

As more and more people shift to working from home part-time, the market for garden offices and outdoor workspaces has grown significantly in Bath. Many people are now looking for ways to keep up with the trend and create their own stylish and functional garden office. Today, many impressive innovations in Bath cater to the shift in working and commuting habits. Garden offices can be built to carbon-neutral standards and incorporate renewable energy, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Gone are the days of basic sheds – the modern garden office is a stylish sanctuary that provides a perfect escape from household distractions. Working from your garden offers many benefits, from improving your well-being to reducing your carbon footprint. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of garden offices and provide tips and resources for creating your own stylish and productive outdoor workspace.


  • Creating a Stress-Free Garden Office Renovation

  • Maximising Space with Garden Office Pods 

  • Going Green: Renewable Energy Options for Your Outdoor Office

  • Researching Your Bath Garden Office: Tips and Resources

  • Downsizing for a More Productive Workspace

  • Thomas Firbank – Removals Services for Your Garden Office Needs

Creating a Stress-Free Garden Office Renovation

One of the advantages of the new garden office model is that they often come with everything as standard. This includes the finish, insulation, electrics, and other bespoke features. Not to mention, this is without requiring planning permission, making them much more accessible than a renovation and likely much cheaper than constructing an extension.

This is a niche product that you might find in London, but there are options in Bath and Somerset. That said, getting quotes from providers outside the area for price and service comparisons is also wise. In Bath and Somerset, you should look through Element Garden Rooms and Vivid Pods websites for a better idea.

Both companies boast an impressive range of outdoor rooms with insulation, electricity, and other mod cons you’ll need for a fully functional space. You’ll also note that they pay particular attention to the foundations of the structure, giving you more choices about how it will affect your garden. Moreover, it suggests taking your outdoor office with you if you relocate feasibly.

Some practical advice would be to detail everything you need for an office and start crunching the numbers. An example would be the cost of converting an existing room, building an extension, or installing an outdoor room. Then start getting some quotes and go from there.

Maximising Space with Garden Office Pods

As many people have shifted to remote work, office pods have become a popular solution for creating a separate, focused workspace. Accordingly, these sealed units provide a private and quiet environment for calls and work. In Bath, you can find a variety of office pod options which the providers can install quickly and easily in your garden.

Typically, office pods come fully equipped with everything you need to get started, including chairs, heating, and blinds. They are fully insulated and have electrical installation and internet connectivity, allowing you to put your personal effects in there and start work immediately. These innovative work pods only require a little room, are energy efficient, and are worth further investigation.

Element Garden Rooms have the Octoffice, precisely what it sounds like – an octogen-shaped structure. It’s the ideal micro-workspace that takes up a minuscule area of your garden. Vivid have a few options, including some smaller traditional office spaces. Their Gaming Room is a cube design with everything you’ll need for an office.

Going Green: Renewable Energy Options for Your Outdoor Office

Achieving carbon-neutral status and generating your power to run a garden office is easier with a smaller, custom-built structure. One popular option is integrating solar panels onto the roof of the office. This straightforward solution can significantly reduce energy costs and help minimise the office’s environmental impact.

Ground or air-source heat pumps are other options for heating your garden office. Many companies in Bath are already aiming towards a passive heat structure, which helps to retain heat rather than lose it. By utilising renewable energy sources to power the office, it can function as an independent unit that does not rely on the grid. For those looking for a cosy touch, adding a wood-burning stove can provide warmth and ambience to the space.

Check out this helpful guide to ensure you choose the correct dimensions for your garden office. Achieving off-grid status with a carbon-neutral garden office is a great way to create your ultimate man/woman cave while minimising environmental impact.

Researching Your Bath Garden Office: Tips and Resources

The Element and Vivid websites are excellent for starting places to begin researching your garden office project. Not only does it provide inspiration and cost estimates, but they also list a consummate amount of detail about the structures. Their teams can guide you through any planning issues that may arise, and their design tool allows you to customise your space and work out many details in advance.

One of the significant benefits of garden offices is that they are often built without planning permission, as they fall under permitted developments. However, researching and comparing options is still essential to make informed decisions. These custom builds allow for personal touches while providing well-thought-out structural details that ensure quality and durability.

When comparing options, it’s important to consider potential use changes for the office over time. This way, you can make a solid investment that adds value to your property. Take time gathering quotes and choosing the best fit for your needs and budget.

Downsizing for a More Productive Workspace

In a minimalist garden office space, efficiency and utility are essential. However, not all businesses are that simplistic, and you might have equipment or products to consider. If this sounds like a disqualifying point, don’t let this put you off. Alternative storage options allow you to retain necessary equipment and supplies quickly. Moreover, this gives you the best of both situations. 

If your storage requirements are minimal, it’s worth checking with the garden office suppliers to see if there are add-on options. For most cases, self-storage is the more suitable arrangement due to the flexible contracts and straightforward set-up. Offsite storage options help to maintain flexibility and avoid turning the garden office into a storage zone for the whole house.

If you need to clear space for your new garden office, you may lose a garden building that once stored your gardening equipment. Self storage is a seasonal option, especially in the winter. Thomas Firbank Removals offers a range of storage options ideal for businesses needing a budget-friendly solution.

Thomas Firbank – Removals Services for Your Garden Office Needs

Due to the pandemic, people are changing the way we work. The traditional workplace no longer has the same appeal; many workers want to work remotely. That’s why garden offices and other rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Ultimately, you won’t go through a lengthy planning permission process. Furthermore, the costs are comparable to a room conversion without losing that space.

At Thomas Firbank Removals, we’re always ahead of the curve and ready to facilitate business innovation. For example, many entrepreneurs and SMEs use our storage units for their ventures. Some are even renting them as no-frills office space. There are various storage unit sizes to suit everyone’s needs, and no restrictive lease or minimum contract period to worry about.

Additionally, Thomas Firbank has a range of removal packages. This covers collections and deliveries, which is handy if you’re an e-commerce store owner. You can take orders in your bespoke office pod and arrange for our team to collect and deliver the stock from your storage unit, all without lifting a finger.

Click here, and we’ll discuss how self storage can benefit your business venture. We can provide a free, no-obligation quote to add to your garden office cost plan.