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Helping Streamline Your Business in Bath with Storage and Distribution Services

Posted on May 2, 2020 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Helping Streamline Your Business in Bath with Storage and Distribution Services

Businesses in Bath are facing a lot of challenges that have been impossible to prepare for, let alone understand how to solve. However, just because we’re in unknown waters doesn’t mean there are no solutions available, especially if your company is having distribution and storage problems.

Thomas Firbank is now working with companies in Bath and throughout Somerset by taking on their distribution and storage needs. It might just be the answer for your company is looking for during the lockdown period.

Streamlining Your Business Logistics in Bath –

For many businesses in Bath, the COVID-19 virus threw a spanner in the works, resulting in uncertain times where everything was subject to change. People were encouraged to work from home wherever possible, and many companies went on hiatus. And the lockdown that was to follow brought much of the UK’s various business sectors grinding to a halt.

However, a growing number of companies in Bath are looking at alternative ways to continue their operations. Thomas Firbank is now undertaking and managing the storage and distribution for several local businesses. This covers everything, from order fulfilment, logistics, managing stock and accepting any inbound work packages.

The best part of this is how fast we can take over this for you. Within twenty-four hours, we’ll assess how your business runs to see where our range of business services will support each key aspect. Thomas Firbank has a fleet of removal’s vehicles at our disposal, with experts with removals, storage, distribution, and other trade experience under their belts.

This goes above and beyond a simple collection and delivery service. Where necessary, we have the expertise on-and to provide a white-glove service and can take care of any assembly requirements your goods or equipment might have. We’ll assign a lead person to oversee your storage and distribution needs, so you’ll always be able to contact someone you know directly.

Using Man & Van and Removals for Distribution in Bath –

Thomas Firbank always works from the point of view that removals and storage services have transferrable qualities. The features that are present for a typical relocation work just as well within a business context. If you need to collect a certain number of goods and deliver them to several addresses, it’s possible to do so with a removal’s company. In fact, you’ll likely receive better service when people who are experts in handling and packing are overseeing each collection and delivery.

That’s why several businesses in Bath are now working with us during the lockdown period. And the range of business sectors we now have as clients will give you an oversite into the scope and diversity of what we can offer. Our client list includes retail, recruitment and HR, investment management, e-commerce, and TV production companies.

Thomas Firbank also works with several start-ups in Bath, and we’re always looking for new ways to help other enterprises. Many of our start-up and SME clients use our man & van and storage service, and the reason for their popularity is its cost-saving potential. By using our Man and Van service, they don’t need to hire or purchase a vehicle.

Our business clients can then streamline their processes by linking their storage unit to our Man & V or Removals services. The deliveries and collections happen seamlessly between the two, and our reception staff can also accept packages on your behalf.

How to Book a Last-Minute Business Relocation –

For many businesses in Bath, the sudden change in circumstances caught everyone by surprise. Some companies find it increasingly challenging to continue renting their current premises and need to move out. And this typically means doing so quickly, with little time to organise a removals company in advance. Luckily, we have the capacity to accept last-minute relocations and will do everything in our power to accommodate you.

The Thomas Firbank team will assess your requirements to see how urgent your situation is, which includes a free, no-obligation quote. Then we’ll discuss our range of removals options and any additional services. Should you need us to cover your storage and distribution needs, we can take over everything straight away.

The main thing to remember here is to contact us as soon as possible, even if you’re still making your mind up. It’s often a numbers game, and commercial rent in any major city is expensive. That’s why lots of businesses in Bath are prioritising their staff and operational costs by moving out. And by using Thomas Firbank, we can arrange an emergency removals job to get things as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Business Self Storage –

Storage is often thought of in narrow terms as somewhere to effectively just store items when you can’t do so yourself. While this is true, self storage with Thomas Firbank is far more expansive than that. We work with various business sectors in Bat and Somerset, offering the highest standard of storage service at affordable prices.

If you need somewhere safe and secure for your goods and work equipment, we have the right storage package for you. We can also take over your company’s warehousing and stock management duties while streamlining them with a removals service. Furthermore, some start-ups and SMEs even use our self storage units to run their entire business.

Thomas Firbank has excellent storage facilities, and our staff are always available to discuss your storage requirements. Flexibility is one of our key assets, and it’s the reason why so many businesses in Bath work with us. There is no lease to worry about, so you don’t have to worry about restrictions on ending your rental agreement.

Every Business and Commercial Service from One Company –

At Thomas Firbank, we take our role within Bath’s business community seriously, and we’re always looking at ways to assist other companies. We believe that we provide essential services to businesses and people that goes beyond the simple concept of removals and storage. And we attract a wide variety of different business sectors who trust us with their storage and logistics tasks.

We believe that our success as Bath’s favourite removals and storage provider is down to our range of business services. We have an all under one roof ethos that looks at things from a holistic and flexible perspective. You won’t need to use other companies for removals, storage or distribution when you can let us oversee and undertake them all.

It all starts with a thorough assessment where we can work out the nature of how your business operates. From there, we can suggest what we believe to be a suitable service, which will include a free quotation. And you’ll only ever pay for the services you need, with no hidden charges. We believe that trust happens when transparency is easily sought and found.

Attaining the Highest Standards by Prioritising Customer Service –

Thomas Firbank works with thousands of business customers every year. We understand the current issues that Bath’s companies face because, at one time, we were a small business. And we know just how difficult it can be to make it, from one month to the next. The reason we’re now Bath’s favourite removals and storage provider is by providing the highest standard of service possible for every job we sign up for

Thomas Firbank and Bath’s business owners share something in common, and that’s the drive for attaining complete customer satisfaction. Customer service is paramount to us and will no doubt be your company’s mantra as well. That’s because we all want to see the same first-time customer return to use our company in the future. And that can only be done by providing an excellent service.

We know that the current lockdown and ongoing virus scenario makes the future look uncertain and hard to predict. That’s why working with the Thomas Firbank team could be a positive move for your company. Rather than letting the rental costs decimate your budget, there are plenty of other options for you to consider. And we hope that this blog has given you some ideas on how to approach the next phase for your business.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Number One for Business Removal, Storage and Distribution –

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