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Hire a van or use a removals company?

Posted on June 25, 2021 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Hire a van or use a removals company?

Moving to a new home can be a time-consuming task, with many things to balance as you prepare for the big relocation day. On top of that, it’s a costly exercise that sometimes sees people make hasty decisions without thinking things through. That’s why hiring a van and doing the move solo is still a popular choice for many movers. This boils down to saving money, but is it actually the cheaper option?

We’ll look at the differences between a DIY move and going with a removals company instead to see how both compare. This is in terms of cost-effectiveness, as well as the quality and expectations. Additionally, this will include other points that affect the result of a relocation, making it easier for you to work out what fits your situation the best.

Counting the Actual Costs of DIY Relocations –

Before you jump into gear and start booking a van hire to relocate, sit down with a pen and paper or the modern equivalent. It’s important that you objectively find out what the total costs are for doing this. Additionally, let’s not discount the value of the time and effort you’ll need to put into doing this yourself. An example of this might be losing a day or two’s wages to perform the relocation.

To find the financial figures, you’ll need to seek some quotes for van hire services. Similarly, repeat this for removals and storage providers so you can compare the different sets of data. By doing this, you can weigh both options’ pros and cons without prejudice and bias. It might surprise you that van rental isn’t that cheap, nor is it always the best choice.

Professional moving companies will usually offer better customer service because they have purpose-made vehicles and equipment. Obviously, this means you’ll pay more for their services, at least on paper. But you won’t do the physical stuff that comes with relocating, and any reputable removals company will oversee the whole move. Now let’s look at how to include the actual value of your time.

DIY Moves – It’s Time plus Money –

There’s a common misconception that undertaking the move yourself is cheaper than working with a removal provider. You simply hire a van and get it done in one day without any issues to worry about. At worst, you’ll maybe need to enlist the help of a friend or family member to get things done on time. But what if something goes wrong and a delay happens?

From the tens of thousands of relocations jobs the Thomas Firbank team have been part of, we can recall plenty of instances where an issue occurs for people who make this error. You run over time, and the van has to go back to the van hire place, or you rent it again for another day. This will double your expenditure, and you’re already heading way over budget. And that’s not to mention taking the day or two off of work.

Just remember to quote for an extra day when you calculate the total cost of a DIY move. Also, factor in the value of your time, especially if you’re a freelancer and paid leave isn’t an option. Some people have busy schedules, and it’s tricky to fit all in. Don’t sell yourself short or miscalculate the whole actual spend. Base your decision on facts from exact quotes.

Which Option is More Efficient?

In this instance, we can only reference our performance when it comes to efficiency and service delivery. But it’s a general rule of thumb movers will do the job faster than one or two untrained people. In general, the businesses in our industry don’t benefit from going over completion time. That’s why deadlines matter to the Thomas Firbank team.

Through years of experience, we know how to assess and plan everything to the finest detail. Preparation shaves valuable minutes and hours off the moving day and gives us room to deal with any problems if they occur. Understanding what we’re moving is all part of this because it determines how to approach the relocation. Accounting for possible issues beforehand means we can avoid them.

Unless you’re in the removals sector or have lots of experience with moving, it’s unlikely you’ll be more able to perform to the same level. However, if you’re able to get some helping hands, you could complete it on time. We will claim better handling skills because it’s our profession, and breakages are something we go to lengths to negate. Overall – it’s more efficient to use a professional moving company over a DIY job.

Request Quotes for Van Hire and Removals –

This is how to make the best decision which is why we’re going through this point again but in more detail. You should get quotes for any possible service, even if it’s not for this purpose. When you have the financial information to hand, you can see which fits your situation, and more importantly, the budget you can spend.

As previously noted, quotes for a couple of days of van hire are necessary to make sure you can afford to cover the rental costs. Shop around a few providers and ask them how flexible they are willing to be if you go over by an hour or two. Check to see if they have online ratings and reviews from previous customers, just to make sure their service and vehicles are up to scratch.

Thomas Firbank will happily provide a free quotation, all with no obligation to book with us. When we send the quote, it will include our suggestion for the most efficient removals package. You’ll then have a basis on what works best for your situation, and we can discuss things further if necessary. We’re confident in our ability to provide the highest standard of removals service.

Gaps in Moving Dates and Self Storage –

There are times where delays occur when moving to a new home. If this happens to you, it’s understandable that panic sets in, specifically if you’re due to move out of your current property straight away. Thus ensues a frantic search to store possessions with family or friends’ garage or spare room. Have no fear – all you need to do is contact us, and we’ll sort it out.

Thomas Firbank has the most extensive storage facilities in Bath and Somerset, all with comprehensive security measures in place. We have self storage to suit everyone’s circumstances and budget, and all our packages are below market rates. This makes it possible to be inclusive and provide storage for more households and businesses. Furthermore, we can offer spaces for emergencies.

There’s no minimum storage contract applicable with us. It’s a ‘store as long as you need to’ scenario. We regularly have a customer who keeps their self storage unit beyond the relocation’s end. That’s because the convenience and additional space it provides are hard to give up. It’s also ideal for people who are downsizing and don’t want to get rid of their belongings.

Accountability and Customer Service –

If you decide on using a removals company, accountability is crucial when it comes to which one to work with. You’re paying for a service – quality needs to be established before you sign up for anything. Furthermore, the company has to have systems in place for complaints and feedback. They must state them from the outset and have these mechanisms in place.

It’s pointless paying for a service if it’s shoddy and ends up causing more issues than they solve. If you receive poor customer service, it would be better to go the DIY route instead. Thomas Firbank‘s customers have confidence we’re accountable for the services we provide. This is in place through our stringent Quality Policy and BAR accreditation.

We wear our five-star reviews from previous customers with pride, and it’s easy to access them. Customer service is paramount to how we create and execute our removals and storage services. Our team continually strives for excellence and to add value to each person we work with. You can receive an affordable removal service that offers excellent customer service.

Thomas Firbank – Helping Bath’s Residents Count the Cost of Moving –

Moving to a new home can be a challenge, starting with how you plan on packing and transporting your possessions. But you can approach it knowing you have at least two choices. Self-moves are fine if you have the right conditions and tools to take them on. Ultimately, professional removals companies will always have the edge for customer service and efficiency.

Essentially, it depends on your circumstances and what budgetary limitations are applicable. Busy people need assistance and often don’t have access to a large vehicle. That’s where we come into play with our fleet of vehicles and range of services. What’s more, we’ll get everything done on time and to the highest service delivery standards.

Make sure you’re basing your decisions on facts – click here to request a free quote. We’ll include details of the most suitable removal package.