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How Storage Can Help Smaller Retail Businesses in Bath

Posted on September 5, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
How Storage Can Help Smaller Retail Businesses in Bath

We live in an innovative a bright future when it comes to starting your own company or entrepreneurial adventure.With giant leaps in technology and online platforms, it’s easier than ever to enter the market for yourself. One way that modern businesses can find new customers is by raising their brand awareness and creating an online company profile. It’s an excellent way to get people to follow what your company is up to, with the intention of making them loyal customers.

One small-to-medium business sector that thrives in Bath is the retail clothing industry. Bath is one of the most renowned shopping hubs in the UK, with people making visits here specifically for weekend shopping and spa trips. Bath is a prime example of how a mixture of different styles can co-exist in one vibrant setting. With independent local retails to high-street brands, everyone seems to find their niche here.

Advantages of Storage for Retail Stores in Bath –

The one slight drawback for some of the smaller clothing and apparel traders in the city centre is space. Like all cities, retail rental space comes at a premium and storing products can become a balancing act. However, it’s not all doom and gloom – there is a painless and affordable way to increase your retail shop floor space with storage.

Rather than shelling out to move to a larger store, you can rearrange your shop to create more display and trading space. By reducing your stock amounts, you can even consider opening up what would be the storeroom and convert it into a fitting room. You’ll keep your rental overheads static and be able to promote your products more.

The more floor space you can provide will lead to more customer interaction. And if you’re able to create a welcoming atmosphere in addition to showcasing your clothing, it’s likely you can increase your sales. A win-win for any retail business owner.

By using Thomas Firbankfor your storage, you can store the bulk of your clothing stock offsite to free up lots of space. And because we have a storage depot in an ideal location in Bath, it’s easy to collect and drop off items at your storage unit. Storage offersyou complete security for your products and any other work equipment, all at affordable prices.

Man & Van and Other Useful Services –

Thomas Firbank Man & Vanis a popular service amongst SMEs in Bath. We relocate hundreds of companies in Bath or from outside the area every month. And we make sure we get to know each business owner and entrepreneur as much as possible. That way, we can see if they need any of our other services. But most importantly – we would love to have them as a loyal customer.

A man and van services are just for moving home or office. Local businesses use us for a variety of their daily and weekly tasks. We have several business clients who use our Man & Van service for deliveries of stock if they don’t have a work’s van. And if someone orders something online, we can then arrange the distribution of the items.

Our team are experts in removals and packing and will ensure there is no damage to stock while in transit. Thomas Firbankserves the whole of Bath, Somerset and the surrounding areas. This means we can connect you to wherever you need to reach. Not only that – we have a network of fellow removals companies we work within locations throughout the UK.

Thomas Firbank – Adding Value to Small Business in Bath –

Thomas Firbankworks with thousands of business customers every year. We understand the importance of space for retail companies because, at one time, we were that small business. The reason we’re now Bath’s favourite removals and storage provider is by providing the highest standard of service possible for every job we sign up for.

The retail sector is unique in that it relies on direct customer interaction, often by people with a passing interest. Getting the balance of display and storage correct for your store is crucial to you increasing your sales. And the perfect way to do that is to open up more floor space by putting a majority of your stock in storage. You can have the best of both situations by working with Thomas Firbank.

Thomas Firbank and retail business owners share something in common, and that’s the drive for the attaining complete customer satisfaction. Customer serviceis paramount to us and will no doubt be your company’s mantra as well. That’s because we all want to see the same first-time customer return to use our company in the future. And that can only be done by providing an excellent service.

To discuss our business removals and storage options, contact ustoday. We guarantee to have the right service for your small retail business.