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How to Declutter and Help Your Local Charities in Bath

Posted on July 9, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
How to Declutter and Help Your Local Charities in Bath

Now that’s it’s summertime, you might be thinking of giving your home a thorough clean. You might have some DIY tasks you’ve been putting off and are finally ready to pick up the roller and paint brushes.If you have family visiting, it might be time to clear out the spare room. That’s when you realise just how much space you have lost at home due to clutter.

Thomas Firbankis a family business that believes in giving back to our community. If our customers have boxes of items they no longer want to store with us, we can arrange for them to be taken to a local charity. Decluttering is an excellent way to create more space at home, and Bath’s charities can benefit from your donations. It’s a win for everyone.

Tips on the Best Way to Declutter Your Home in Bath –

Before you wade into those anonymous boxes in the garage, you need to clean every room thoroughly. That will mean moving boxes and furniture around, which is where storage can come in handy. More on that further into this blog. Each room needs to be as clean as possible, with no rubbish left to get in the way. Recycle what you can from anything you’re throwing away.

Now comes the steely will to get rid of some clutter and items you rarely use. Every box and item will need your assessment. On a scale of use a lot, sometimes use, rarely or never use, give each piece a score. If anyone of them falls into the rarely or never use category, then it’s time to get rid. Your local charity will be thankful for any donations, and you’ll create more space. If any of the items hold any value, you can always sell them online and donate the profits to an NPO or charity of your choice.

Before you know it – you’ll create loads of space in your house or apartment. With a bit of luck, you can park the car in the garage and put some thought into better uses of your loft and any spare rooms. A charming loft or spare room conversion would make for an excellent study, home office, games room or guest bedroom.

How Storage Can Help Create More Space –

To return to an earlier point, there are many savvy uses for storage when decluttering your home. When you begin to thoroughly clean, you’ll need to move boxes and furniture into different rooms. However, if you have a storage unit with Thomas Firbank, you can store each room’s items while you clean.

And when you finish donating or selling things you rarely or never use, you can put any belongings you’re keeping in storage. This is an excellent idea if any of these items are valuable and would be difficult or impossible to replace.

Storage provides a safe and secure way to safeguard your possessions from theft or damage. Although our homes have places you can use for storage, most houses don’t have the right materials to prevent weather conditions from causing damp or water damage. On the other hand, storage units are specially made to keep the elements out, in addition to avoiding fire damage or theft.

A typical storage unit of 50-sq-ft can retain the equivalent of an entire apartment’s worth of items. Just think of the additional space that would create in your home! Using a storage unit is also a great way to be bold when removing clutter. If you would choose to pay to store an item, then keep it. Consequently, if you wouldn’t – get rid of it.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Number One Removals and Storage Provider –

At Thomas Firbank, our storage packages are suitable for domestic and business customers. We believe that everyone can benefit from using storage. Whether you’re a student who’s going home for the holidays or a business owner with equipment and stock, a self storage unit can provide a secure way to safeguard your items.

Thomas Firbank now boasts brand new storage facilities at our Bath branch. We now have the most extensive storage facility in the area, with sixteen new storage units on offer. Our security measures ensure that there is only one way to enter and exit the site. With everything being captured on state of the art CCTV equipment.

The Thomas Firbank team have been providing storage in Bath for twenty years. Moreover, we call Bath our home, and we believe in providing the highest level of customer service. There are no leases or long-term contracts to worry about. You can rent a storage unit for as long as you need to.

When it comes to decluttering your home, it’s time to be brave and get rid of the things you never use. To help you in your difficult task, contact ustoday. We have the right storage package to help organise your home.