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The Latest Information on the Housing Market in Bath

Posted on July 2, 2020 by Thomas Firbank Removals
The Latest Information on the Housing Market in Bath

As we move further into the next phase of the Covid-19 lockdown, there are lots of predictions and forecasts on the pandemic’s impact on the economy. While it’s still early days and lots of business sectors need time to get going again, the housing market is leading the way towards a positive fiscal stimulus. That doesn’t mean it’s all good news – prices are falling, and it will still take more time to see something akin to a recovery.

The Thomas Firbank team are here to share any useful pieces of information with our customers and followers. For anyone who’s planning a relocation to or from Bath, we hope this blog will provide you with some relevant information.

Housing Market and Removals Trends in Bath –

It might sound strange to hear it, but the Thomas Firbank team takes a keen interest in what’s happening in the local and national housing market. The reason is it helps us prepare for any business periods where people or businesses start booking relocations at a higher than usual rate. Then we can anticipate how to allocate our crew members and vehicles in advance, in addition to sharing our information with our partners in the Master Removers Group.

It’s apparent there’s an exodus of people leaving London at the moment, some did so before the lockdown to spend it in their family home. Our associate companies in London often discuss the motivations for relocations with customers to try and learn more. It wasn’t readily clear how long the lockdown would continue for, and a lot of bookings took place later to move the remaining items to their new location.

This doesn’t look like it’s a temporary trend – lots of people are looking into making their move permanent. Living in the city doesn’t have the same appeal now, which isn’t surprising considering the lack of outdoor space for inner-city properties. People are telling us that something simple like a back garden is now a higher priority, and they would consider moving to have a feature like this.

And to support this, there has been a significant increase in online searches and property viewing data for moves to the countryside. The lockdown has been difficult, and for many of us, a life-altering time. Regardless of what things will be like as we ease into a less stringent version of lockdown, people are willing to change their lifestyles and priorities.

Self Storage Increase in New Customers –

In addition to an increase in relocations to the countryside and rural areas, more people are working from home. This leads to space issues because people are living and working from the same property, which can get messy. Especially if more than one person is working at home. Thomas Firbank’s self storage packages are the ideal way to solve this problem by freeing up more space in your house or apartment. We can also assist you by converting a room to make a home office or study.

We will also provide storage advice and tips on things like preparing items before they go into your self storage unit. Thomas Firbank has a range of storage options available, for households and businesses in Bath. This includes container and self storage units, in addition to our Archive Document Storage package.

Every storage unit has environmental controls to ensure everything remains in the same condition while in storage. This removes any issues with condensation or overheating. We have everything in place to tailor a storage package for your exact requirements. You won’t find a better range of storage options anywhere else in Bath.

Thomas Firbank’s COVID-19 Safety Policy –

We’re now in the next phase in the lockdown process, and this will see more movement and fewer restrictions, which brings new potential cases. That’s why we formulated our Covid-19 Health Policy to ensure all our relocations and storage jobs are safe. Additionally, we will provide updates on any major developments to how we operate when introducing them.

This Thomas Firbank Health Policy is our commitment to our customers and staff. It aims to promote the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitisation, with a view of preventing any new infections of Covid-19. While we understand how vital a relocation is, it must always be done safely and within the guidelines set by Public Health England, and the World Health Organisation.

Every member of our removal’s team will regularly wash or sanitise their hands, which includes before arrival and throughout the job. Thomas Firbank provides our team’s with PPE equipment and hand sanitiser. We will also wipe down any surfaces or frequently touched objects with disinfectant wipes. We would also suggest booking a professional cleaning service which we can provide a referral for.

We’re also taking inquiries and bookings from online video platforms. Video quoting, via WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom, is how we offer quotes. We can conduct in-person meetings where necessary, but we’re trying to limit them. These measures will help reduce any risks of infection without causing any issues with the services we offer. We will always be available to discuss your relocation by phone, email, or on one of the video platforms.

Information for Homeowners and Renters in Bath –

One of the ongoing fears regarding Covid-19 is its impact on the economy and the possibility of a severe recession. Usually, something as wide-reaching does tend to result in shrinking economic outlooks. And a sector that is invariably affected is the housing market, for homeowners and renters. However, by lifting several restrictions in May, a significant market crash didn’t happen, and we’re in a better position to move forward with confidence.

Bath has previously had a good run of things, and every year saw a steady increase in property values. However, there is already evidence of a decrease in Bath’s housing market as a result of the lockdown. Battens Solicitors also note that this is due to the lack of tourism to Bath and Somerset as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they also give positive reasons why this might be mitigated from the large numbers of people leaving London to relocate to Bath, which is likely to continue.

Renters might notice a decrease in prices as a result of the lockdown, with more properties becoming available. In an unusual turn of events, the supply of properties will outweigh demand. Companies like Airbnb are struggling to rent out anything short-term and are adapting to the long-lease rental market. Furthermore, a reduction in students attending university is on the horizon, with a notable gap in international students in Bath.

Although it’s hard to predict what the long-term prospect of this will be, as Savills UK suggests that it’s likely another drop 1.5% in rental values will then go up by 5.5% next year. So, while landlords and online platforms might struggle now, it’s likely that the rental market will bounce back. If previous largescale economic issues are anything to go by, rental values show more evidence of being resilient than mortgage housing bubbles.

A London to Bath Removals Service –

The movement of people in and out of larger cities like London isn’t a new thing. Every year a growing number of people choose to leave the capital in search of something different. And Bath is becoming an increasingly popular destination, both for permanent movers and commuters. It’s within a reasonable distance to make it viable to live in Bath and travel to London. However, Bath tends to lure people away from London for good, with many not commuting back on a regular basis.

The Thomas Firbank team often take on removals jobs from other cities to relocate our customers to Bath. Due to the high volume of weekly relocations from London to Bath, it became necessary to create a new service. You can now enjoy a standard of removals service that matches any company in London for your relocation to Bath.

On a typical week, Thomas Firbank moves hundreds of people to new towns and cities throughout the UK. During the lockdown, we saw a sharp increase in this service because people were moving to family homes. The best thing about our National Moving service is the ability to provide the same high standard of customer service we attain in London and apply it to every location in the UK.

Customer Service Drives Everything We Do –

Thomas Firbank is Bath’s number one company for removals and storage. We focus on providing the best customer service possible at affordable prices. Our team have years of experience when it comes to removals and storage. And one aspect that’s crucial to us is packing each van correctly. It’s our mission to get you and your belongings to your new destination in perfect condition.

At Thomas Firbank, we understand that no two objects are the same. And that means they all require different sorts of packaging and different methods of transportation. Things like art and antiques need packaging that not only ensures they remain secure during the relocation but that the supplies don’t damage the surface of the objects.

Ultimately, the more care and attention that goes into the packing stage of a relocation offers the best chance of avoiding breakages. And from experience, there is nothing worse than discovering things have broken when you unpack. At Thomas Firbank, this is something we will go to lengths to avoid, making sure you have a successful relocation.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company –

Thomas Firbank operates with the ethos that every customer has different needs. That’s why we get to know every person and company we work with as much as we can. This helps us create a picture of what they need from us. We’re always happy to discuss our range of services, even if it’s just a first inquiry.

We have a fleet of removals vehicles to do any size relocation, with the right equipment to move any furniture. Every member of our team has a vast amount of removals and storage experience, which also includes other trades. This makes it possible to undertake any removals and storage job, whether that’s in Bath or to another part of the UK.

If you’re looking into a relocation to Bath or you need storage, please contact us today. We’ll go into more details about our range of services.