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Innovative Student Storage in Bath with Thomas Firbank

Posted on August 16, 2023 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Innovative Student Storage in Bath with Thomas Firbank

Contrary to what you might think, students represent a significant portion of removal and storage customers. That’s certainly the case for Thomas Firbank, where past and present scholars work with us. Every year or so, many students move in and out – some from far-off places like Bath and Somerset for their studies. Storage offers protection, so your possessions are safe when you venture home for vacation.

Our goal is to give you the best value and service, especially when you’re on a budget and need things to be easy. We’ll discuss why students in Bath choose our services while offering tips to make moving and storing your stuff a breeze. Let’s look at some popular services for Bath’s students and some best practice tips.


  • Primary Reasons Students Use Removal and Storage Services
  • Man & Van Services: Affordable Removal Option for Students
  • Self Storage: Safeguard Valuables during Vacation Time
  • Container Storage: Ideal for Longer Storage Periods (Gap Year)
  • Avoiding Theft & Damage in Student Areas
  • Balancing Value for Money and Excellent Customer Service
  • Thomas Firbank: Unbeatable Student Services in Bath

Primary Reasons Students Use Removal and Storage Services

Embarking on the student life journey often involves moving and storing belongings. Here are some key motives driving students to seek removal and storage services:

  • Relocating to Bath from outside the area: This requires a moving company with the capacity to collect from anywhere in the UK.
  • Transitioning between accommodations: Students frequently shift their living spaces from dorms to shared apartments.
  • Secure storage during vacations: Trustworthy storage options are essential when academic breaks come calling.
  • Longer storage for gap years: Container storage comes into play for those taking extended breaks.

How do you manage your belongings during these periods of transition? That’s where Thomas Firbank comes in, with tailored solutions to simplify it.

Man & Van Services: Affordable Removal Option for Students

A budget-friendly solution to moving awaits in the form of man & van services. This option proves especially favourable for students managing tight finances. The billing operates hourly, ensuring payment only for the time spent in transit. Our commitment to transparency means no unexpected charges to mar the process.

Short-distance relocations find a practical ally in man & van services. Consider transitioning from Halls of Residence to a shared dwelling – a task well-suited to our efficient team. Furthermore, the efficiency extends to our vehicles – compact and ideal for manoeuvring within the often-congested student premises.

Yet, our differentiator lies beyond logistics. With a firm grip on the nuances of student life, Thomas Firbank tunes its services to your unique requirements. This understanding and adeptness in working with students marks our dedication to an affordable and tailored moving experience.

Self Storage for Vacation Time Valuables

Safeguarding your belongings takes a convenient turn with storage. Self storage is a practical choice as you prepare for a break from studies. While we’ll delve into the specifics of student areas prone to theft and post-departure concerns in a bit, the general rule holds true: leaving your valuables in an empty room during university vacations isn’t a wise move.

So, what do our students stow away with us? Typically, things like electronics, books, apparel, course materials, and sports equipment. The journey back home to reconnect with loved ones can be seamless, free from worries about the safety of your belongings. And here’s the clincher: our storage facilities offer climate control, ensuring your items remain in optimal condition.

Security finds its contemporary form in our facilities, vigilantly supervised to ensure continuous protection for your possessions. Moreover, the convenience of unrestricted access to your storage unit during our operating hours adds to the ease. As added support, we’re here to help you compile an inventory of your belongings, giving you a clear snapshot of what’s in your unit.

Container Storage: Ideal for Longer Storage Periods (Gap Year)

When it comes to students venturing on gap years or extended hiatuses, container storage is the go-to solution. This option takes the crown for cost-effectiveness, primarily due to its distinct access parameters. While self storage suits those requiring frequent access, container storage is ideal for people who don’t need regular access. 

The notification for accessing your container unit is straightforward: a three-to-five-day heads-up is all we need. Early retrieval does come with an added cost, so planning ahead is vital. Moreover, we stack our containers, weaving an extra layer of security and optimizing our facility’s layout. 

Why opt for container storage at Thomas Firbank? The reasons are aplenty. We boast Bath’s premier storage depot, with various units catering to domestic and commercial needs. And for those embarking on study sabbaticals or breaks, container storage emerges as an unbeatable companion, providing the space to tuck away your belongings securely.

Avoiding Theft & Damage in Student Areas

Let’s talk more about the vulnerability of student areas to theft and break-ins. Students often find their dwellings in specific neighbourhoods adjacent to a city or town centre. What’s a well-known fact among street-savvy thieves? Students usually amass a trove of electronic gadgets, an attractive prospect for theft. Additionally, student accommodation often has structural maintenance issues, inadvertently providing opportunities for unauthorized entry.

But fear not, here are some hands-on tips to thwart loss and damage:

  • When you leave your apartment or shared house, lock those doors and windows. Rally your housemates to do the same.
  • Keep your phone tucked away in public to deter unwanted attention and distractions.
  • Safeguard your possessions through insurance – a reasonably priced coverage tailored to students is often available.
  • Consider a dedicated lock for your door if possible – while a padlock isn’t Fort Knox, it’s better than no lock.
  • Exercise caution in granting access to your living space.

Thomas Firbank storage options can mitigate these risks but leave Bath with peace of mind for extended periods.

Balancing Value for Money and Excellent Customer Service

Striking the right balance between reasonable costs and top-tier service is crucial. While tempting bargains exist, they often come with hidden clauses or unexpected charges. There’s the risk of inconveniences, like tardiness or even no-shows by movers.

For students seeking storage solutions, a prudent approach involves soliciting quotes from multiple movers, assessing Google reviews, and ensuring the presence of essential insurance, a Quality Policy and accreditation from the British Association of Removers (BAR). 

Thomas Firbank’s approach is finding the balance between affordability and service excellence. Our aim revolves around achieving a blend of exceptional service and budget-friendliness. As a result, we are Bath’s number one student removals and storage provider.

This commitment is marked by reliability, transparent pricing, and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the positive testimonials from previous customers attest to the alignment of our efforts with your needs, forming the foundation of our approach.

Thomas Firbank: Unbeatable Student Services in Bath

Thomas Firbank is number one for student removal and storage services in Bath and the nearby areas. What’s our unique proposition? It’s our commitment to flexibility. Accordingly, we recognize that your students are individuals; every situation carries nuances, even within shared commonalities. Likewise, our approach matches services to your precise needs, ensuring that removal and storage solutions are practical and affordable.

Reliability in storage can mean something other than emptying your student wallet. Our dedication speaks volumes. To the students of Bath, we extend an invitation to consider Thomas Firbank as your storage partner.

Click here to discuss affordable removal and storage for students. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote, including the most suitable service breakdown. Need some tips for moving? Read our comprehensive moving checklist or related other articles.