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The Benefits of our Bath Man & Van and Storage for Landlords in Bath

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Thomas Firbank Removals
The Benefits of our Bath Man & Van and Storage for Landlords in Bath

Running a successful business can often be a balancing act of keeping overheads low to help your chances of growth. It’s also a lot to do with your location – and many companies in Bath thrive because of a favourable business environment. Some businesses take time to break into, and others have a readymade market. And one of the sectors which favour new entrants is the rental and housing market.

The job of a landlord never seems to be done, but it’s also relatively simple to set up your own enterprise. Although it sounds reductive – all you need to start with is a spare house or apartment. It helps if you have trade experience, but many primary duties are about elbow grease and getting stuck in. And for new or existing landlords in Bath – you won’t find a better company to pair up with than Thomas Firbank.

Affordable Solutions for Local Businesses –

We all love to save money, but it seems tricky to work out how a business can reduce its overheads realistically. Landlords have a stumbling block regarding vehicle access and a workspace. They both cost money and are seen as a luxury to many, especially if they have small property portfolios. However, we’re here to provide an alternative route to both.

By using storage and removals services, you can meet both requirements and save money in the process. Additionally, you’ll be working with our experts on things like organising and packing. We can create strategies for things like local collections and deliveries. Thomas Firbank offers distribution for local businesses, giving us the correct experience.

Bath has a flourishing housing market, requiring landlords and landladies who can act swiftly. This often requires plenty of investment that prices newer homeowners out of the marketplace. We’ll go into some practical tips on how to utilise removals and storage. Let’s begin with more details about using man & van services.

How Man & Van Can Help Landlords in Bath –

Many of our current landlord and property-related clients find our Man & Van service helpful. It helps people who don’t have a vehicle and would prefer to invest in one later. It makes sense to use this money for other things, especially if it goes some way to investing in a second property. You can put buying a vehicle on the backburner until you find it’s necessary to have one full-time.

You can use a man with a van service for all your collections and deliveries of furniture and tools. And when you book with us, you get the use of two Thomas Firbank team members for the lifting and removing duties if you need them. This will save you time and effort, in addition to holding off on employing a second person for labour purposes.

Thomas Firbank’s Man & Van service is affordable, efficient, and cost-effective. We always turn up early and complete the job on time. The smaller vehicles are ideal for loading and unpacking without causing any issues with residents or creating congestion for local businesses. They’re also suitable for any situations with access restrictions that might prevent larger vehicles from getting close enough to collect or deliver furniture and other items.

Self Storage Can Be Your Workspace –

Another thing that many landlords don’t have is a dedicated workspace. Many use their own garages and backyards, with is a less than ideal way to run a business. Not to mention the inconvenience it causes you and your family. It’s essential to separate work and home life as much as possible, so a workspace for your rental enterprise is a necessity.

Rather than stumping up the expensive monthly commercial rental costs, you can consider alternative ways to store furniture and equipment. Self storage offers an affordable and suitable place to keep your items safe from theft or damage. There is no long-term contract or lease with us – you can keep your unit for as long as you need to.

You can also have a desk in your unit to do admin and paperwork. If you split the unit in two – you have yourself an affordable and flexible space for your rental business. And if you find that you need a larger unit, no problem. We’re happy to upgrade you or downsize, should your needs change. You might consider having a couple of storage units with dedicated storage spaces and an office when your enterprise grows.

Useful Resources for Companies in Bath –

This is more general advice for any business owner that also applies to landlords. You can contact the Bath & North East Somerset Council to see what resources they offer local businesses. And if you’re looking for things like investment and funding, they can often refer you to any current initiatives or corporate partners. Additionally, take advantage of networking and workshop events in the area, and they’ll list them. You can also contact the Bath Chamber of Commerce to see what services they offer.

There will be online engagement and advice groups per business sector you can find with a bit of research. See if there are any Facebook groups and online forums for landlords in Bath. You’ll be able to gain some helpful contacts and receive intelligent tips. And experienced landlords will likely assist with any regularly queries you have and share their experiences if you’re having a particular issue.

The BLA (British Landlord Association) can assist with advice. The NRLA (National Residential Landlords Association) and the Guild of Residential Landlords have similar functions. See what they offer regarding accreditation and industry standards. You then have the backing in the event of any problems, such as seeking legal counsel.

Comprehensive Business Removals Services –

From many years of working with this sector, there’s one thing newer landlords and landladies lack. Unless they have a few properties, it’s unlikely they’ll have access to a large vehicle to move furniture around can be a pain. It requires investment, often several thousand pounds, to buy upfront. This can put people off trying to enter this industry.

You can hire a vehicle for this purpose, but there’s a better way that gives your expenditure more purpose. Using a man & van and Business Removals is the solution to all these requirements and will save you time and effort. You’ll be able to outsource this task and have us do the heavy lifting. Because of our experience – we can coordinate and oversee the whole job.

We have a fleet of removal vans of various sizes at our disposal. This makes it possible to cater to any situation, regardless of how many items you’re moving. We’re flexible and can handle parking and access restriction issues, and we’ll assess everything thoroughly. That’s because we know that efficiency and accuracy lead to excellent service delivery.

Partnerships Can Reduce Your Running Costs –

There’s a reason why people partner with like-minded sub-contractors and businesses. By doing this, they form a relationship that benefits both parties that invariably leads to sustainable growth. You might need affordable options to otherwise expensive services. That’s why hundreds of companies work with Thomas Firbank every year.

Business owners use our storage facilities because they’re cheaper than commercial rent and enjoy more flexibility. Start-up entrepreneurs use self storage for alternative office space, which saves them hundreds of pounds. E-commerce enterprises love using storage because they need stock space and a straightforward loading and packing system.

It also boils down to customer service, getting it right the first time, and having suitable packages available. Landlords want to work with a reliable associate with their interests in place. In emergencies, they need to know we’ll be there to support them and solve any issues. You can read our online reviews for context about our excellent customer service here.

Thomas Firbank – The Number One Company for Bath’s Businesses –

At Thomas Firbank, we cater for hundreds of domestic and business customers every month. We value each person and company we work with to understand that everyone has different requirements. We’re confident that we have the right removals and storage service to help push your company towards a leaner budget where you can collect and deliver with ease.

Customer service is our number one priority, and it influences everything we do as a company. Every package or service we offer is done with the customer in mind. There is nothing more rewarding than helping our customers start their own businesses. That’s why we have a large group of loyal customers who continue to work with us for many years.

At Thomas Firbank, we’re here to help new and existing landlords keep costs down and help grow their business. It’s possible to make your rental enterprise successful by partnering with us for your removals and storage needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable removals and storage company, you’ll find everything you need at Thomas Firbank. Click here, and we’ll talk you through our range of business services.