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How to Make Money in Short-Term Rentals in Bath

Posted on January 26, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
How to Make Money in Short-Term Rentals in Bath

There are many reasons why people are entering the short-term rental industry. It’s an excellent way to make extra cash as a second-income if you want to get one property. For other people, it can mean a change of career where they can be their own boss. There are lots of valid reasons to consider becoming one of the many people who is buying property to rent out for short-term rental periods.

Bath is one of the most popular places to buy property in the UK. Unlike many areas, Bath continues to see increases in property values. This makes Bath a very attractive place to invest in property.

Different Types of Short-Term Rental –

There are various ways to start renting properties for short-term periods. A lot of people rarely intend to buy a house to rent it out, mainly because it never crosses their mind. So, they buy their second home or holiday cottage, and they go out to it every chance they get. Inevitably, it’s not always possible to get there as often as they’d like. Eventually, they might realise they haven’t been to their second home in a couple of months.

Therefore, a lot of people start renting out their second property for short periods of time. If the place is empty for reasonably long periods, it makes sense to allow people to rent it out when you’re not there. Plus, you can make some money back at the same time. Your investment can also make you some additional money, which would otherwise just be an empty house.

Another popular route for people who intend to buy properties to rent out is to use online sites like Airbnb. Advertising your second home on Airbnb is a potentially lucrative and easy way to enter the short-term rental market. All you need to do is follow their requirements, and you’ll be online and available for any potential renters.

You won’t have to be a hands-on landlord either. It’s possible to hire a property manager who works specifically as an Airbnb host. This means that you leave them in charge, while you make a profit.

Reasons Why Bath is a Winner for Property Investors –

Bath is enjoying a property price boom that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Although there is usually cause for concern, all indications from leading experts suggest otherwise. The gradual increase in property prices in Bath should continue if the trend remains continuous and stable. That means a big plus for anyone who wants to protect their savings in the Bath housing market.

Everyone who visits falls in love with Bath, and they always return for another visit. This is what brings a lot of people to relocate or buy second properties here. It’s also what will help you if you want to make some extra cash when you’re not staying in your second home. And for the nominal outlay of hiring a property manager, your investment can also make you money from rent.

Bath is a popular destination for visitors from all over the UK and abroad. It’s history and landmarks will always attract people to visit, and if you have a well-kept second home, you’ll have lots of people looking for a short-term rental.

Thomas Firbank – Relocate with Bath’s Favourite Company –

Thomas Firbank works with thousands of customers every year, many who have second homes in Bath. Owning a second property in Bath is especially popular with people who live and work in London. What could be better after a tough week in the city than a trip to your getaway home in Bath? The journey doesn’t take long, which is why a lot of Londoners take second properties here.

Thomas Firbank is part of the Master Removals Group, which is an elite network of the best removals and storage companies in England. A Master Removals Group company’s primary goal is to provide the highest level of customer service. That starts with the first call or contact you make with us. Even if you’re still at the planning stage, the Thomas Firbank team will gladly discuss our range of services.

Thomas Firbank is proud to call Bath our home, and we understand why many people relocate here or have second homes. If you’re thinking of joining the ever-growing number of Bath residents, contact us today.