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Making More Space in 2019 with Storage in Bath

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Making More Space in 2019 with Storage in Bath

Now that we’re officially in 2019 it’s time to make a positive start to the year with some home improvements.Now that the festive season is over, you’ll most likely have a lot more possessions and unwanted boxes. Don’t wait until spring to undertake a thorough clean of your home – start now by decluttering and recycling. And then it’s all about creating more space at home by using Thomas Firbank’sstorage facilities.

Self storageis the ideal way to make more space at home or in the office. You don’t have to part with any of your belongings unless you no longer need or use them. Storage offers an additional level of security for your possessions that most houses can’t provide. And Thomas Firbank’s new storage depot is the perfect place to store your valuables in 2019.

Reasons to Use Self Storage in Bath –

People don’t always know how much space you can free up with storage or it’s something they haven’t thought of previously. If you pack it correctly, you can fit the equivalent of a small bedroom in a 50-sq-ft self storage unit. That means you can empty the entire contents of your garage or spare room if you want to.

Storage is the best optionto ensure that your things are safe and secure, especially if you have valuables or items that can’t be replaced. Your home isn’t made for storage purposes, meaning there is a potential for damage to occur. If a roof slate is loose, water can slowly penetrate throughout your home via the ceiling or walls. And if there are any other unseen gaps, the same issue with damp will occur.

The typical house roofing can leak during heavy rain, even in newer properties. And while the water doesn’t always seep through, it can cause damp and rot, which can then damage your possessions. Using storage is also an excellent way to organise your belongings; you record an inventory of everything before you unload into your storage unit.

Declutter and Start 2019 With More Space –

Before you wade into those storage cartons and boxes in the garage, you need to clean every room thoroughly. That will mean moving boxes and furniture around, which is where storage can come in handy. Each room needs to be as clean as possible, with no rubbish left to get in the way. Recycle what you can from anything you’re throwing away.

Now you will get rid of items you rarely use. Every box and item will need your assessment. On a scale of use a lot, sometimes use, rarely or never use, give each piece a score. If anyone of them falls into the rarely or never use category, then it’s time to get rid. Your local charity shop will be thankful for any donations, and you’ll create more space.

If any of the items hold any value, you can always sell them online and donate the profits to a non-profit or charity of your choice. Before you know it – you’ll create loads of space in your house or apartment. With a bit of luck, you can park the car in the garage and put some thought into better uses of your loft and any spare rooms.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Number One for Self Storage –

Now that the festive season is over you can start 2019 with a clean slate by creating more space at home with storage. Renting a self storage unitis an affordable way to increase the room in your house. A 50-sq-ft storage unit can hold the same volume of contents of a small apartment. If you apply that to your home, just think about the additional space you’ll be able to make with a basic storage unit.

One of the many benefits you’ll receive as a Thomas Firbank customeris our flexible attitude to our storage packages. We’ll go out of our way to assist you, which means helping you upgrade if you need more storage space. And likewise, it’s just as easy to downsize should you no longer require a larger unit.

At Thomas Firbank, we believe in making our services inclusive by keeping our prices low while delivering a high level of customer service. Start 2019 the way you mean to go on by increasing your living spaces in your home by using self storage.

For more information about our storage services, please contact ustoday. We’re Bath’s number one storage provider, and we’re here to help you create more space in 2019.