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Money-Saving Home Moving Tips

Posted on January 12, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Money-Saving Home Moving Tips

It’s not only in the capital, where the figure sometimes reaches £10,000, that the cost of moving can seem daunting. Removals in Bath can be costly too, especially if you’re moving from far away and have high estate agent fees. But at almost every juncture, there are things you can do to keep the money from haemorrhaging, stemming the flow here and there and even making money back. Here are some of our pointers for keeping within budget when you’re on the move.

Negotiation – Don’t feel you can’t negotiate when it comes to estate agency fees. If they come in at three per cent, why not ask them to bring it down to one? Your chances may be slim if the company is a big, national establishment, but if it’s a friendly local one, then things may go your way. No harm in asking.

Compare quotations – You’ll have to choose a removals company in Bath or nearby at some point. There are comparison sites that can help you get started with weighing up options and you can also request quotations directly from a number of firms and then compare.

Clutter – If there’s one thing that slows a move down and brings the cost up, it’s boxes and boxes of stuff. You can slim down your move considerably by properly decluttering. Get rid of everything you don’t need and be unsentimental. Use friends, family, charity shops, Ebay, Gumtree and so on, and you’ll make your move cheaper and faster.

Dates – Weekends and bank holidays may well mean a higher charge from your removal company, but if you pick a weekday, you’ll get the best possible rates.

Insurance – You could potentially lose money if you don’t check that your removals company has insurance in place. You want to be sure that your possessions are covered from start to finish so that if anything’s damaged you get remunerated.

Boxes – Supermarkets are no longer a reliable source of free cardboard boxes and new ones can be expensive. Find out if your removal company (or any local one) happens to sell second-hand and you’ll make a saving.

Utilities – Now’s your chance to get better deals on every utility bill. You’re moving house and can make a clean break, especially if you’re out-of-contract with any of your suppliers. Take the time to get the good deals by changing supplier if necessary.