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Moving to Bath: Council Info, Waste Collection, and Essential Services

Posted on December 7, 2023 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Moving to Bath: Council Info, Waste Collection, and Essential Services

Bath, brimming with history and amenities, is a desirable place to settle. But relocating to a new city like Bath can be daunting. The challenges of understanding local services and navigating unfamiliar surroundings can feel overwhelming.

The Thomas Firbank team calls Bath home, and we’re here to provide the steps for a successful move. We’ll tackle essentials – council details, waste collection, home services, childcare, gardening, transportation, and emergency services. And, of course, prep for the move itself. By the end of this blog, you’ll feel ready and confident to start your new chapter in Bath.


  • The Council and Local Government
  • Understanding Waste Collection in Bath
  • Essential Home Services
  • Childcare and Education Services
  • Gardening in Bath: Garden Centres and Council Services
  • Getting Around: Transportation in Bath
  • Emergency and Health Services
  • Preparing for Your Move: A Checklist
  • Enjoy a Hassle-Free Move to Bath with Thomas Firbank

The Council and Local Government

Bath & North East Somerset Council is your one-stop solution for various essential services. Whether it’s managing waste collection and recycling, supporting your job search, or administering Council Tax and multiple benefits, the Council has you covered. It also simplifies interaction with planning applications and building regulations and provides enriching resources through libraries and information services.

For families, the Council oversees school admissions, student support, and special education needs services. The Council’s commitment to its residents extends further, with robust social services for older adults, those with disabilities, and individuals needing mental health support.

It ensures the smooth running of main roads and public transportation services. Additionally, it enforces trading standards and regulations for consumer protection. Waste disposal services, including garden waste collection and recycling centres, are also available. The Council also takes an active role in the strategic planning for district growth and development.

You can contact Bath & North East Somerset Council for general enquiries through Council Connect. Phone them at 01225 39 40 41 or email. For Council Tax and Business Rates enquiries, you can contact the Revenues department. Welfare Support is available for benefits assistance. All these services are just a call or email away.

The Council’s comprehensive website is a hub of information. It offers a platform for residents to report issues, give feedback, make payments, and apply for services online. Through its broad array of services and resources, Bath & North East Somerset Council ensures residents enjoy a high quality of life in the area.

Understanding Waste Collection in Bath

There are plenty of eco-friendly initiatives in place that are dedicated to sustainability. The municipality makes waste management more manageable for residents and businesses, offering various services to meet their needs.

Comprehensive Collection Services:

  • Services are provided by Bath and North East Somerset Council and companies like Bath Waste Ltd, Simply Waste Solutions, and Hills Waste Solutions. 
  • They cater to households and businesses, collecting general waste, recycling, garden waste, and large waste items.

Recycling Services:

  • Residents can recycle many materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, food, and glass waste.
  • Non-recyclable waste is separately collected for landfills.

Garden and Bulk Waste Collection:

Commercial and Industrial Waste Services:

  • Businesses have access to services for various types of waste, including general, specialist, and hazardous waste.

Bath Recycling Centre:

  • The council operates the Bath Recycling Centre, which is open to all residents for the disposal of household waste.
  • Located at Midland Road, Bath, BA1 3AT, the centre collects reusable items for charities and sale days, reducing landfill waste.

Recycling A-Z Guide:

Customised Collection Schedule:

  • Same-day collections of refuse, recycling, and garden waste are available.
  • The collection schedule is determined by postcode. The council’s Collection Day Finder tool helps residents find their collection day.

Essential Home Services

Managing your essential home services is a key task when you’re moving. You must know your gas, electricity, and water utility providers. Start by listing out your current utilities and services. It’s important to remember to notify your current providers about your move. They might need readings and a forwarding address.

Once settled in your new place, it’s time to change the details to your new suppliers. If you’re in Bath and Somerset, you can find trusted traders who’ve been verified and come highly recommended. Additionally, Thomas Firbank can provide professional trade referrals. Having these contacts at your fingertips can be helpful, especially if unforeseen emergencies arise.

Doing your homework now will save you trouble later. Research online for internet and telecom providers’ “best of” lists. Having all this information when you start unpacking in your new place makes the process much smoother. So, whether it’s details for electricians or plumbers, it’s always better to be prepared. Remember, a little planning now can prevent a lot of stress later.

Childcare and Education Services

Bath is a city that strongly emphasises childcare and education. From preschool to preschool, abundant resources and options are available for families of all shapes and sizes. The city’s commitment to inclusive education, showcased by the support for special educational needs, is particularly commendable.

Childcare Choices:

In Bath, childcare is versatile. Nurseries, childminders, and nannies are the norm. After-school clubs and playgroups add to the mix. Specialised services? Bath has those, too, with Bath Opportunity Preschool standing out under the umbrella of First Steps Bath.

Schooling in Bath:

The city proudly hosts around 27 primary schools. A blend of state secondary schools, both single-sex and co-educational, dots the landscape. Plus, there are two single-sex state-funded secondary schools. 

Further Education and Universities:

For young and adult learners, Bath College extends many courses and apprenticeships. Bath is also home to the University of Bath and the Bath Spa University. They offer a broad mix of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Special Educational Needs:

The council helps families who have children and young people with special needs. Support for autism, physical difficulties, and more is available.

Finding Childcare and Schools:

Resources abound for parents looking for the right fit. Platforms like Live Well in Bath & North East Somerset, Yelp, Netmums, and Bath & North East Somerset Council offer many options. The HUB, a council-run website, provides resources for families. Somerset’s Local Offer focuses on education, childcare, and health for those aged 0-25, particularly those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Getting Around: Transportation in Bath

Bath’s transportation options are as diverse as they are efficient. There’s something for everyone, from traditional bus and rail services to modern mobility equipment hire and extensive air travel connections.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, navigating Bath is a breeze. It’s a city where convenience and adventure go hand in hand. The Travelwest website and TravelWest journey planner are handy tools for trip planning.

Bus Services:

Bath boasts an extensive bus network sprawling across the city and beyond. Park & Ride services operate seven days a week, with buses every 15 minutes. Convenience meets regularity.

Rail Services:

Two train stations, Bath Spa and Oldfield Park, serve the city. Regular services connect Bath to Bristol, London, Cardiff, and neighbouring towns. The Great Western Railway (GWR) ensures these links – also check out Trainline

Cycling and Walking:

With Bath being compact, walking routes are plentiful. Cycling is also popular, with city centre tours and countryside explorations. The Two Tunnels Greenway is a flat route favoured by walkers and cyclists alike.

Additional Services:

Bath extends taxi services, mobility equipment hires (Shopmobility) and a Diamond Travelcard for unlimited local bus travel. There’s also the on-demand WESTlink bus service 

Car Parks and On-street Parking:

Bath has several car parks and over 1,000 on-street parking spaces in central Bath. Charges apply from 8 am to 7 pm every day.

Air Travel:

Bristol Airport, the closest to Bath, is a mere 19 miles away. It connects to over 100 global destinations. The Air Decker bus service links Bath directly to the airport.


Bath, just ten miles from Junction 18 of the M4 motorway, enjoys excellent links. London, Heathrow Airport, the north and south of the country via the M5, and Wales along the M4 are all within reach. However, peak times and weekends can be congested.

Height Restrictions:

Places like the Newbridge Park & Ride Car Park and Avon Street Car Park have height restrictions—a note for visitors with motorhomes or tall vehicles.

Emergency and Health Services

Bath’s health and safety services, from healthcare facilities to emergency services, are comprehensive. The city offers an abundance of options, be it NHS services or private healthcare. Furthermore, dedicated police and fire services add to the city’s safety net for residents and visitors alike.

NHS Healthcare Providers and Facilities:

Bath hosts 92 GP practices, working with local services across 22 Primary Care Networks in Bath, North East Somerset, Swindon, and Wiltshire. Community health and care services are under the oversight of the Bath and North East Somerset Council and the NHS Bath and North East Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Services come to you at home or in a local care setting. The Fairfield Park Health Centre, an NHS GP practice, stands out – Armed Forces Veteran friendly.

Private Healthcare Providers and Facilities:

For those leaning towards private healthcare, The Bath Clinic awaits. It’s part of the Circle Health Group and offers private treatment and surgery across various medical specialities. You’ll find them at Claverton Down Road, Combe Down, Bath.

Police Services:

The Avon and Somerset Constabulary, covering Bath City Centre, maintains law and order.

Fire Services:

The Avon Fire & Rescue Service serves Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire. They carry out fire and rescue operations and promote fire safety and awareness through community engagement and education initiatives.

Preparing for Your Move: A Checklist

Preparing for your move involves careful planning, smart packing, choosing the right moving company, and utilising storage services. You can ensure a successful and stress-free move by following a detailed moving checklist, employing effective packing strategies, hiring a reputable moving company, and using self-storage. Your move is a big deal. Let’s make it a great one.

Moving Checklist:

  • Crafting a moving timeline is your key to a smooth relocation.
  • Thomas Firbank’s checklist is available here, and the Master Removers Group list is here.
  • Think of it as your road map, guiding you daily as you organise your move.
  • A blank calendar can be your timeline leading up to the big day.
  • It’s handy for setting deadlines and allocating duties.

Organising and Packing Tips:

  • Packing right is half the battle won.
  • Many professional movers offer packing services, so remember to check.
  • Separate your glassware and delicate items to prevent damage.
  • Fragile items usually need individual packing.
  • Art and antiques need specialist packaging that won’t stick in hot or cold weather.
  • Sturdy boxes and containers prevent collapsing and breakages.
  • Load bulky items in the moving vehicle first, keeping them away from breakables.

Hiring a Reputable Moving Company:

  • The right mover can make all the difference.
  • Look for a Google rating of at least 4.5 and read the reviews.
  • Word-of-mouth referrals are gold – don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Get three quotes from different companies for a fair comparison.
  • It’s even better if they’re BAR-accredited and have an internal Quality Policy.

Self Storage:

  • Storage services can be a lifesaver during and after the move.
  • Self storage is perfect if you need to create space as you pack.
  • When moving dates don’t align, storage comes to the rescue.
  • Thomas Firbank links removal and storage, making it fuss-free.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Move to Bath with Thomas Firbank

Moving to Bath? Let Thomas Firbank make it hassle-free for you. We’re Bath’s top choice for removals and storage, ready to tackle relocations of any type or size. Likewise, our customers often tell us we’re the best, and our positive Google reviews echo their sentiments.

New to Bath and Somerset? We’ve got you covered. We’re happy to share professional referrals and insider tips to help you settle in smoothly. After all, we’re not just about moving stuff; we’re about moving people, helping them start new chapters in their lives.

So, ready for your Bath adventure? Contact us today for a free quote or an informal chat about our services. We’re here to make your move easy so you can look forward to a fresh start in Bath.