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Moving to Bath

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Moving to Bath

More and more people, Londoners in particular, are discovering that living in Bath is better than they had ever anticipated. It’s only 90 minutes away from the capital by train and by car it takes a little longer, but only a little. And instead of having to navigate a tortuous and complicated Tube system, the city is comparatively petite and utterly walkable from one corner to another. The beautiful streets transport you into a world of Jane Austen-style grandeur and poetic majesty and if that is too modern for your tastes, there are the Roman Baths. If you’re new to the area, here are some helpful resources for getting to grips with this fantastic city and its innumerable charms and attributes.

  1. visitbath.co.uk Nothing makes a place come alive quite like viewing it through the eyes of a visitor. As a resident, it’s easy to become blasé about what’s on your doorstep and to postpone fully taking advantage of the city because you know you can always do it another day. You can remedy that tendency right here. This is a great resource not only for tourist attractions, but also for information about gyms, sports, leisure, nightlife and much, much more. It should be bookmarked promptly.
  1. bathchronicle.co.uk – Keep up to speed on all Bath-related news, from health to politics to the job market to education and the arts via the online edition of this local weekly newspaper. There is an accompanying print edition for those who prefer hard copies.
  1. bathecho.co.uk – Another resource to help you keep track of the pulse of the city.
  1. bathresidents.org.uk – Engage in local politics here. The Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations meets with community leaders and politicians so that people’s concerns can be aired and appropriate action taken.
  2. 5. bathnes.co.uk – The website of the Bath & North East Somerset Council is where you can apply for residents’ parking as well as finding out everything you need to know about recycling, jobs, local services including libraries and leisure, tourism, local business, community action groups and much more be