Office Removals

Our company is well known for being one of the premier removals companies in Bath, and our exceptional service is just as popular with businesses around the city as it is with residents. Our office removal team are well experienced in helping companies all over Bath and Somerset relocate to new premises, and can offer the support and help you need to ensure your move goes to plan.

We have worked with many businesses over the years, completing successful office removals Somerset wide. Our experience in this field means we are able to offer the valuable help and support you need to get your business moved, stepping in to become the extra team member for your office removal and not just the guys who provide the truck.

Depending on how much support you need, we can help with everything from the moment you know you are moving right up until your new office becomes fully operational. We can help with:

• Planning the move, including devising floor plans of the offices at both ends

• Storing furniture or equipment for the moving period to give you more space

• Devising a system for your inventory, and for colour coding or numbering boxes and equipment for the move

• Providing boxes, packing crates and packing materials for your office move

• Helping with packing and preparation for the move, or doing it all ourselves

• Being a fully functioning team member on the day, moving and lifting everything that needs to go as well as staying in close communication with your team leaders at each end

• Obtaining parking permits as necessary at both ends of the job

• Ensuring the right items are delivered to the right location in your new office, saving you and your colleagues time with getting up and running again

Whatever you need us to do, you can be sure that for all office removals Somerset businesses know they can count on us, so you can too.