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Our Lockdown Storage and Removals Services

Posted on November 16, 2020 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Our Lockdown Storage and Removals Services

With a new lockdown now in place there are still lots of questions which require some answers or clarification. Amidst the confusion, people might be worried about an upcoming relocation they’re busy preparing for. Will the lockdown affect, postpone or cancel moves in Bath?

If you’re working with Thomas Firbank, the answer is a confident no – your relocation is in safe hands. We’re still open for business for all types of removals and storage jobs. Unless any further restrictions happen, nothing changes for us. We plan on providing the same high standards of removals service throughout the lockdown and beyond.

We’re Still Open During the Lockdown in Bath –

The good news for anyone who has or is planning on booking a relocation with Thomas Firbank is we’re still operating during the lockdown. This doesn’t mean we’re taking things lightly in any way. We have a specific and stringent policy on Covid-19, ensuring all our removals and storage jobs attain the highest standards of health and safety.

While the previous lockdown was an endurance test, we were fortunate to continue working throughout it. This allowed us to test out various new techniques for undertaking safer relocations. For us, it’s now second nature to apply our Covid-19 Policy and we clean and disinfect as we work.

All our relocations and storage bookings are completely safe and free from any contaminants. Our rigorous health and safety measures go much further than the day of the actual move. We now accept video calls for inquiries, quotes and booking a service. Additionally, this option works well for touching base before we arrive on the day.

If you want to work with a removals company who takes your safety seriously, you’re in good hands with us. We have correct PPE, cleaning products and removal’s equipment in every vehicle. 

What You Should Do for Last-Minute Relocations –

The first thing you should do is get in touch with us straight away. Don’t hesitate or start preparing anything else, as we’ll be able to set you on the right track. We’ll assess your current situation and advise the level of urgency. Every relocation is different, and we weigh up every angle before making our suggestion, which includes a free, no-obligation quotation.

All removals jobs go through the same thorough assessment process, regardless of the estimated timeframe. The option of postponing a relocation is one to consider but there’s no specific guidance or pressure on us to advise anyone to go this route. For us, we’ll always try to green light a move, rather than rearranging it.

Thomas Firbank takes guidelines and official advice diligently and only from credible, official sources. We shape our Covid-19 Policy from the latest updates from the UK government and the World Health Organisation. Our priority is safety for every customer and team members, while providing a high standard of service delivery. We can deploy a removal’s team our straight away if it’s an emergency, but health and safety protocols will be in place.

Self Storage as a Contingency Plan –

When we have relocation too plan, no one wants to think of issues that might happen. People tend to plough ahead and hope for the best. Others may become complacent because they have moved numerous times. Both examples leave you open to problems, which might be difficult to solve the closer you are to the day of the relocation.

Self storage is the ideal backup plan for anyone who’s moving to a new house or apartment. Many people link a Man & Van removals service with self storage, one common scenario is an expected delay in moving dates. While a moving-in day issue can initially cause panic, Thomas Firbank customers have the perfect solution.

Thomas Firbank’s storage facilities are the biggest in Bath and Somerset. We have a plethora of storage unit sizes to choose from. If you need regular access without any limitations, self storage is the option for you. However, Container storage is more affordable and ideal for anyone with long-term storage requirements.

Are Emergency International Moves Allowed?

Thomas Firbank offers an International Removals package, so we do receive questions regarding the availability of this service. We discuss every overseas relocation on a case-by-case basis because there’s more to organise and evaluate. The reason why is because these jobs involve at least two different countries, each with differing infection levels and boarder control regulations.

From our side of things, we are willing to go through the process with you. We’ll assess your requirements in full to ascertain what we’re moving for you. This gives us a starting point for what vehicle and team members we need to assign. Then, we’ll contact our associates on the continent to discuss any particulars for the moving day.

Thomas Firbank works with professional removals and storage providers throughout the UK. We utilise this network to pool information, in addition to having access to depots all over Britain. This makes long-distance relocations much easier to perform. It also means we can maintain our high standards of customer service for more complicated relocations.

A Range of Removals and Storage Services –

Things are usually simpler if you reduce the number of companies you use for a move. That’s why Thomas Firbank ticks every box when it comes to removals and storage. We have the right packages and expertise to create a seamless transition between every service. This is essential for a successful relocation, especially if the stakes are high and time is against us.

The core removals services we offer can accommodate every size relocation. For smaller loads – which is the total volume of your possessions – we will suggest using our Man & Van service. This is for people moving out of an apartment or small house with fewer items. For everything from a three-bed house and upwards, we’ll need to use a larger van. Our Home Removals service is better for these scenarios because we can fit everything into the vehicle and do it in one go.

We went into detail about our storage packages in the previous section, but we should add here this applies to households and businesses. The last lockdown was a harsh lesson for anyone who owns a small business. We would regularly work with business owners for last-minute relocations. They would then need somewhere secure for their goods and equipment. This is where a seamless removals and storage link streamlines everything.

 Using Removals Reviews Before Booking –

The internet has put more power in the hands of the consumer. Interactions between companies and their customers have come a long way in the last five years. Now, most businesses need an online presence to reach new customers and retain the ones they already have. It’s this real-time link which keeps businesses in check when it comes to providing credible services.

Review companies and online rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot offer a way for potential customers to vet prospective service providers. Every business allows previous customers to rate them out of a score of five stars. Furthermore, it’s possible to leave a written comment about the service you received.

Our suggestion for anyone who wants to improve their chances of receiving a good service is to select companies over an average rating of four. But it’s also worth contacting them directly to discuss their services. If you contact Thomas Firbank, we’ll happily go through all our packages in detail to see if we can match a removals service to your requirements.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Lockdown Removals Specialists –

The latest lockdown is going to be tough for everyone in Bath and Somerset, but the reasons behind it make sense. We all want to see a reduction in cases, and the Thomas Firbank team will be doing our part. Every job we book comes with the guarantee that every health and safety precaution apply. You can be confident we’ll do everything safely, even for last-minute relocations.

For us, it’s all part of providing a higher standard of customer service. We prepare everything in detail, which starts with a thorough assessment process. This gives us a firm foundation to work from, and we’ll be available to assist you at every stage of your move.

If you want to know more about booking a relocation or storage service during the lockdown, please contact us today. We have a range of services to suit everyone’s needs, including emergency