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How to Pack Up and go with Thomas Firbank

Posted on April 6, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
How to Pack Up and go with Thomas Firbank

You’ve done it! The negotiations for your new home in Bath have been successful, and the moving in date is set. Now all you need to do is pack everything up and get those new keys in your hands. If only it were that simple. Moving to a new town or city can be a daunting task to undertake, and it’s important to avoid leaving anything until the last minute.

The one thing that will make your upcoming relocation easier is planning. The more you plan and break things up into smaller tasks, the lower your stress levels will be. At Thomas Firbank, we understand just how chaotic moving can be. Packing everything is no easy task and can cause all sorts of anxiety. That’s why we offer a full packing service.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Packing Service in Bath –

Thomas Firbank has over twenty years of experience in removals and storage. Our track record of providing the best customer service in Bath stems from our ability to pack things correctly. It’s what we refer to as the cornerstone of our business. By doing packing things correctly, we know that our customer’s belongings will be safe in transit.

We know the right boxes to use, what items to separate, and how to pack fragile objects. Our team have all the right packaging materials and equipment to pack and move things without causing damage. Every item will be listed, and each box will be labelled. That way, everyone will know the exact contents of each box.

The Thomas Firbank team leave nothing to chance. It’s crucial that every item is packed correctly to avoid breakages. We’ll also unpack your priority items when we arrive at your new home. This is the best packing service in Bath, and it’s another reason why we’re the area’s favourite removals company.

Choose a Reliable Removals Company in Bath –

No matter what service you need when moving, it pays to be vigilant and only uses reliable companies. At Thomas Firbank, we have a lot of satisfied customers who return to use us for removals and storage. We always encourage our clients to check online to see our past reviews and testimonials. It’s not only crucial before you book with us, but it’s something you should do with every company you use.

When it comes to services, price comparison sites may get you a bargain deal, but the quality of service is often inadequate. Many of our customers have spoken to us about their horror stories of using companies via comparison sites.

The reason for this is most of these companies don’t comply with the necessary industry standards. By booking Thomas Firbank, you’re in safe hands. We’re a member of the BAR (British Association of Removers), which means that we promise to attain a certain level of service.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Favourite Packing and Removals Service –

Thomas Firbank has over twenty-one years’ worth of experience in removals and storage. In that time, we’ve become masters of packing to ensure that each item is safe when in transit. It’s just as critical to make sure each packed box doesn’t cause damage when we move it. That’s why we take extra care with fragile and valuable items.

Thomas Firbank operates with the ethos that every customer has different needs. That’s why we get to know every person and company we work with as much as we can. This helps us create a picture of what they need from us. We’re always happy to talk through our range of services, even if it’s just a first inquiry. From the first time you phone us, you’ll feel at ease with our friendly members of staff.

At Thomas Firbank, we believe that packing services should be available to everyone. That’s why our rates for packing, removals and storage are the best in today’s market.

If you’re planning your next relocation, don’t take chances by doing the packing yourself. Contact us today, and we’ll go through our packing services, as well as our other packages.