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Packing Up Electronics – Part 1

Posted on April 27, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Packing Up Electronics – Part 1

We’ve looked at some of the rudiments for preparing your computer(s) for a move, but what of all the other electronics that loom so large in our lives. Almost no one these days doesn’t have a dizzying array of wired and wireless gadgets and devices.

Yes, they make aspects of our lives easier, but when it comes to moving house, they can be less help and more headache. Take a moment to read through some of our tips, however, and there’s no reason why you can’t get your electronics packed up and ready without mishap or misadventure.

It’s unlikely ever to become anyone’s favourite part of a move, but it needn’t be a confusing ordeal.

How To Pack Electronics

Manuals – get them all together. Start as you mean to go on, by being methodical. Manuals shouldn’t be an afterthought to be scattered in different parts of your packing. They should all be in one place, in a folder. Where they’re missing, you should be able to retrieve them online, print them out and add them to the file.

Insurance – Some devices are so costly, it’s worth acquiring short-term insurance so that you can relax in the knowledge that they’re covered throughout the process – from the packing right through to the unpacking. See what insurance might come automatically with your removals company and if it’s insufficient, get more.

Tracking – As well as inbuilt tracking, like Apple’s Find My iPhone, there is a variety of apps and add-ones that can help you find items if they get misplaced during the move. There are Bluetooth-based trackers, too. One popular one is Tile. They good thing is that they’re still useful long after your move so the cost could be justified.

Proper packing – Begin by taking all batteries out of all applicable items; devices and remote controls. This keeps you safe from any leakage that might occur due to changing temperatures during transit. If you use rechargeable batteries in anything, charge them fully before the move so that they’ll be good to go upon arrival at your new place. Make sure you’ve taken out DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays etc from any players. For items that apply (e.g. Computers, DVD players), tape the drives shut with packing tape to make sure they’re ready for the road. With printers, take out the cartridges and make sure the printhead is totally secure. Keep the cartridges in a plastic sealable or zip-lock type bag.

Check back here soon, where we’ll have advice on labelling items and making sense of all the cables, as well as tips for reassembling at the other end of the journey.