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Planning Ahead for Christmas in Bath

Posted on September 24, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Planning Ahead for Christmas in Bath

As you’ll no doubt know from the adverts, Christmas isn’t far away, and a lot of people will start getting your home ready for guests. Christmas Day is one of the highlights of the year, and many of us will go to great lengths to make it special. It’s not always possible to get all your family or friends together to enjoy each other’s company, so what better excuse? That’s why the Thomas Firbank team are here to provide you with some tips on preparing your home for Christmas Day in Bath.

For anyone who’s hosting Christmas lunch or another festive event, the realisation dawns on you – what if there’s not enough space? Every guest takes up at least a chair’s worth of space, and that doesn’t include any extra presents or luggage they bring. For Thomas Firbank customers, this issue doesn’t have to cause chaos. By renting a self storage unit from us, you’ll have more than enough space at home this festive season.

Planning Early for Christmas in Bath –

If you’re having guests over for Christmas, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is space. You can create more by decluttering every room, not just the main places where people will be eating and spending time. If your spare room is a make-shift storage unit, then decluttering is the perfect way to free up space for overnight guests.

You’ll also want to childproof any exposed electrical points if there are little ones or pets arriving. Move any valuable or fragile items from the main house – you don’t want to spend all day worrying about breakages. Box the smaller pieces up and make sure you put plenty of packaging inside, just in case. Label everything, so it’s easier to unpack when the party is over.

Buy all your food soon so you can pay and arrange to collect your main food items on the 24th.  And if you still have presents to buy, try and get most of them sooner by spreading them out on each payday. You’ll have plenty of last-minute things to do and errands to run; try to avoid making present buying on Christmas Eve one of them. And finally – contact your visitors and get a headcount. Then you’ll know exactly how many chairs you’ll need.

Using Storage to Free Up Space for Guests –

Rather than moving boxes and furniture to different rooms to make more space, the best option is to use storage. By renting a self storage unit, you’ll be able to move furniture and appliances completely out of your house until Christmas is over. Then all you need to do is get enough seats and table space for all your guests. You can even use a storage unit to keep your family’s presents hidden before Christmas Day.

Thomas Firbank’s Man & Van service is available to collect your items and deliver them once the festive season is over. However, a lot of people who take up a storage unit for Christmas keep it afterwards because of the convenience and additional space. And more importantly – they need even more space to store the family’s new presents.

Thomas Firbank has the most extensive storage facilities in Bath, and we have various domestic and business storage options available. Our Container Storage package would be suitable if you want to store for a longer time, and you don’t need regular access. The Self Storage package is typically for people who require frequent access or needs storage for a short period.

Thomas Firbank – Helping You Prepare for the Festive Season in Bath –

Spending time with family and friends at Christmas can be a highlight of the year but also very draining. Rather than panic over how you’ll fit the various uncles, aunts, cousins and the rest of the clan, contact Thomas Firbank to see how our range of storage packages can make Christmas easier.

At Thomas Firbank, we ensure that we match our customer’s need with the right service, and we do this by putting ourselves in their position. For our team, it’s crucial that we take time out to listen to feedback from every job we complete. By doing this, we can measure our performance, in addition to honing or creating new removals and storage packages.

Don’t let your furniture and appliances get in the way of your having a great time. Thomas Firbank has the right storage option to create the space you need this Christmas. Contact us today, and we’ll go through our storage options with you.