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Preparing Your Home to Sell in Bath

Posted on December 3, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Preparing Your Home to Sell in Bath

When people begin to think about moving to a new home, it’s usually the search for the new location that gets the most attention. You’ll see countless blogs on finding the perfect property and tips on how to bag your ideal home. And the reason why people concentrate more on this is that it’s the adventurous part of moving to a new house.

Selling your current property is the reality check, and it’s a bit more of a weighty subject than the dream home article. However, this might be an essential part of the homeowner jigsaw. After all, you need to sell this house first before you can commit to a new one. Fear not, Thomas Firbank is here to set you on the right path with ideas for selling your current home fast.

What Makes a House Sell? Try These Tips –

The aim is to Showcase your home’s best features, and this isn’t always obvious from the outset what they comprise of. Here are some concise places for you to begin with that you can flesh out in more detail.

Fix all aesthetic issues – this might be dents in the walls and doors (inside and out) or cracks in the plaster. This can also include any wood features that need to be replaced. You’ll need to go through each room and storage space to assess any repairs, so it’s worth checking your insulation now.

Professional cleaning service – you’ll need to ensure the house is spotlessly clean. This can either happen right before the viewings start or before any repairs and painting. Remember that it’s not a good idea to paint in an unclean area.

Repaint whole property – which is our next stage in this process. Every surface, both inside and out, needs a new coat of paint. This is the ideal solution to cover over wall and door repairs, and it will make the property look significantly better.

Hire a gardener – first impressions go a long way, and a neat and well-maintained garden will set a positive impact in a potential buyer’s mind. Although it sounds far-fetched, this ethos is one that a lot of interior designers and home stagers consider to be essential. Which brings us to …

Home staging – sometimes it’s better to leave this to the professionals, and a home stager is likely to speed up the selling process. It’s an expense that you’ll need to cost out before you make a decision.

Things to Remember When Moving to a New Home –

There are two tasks that you need to undertake before you can begin organising your upcoming move. The first is to create a moving checklist, which is going to serve as your guide throughout your relocation. Your second task is to contact the Thomas Firbank team to book your upcoming relocation.

It’s crucial that you start planning as soon as possible and avoid leaving anything until the last minute. All relocations take a lot of energy and may feel like a balancing act at times. One way to reduce some of the stress out of the situation is to break up the larger tasks into smaller, more manageable action points. Then, you can give yourself two or three action points to complete every week.

One of the benefits of using Thomas Firbank is that we can do all the packing for you. That includes the packing materials, and we can assist with inventory of your possessions. Rather than write or type your inventory, we tend to advise our customer to download an app. They’re easy to use, and you can create a comprehensive list of all your belongings, including a photo of each item and what room they belong to.

You will have to notify the local council that you’re moving, where to, and on what date. This will save you getting a hefty council tax bill and a rude demand letter several months down the line. You need to do this with every utility company you use as well. They will continue to charge you if you don’t let them know when you’re moving out. Notify them with all the relevant details and send the last readings. If possible, do this by email or find a way of keeping a record of this information.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company –

Thomas Firbank works on the understanding that everyone we work with has different requirements. To ensure we fully understand each individual situation, we undertake a thorough assessment. By doing this, we can talk you through our range of services and suggest what we think is the most suitable option.

Thomas Firbank has a variety of vehicles to do any size relocation, and we have the right tools and equipment to move any furniture. This comes in handy when we deploy our man with a van team to assist someone who’s moving furniture to facilitate renovations or remodelling. Things like home staging often require clear spaces in the home to make sure there is no damage to property.

The Thomas Firbank team relocates tens of thousands of people every year in Bath and the surrounding areas.  We like to build relationships with our customers so that we understand everyone’s situation. The only way to do this is to provide the highest level of customer service. For this reason, we not only get repeat customers; they often refer us to friends, family and colleagues.

If you’re looking for ways to sell your home, please contact us today. We’re Bath’s number one removals provider, and we’re here to help you put up that sold sign sooner.