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Relocating to Bath from London? – Pick Thomas Firbank

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Relocating to Bath from London? – Pick Thomas Firbank

More and more people are looking into the possibility of relocating away from London for a number of reasons. For some people, the hustle and bustle of big city life no longer elicits the same attraction it once did. Your friends have all started settling down and a night out is a trip to the cinema rather than a nightclub. We all want different things at different stages of our lives, and for a lot of working professionals, there’s a need to get more value for money for our homes and apartments.

One of the aspects that are attracting people to consider packing up and moving out of London isn’t just the value for money – it’s the options available within a commute away from the capital. And one of the favourite destinations for a lot of Londoners is Bath.

Bath is one of the most sought-after commuter towns and it’s easy to see why. With large sections of the town being built with the iconic Bath Stone, the town has an instant appeal of something out of the ordinary. For people who want to have a more toned-down life at the same time as living in a vibrant and interesting town, then Bath is the perfect solution.

If this all sounds like something for you then it’s time to start planning and working towards your relocation goal. Start by seeing what you would need to change by moving out of London. It might be changing schools or colleges for the children, so you’ll need to do some specific research on schools in the area to make sure you find the ideal replacement, well in advance of your move. It’s also essential to work out what your commute will be and if it’s feasible to work in Bath in relation to your job.

It’s advisable to visit Bath as much as you can, making a point of trying a new way to get between London and Bath so you can compare the routes and modes of transport. The great thing about London is its fantastic transport links to the rest of the country, and it typically takes just over an hour to commute between Bath and London.

The more research you do the better prepared you’ll be, and once you’ve found a suitable house in Bath and you’re ready to make an offer. The date for your relocation is set and it’s now time to contact Bath’s favourite removals and storage company, Thomas Firbank.

Thomas Firbank has made its reputation by providing a high level of customer service. Our customers often return to use us and we also receive a lot of referrals made by satisfied customers to their friends and family. We operate all over Somerset and its surrounding counties, and we’ve helped many customers relocate from London to Bath.

We have a variety of vehicles for any sized move and we are also able to relocate entire offices and other business premises. Our team is always on hand to offer sound advice to assist with your requirements, and if you find that there’s a gap in the dates of your relocation, we can accommodate your possessions with our storage packages.

If you’ve decided that it’s time for a new chapter in your life and you like what you’ve heard about Bath then it’s time to get planning, and in no time, you’ll be ready to contact Thomas Firbank to book your relocation.

Contact us today to speak to Bath’s favourite removals and storage provider.