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Relocating to a town near to Bath Somerset.

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Relocating to a town near to Bath Somerset.

Bath is a wonderful place to live, and it’s attracting a lot of Londoners who are searching for a better quality of life. The city of Bath is a beautiful place, full of historical and culturally significant sites. There’s lots of entertainment and great places to eat and drink. Additionally, there are lots of outdoor activities and walking routes. It stands out as somewhere that offers a lot of things to do, in a stunning setting with lots of green spaces.

For some people, Bath might still be a bit too busy and they’d like to live near it, just not in the city. Luckily Thomas Firbank has an intimate knowledge of the best towns close to bath. Here are our top 5 local towns near Bath.

Thomas Firbank Top 5 Towns and villages Near Bath –

Batheaston – a quaint village two miles east of Bath, Batheaston is on the north bank of the River Avon and has all the charm and green spaces you’d expect from an English village. We’d recommend it to people who are looking for a peaceful setting.

Larkhall – is a busy little village situated north east of Bath. It has a leisure centre and a small theatre, as well as local shops and places to eat and drink. It’s still much quieter than Bath so it would appeal to people who want a few more local amenities and a slower pace than Bath.

Landsdown – we’re heading further north here, just over four miles away from Bath. Landsdown has famous landmarks – Landsdown Hill is home to Beckford’s Tower and Sir Grenville’s Monument, adding to the village’s historical importance. It’s a medium-sized village surrounded by lots of green spaces.

Combe Down – just 1 ½ miles to the south of Bath, Combe Down is where a lot of people go for the famous Bath Skyline trails. The south of the village offers more spectacular views of the Midford Valley. If you’re keen on the outdoors and are looking for scenic views on the doorstep, Combe Down is the perfect place

Newbridge – Newbridge is situated on the west edge of Bath and its famous bridge that runs over the River Avon. It’s an attractive place for people with young families and has an excellent network of schools.

A Better Quality of Life –

One of the most common reasons for relocating to Somerset is a better quality of life. The slower pace, the reduction in traffic and inner-city noise. Less pollution and cleaner air. Reduced congestion and the constant sound of sirens and the bustle of activity. As previously mentioned, even Bath is too busy for some people, and the lure of a small town or village is what they’re hoping to find.

A better quality of life leads to a longer life. It makes sense that less pollution and noise would reduce the risk of ailments and anxiety. As a result, Somerset has one of the highest average life expectancies and always rates at the top of favourite places to live polls.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Favourite Movers –

Another plus point is the value for money. A lot of ex-Londoners sell up their luxury apartments and can buy a detached house in Somerset. They can trade in the balcony for an entire garden!

If like the places on our list the next step is to start planning. Part of this is to find a reputable removals company. The best choice for people who are relocating to Bath or nearby is Thomas Firbank.

At Thomas Firbank, we have a team of dedicated removals experts who move people from London to Bath every week. It’s not easy to up and move to a new area, that’s why we’re here for our customers every step of the way. Even if you’re still at the planning stage of your move, contact us now. We’re more than happy to discuss your proposed move with you.

Thomas Firbank covers the whole of Somerset and Wiltshire. Because we’re not based in London, you’ll get a much better price. Our team can take on any sized move. We have all the rights tools and equipment to get the job done.

Contact us today to discuss your relocation to Bath and the surrounding areas in Somerset.