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Services for Start-Up Entrepreneurs in Bath

Posted on June 1, 2020 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Services for Start-Up Entrepreneurs in Bath

As we begin to emerge from the lockdown period, lots of people in Bath and around the UK will be thinking about the way they live and work in a different light. Like many of us, you might find yourself in a position where your job doesn’t seem like a good fit anymore, and it took a significant shock to realise it. Worse still, many people will be facing up to the reality of struggling to keep their job or have lost it already.

It’s now more important than ever to start looking at your options and making a plan to follow another path. And for any would-be entrepreneurs in Bath and Somerset, you’re in an excellent place to create your own start-up enterprise or small business.

Bath – The Perfect Environment for a Start-Up –

New companies need to operate in a thriving business environment that has everything they need nearby. That includes suppliers all the way through to customers, or at least a way of connecting to them. Luckily for any prospective entrepreneurs in Bath, there is a strong link between local business and consumers. Residents make a point of shopping local and promoting Bath’s business community.

This leads to a proactive market that would be sufficient on its own merits. However, when you couple this with the booming tourism sector that sees tens of thousands of people visit every year, you end up with a remarkable success story. Moreover, Bath’s welcoming attitude to guests creates a positive experience that both visitors and Bathonian’s benefit from.

Regardless of what sector you begin an enterprise in, this is the ideal environment for starting a business. Research is key to doing so within a manageable budget, and it’s crucial that you don’t over-extend yourself in the first year of trading. Partnering with business-friendly companies is a must to lower your costs while building up your experience and customer base.

That’s where Thomas Firbank comes in as your number one company to partner with. We’re champions of start-ups and new businesses, helping hundreds of people realise their entrepreneurial dreams every year. Our range of services are ideal for your start-up, and it’s possible to create your own company or sole proprietor operation without having a lot of investment capital.

Using Man & Van for Local Distribution –

Lots of start-ups and SMEs need a vehicle for collecting and delivering packages to customers. However, buying a van or car isn’t cheap and can put a strain on your finances. Similarly, using a courier company will increase your expenses, especially if a large part of your daily operations has a distribution element.

Thomas Firbank has several business clients who use us for local and national distribution, and we have affordable options. Our Man & Van service is ideal for this purpose, making local logistics for collections and/or deliveries a simple task. We always assign two team members to handle goods or equipment. Every member of the Thomas Firbank team has expert handling and packing skills.

We always strive to provide value for money to ensure we can offer our services to new and smaller enterprises. Everything you entrust into our care will only be handled by experts to reduce any issues with damage or breakages while loading or unpacking. Additionally, our team know exactly how to arrange everything in our vehicle to avoid any objects making contact during transit.

Ultimately, using Thomas Firbank’s man with a van service will mean you don’t have to buy or lease a vehicle. You’ll have to crunch the numbers before making any decisions, but in most cases, this will save you money. You can go one further by streamlining this service with a self storage unit to improve your efficiency.

Running Everything from a Self Storage Unit –

Thomas Firbank’s business self storage package is the ideal add-on service for people who use our man with a van service for local distribution. And one of the key aspects of why this is ideal for start-ups who undertake collections and deliveries is the ease of access. We have drive-up self storage units available which make it efficient and straightforward to load and unpack. This provides you with a quick turnaround for getting things out of your unit and on the way to their destination.

It’s possible to run the whole operation from a unit, and it’s a growing trend in the start-up community to use a self storage unit as an alternative workspace. It’s easy to set up and will undoubtedly reduce costs by avoiding an expensive monthly commercial rental bill. From prices starting from £15 per week, you stand to save a small fortune by trying this option. Moreover, you can rent more than one unit and have a dedicated space for admin and another for stock and equipment.

Thomas Firbank’s self storage units have environmental controls which include full insulation to prevent moisture and condensation from occurring. This gives you the peace of mind that everything that goes into your unit will remain in the same condition when it’s taken out. And we’ll also provide you with further advice on how to prepare items for storage.

Full Office Removals When It’s Time to Upgrade –

Fast-forward a year or two down the line; you’ll probably want to start making some investments in your enterprise. Using a self storage unit as an alternative workspace is a savvy decision that can save you thousands per year. Still, it’s unlikely to fulfil your company’s needs once you begin to experience growth. That’s when you’ll need to look into renting a commercial property.

The Thomas Firbank approach is to use strategy and assessment to devise a relocation (including IT migration) that aims to reduce downtime. We’ll assign an experienced business move manager to oversee the entire relocation. They’ll work with you and your staff to devise the perfect office relocation for your needs. And you’ll have a direct line of contact with them throughout your move.

Once you confirm your office removals job with us, we’ll timetable and schedule every stage in advance. Your office move manager will keep everyone in the loop with updates. We’ll look after all the health and safety issues and prepare briefing documents so that everything runs smoothly. We’re able to move you over the weekend or overnight to help reduce downtime and have your systems up and running straight away.

Our IT experts come with up-to-date training and all the latest handling equipment. Their decommissioning and recommissioning techniques ensure that everything works the way it should when you arrive at your new office. Furthermore, we offer support once the move is over to ensure that everything is working correctly. This aftercare service can provide you with assistance, as well as tips on best practice going forward.

Bath’s Ethos of Buying Local and Supporting Our Business Community –

The ethos of buying local is something that people in Bath live by, and one of the advantages is the quality of goods and services is usually much better. Not only that, but it also contributes to the city’s economy, which is a vital part of growth and sustainability. Every time you buy goods from a local company, you’re helping to provide jobs for their employees. And the cycle of positive action from using local companies continues from every person that benefits.

Another advantage of buying from a local independent business is the quality of service. At times, buying from larger stores or brands can be less expensive, but there can also be a lack of direct contact. If you have a problem with a specific item you bought that was on sale, you might not get much other than store credit. However, if you were to purchase something from a local store, you can speak directly to the person you bought the goods from and are likely to get a better level of customer service.

It’s the interaction between customer and seller that helps local businesses. They want you to shop with them and become loyal customers, so they go the extra mile to ensure they produce or promote stock of the highest quality. Their customer care is also much higher, as they want to provide a service they would want to receive. And often, they’re also customers of local independent businesses, which leads us back to the cycle of positive action.

Partner with Bath’s Favourite Removal and Storage Company –

Thomas Firbank has the most extensive storage facility in the area, with sixteen new self storage units on offer. Our security measures ensure that there is only one way to enter and exit the site. With everything being captured on state-of-the-art CCTV equipment. Our storage packages are suitable for domestic and business customers.

The Thomas Firbank team have been providing removals and storage in Bath for twenty years. Moreover, we call Bath our home, and we believe in providing the highest level of customer service. We cover the whole of Somerset and Wiltshire. Our team can store any number of items, and we have all the right tools and equipment to get the job done.

By partnering with Thomas Firbank, you can turn your dreams of being a self-made entrepreneur into reality. We have the right removals and storage services to help any new enterprise store and send out orders to customers and associate companies. What’s more, you can begin a start-up without having lots of money to invest.

Thomas Firbank – Helping Start-up Entrepreneurs Succeed in Bath –

Thomas Firbank works with thousands of business customers every year, and we understand how things work for start-ups and new SMEs. At one time, we were that small business. The reason we’re now Bath’s favourite removals and storage company is by providing the highest standard of service possible for every job we sign up for.

Thomas Firbank and start-up entrepreneurs share something in common, and that’s the drive for the attaining complete customer satisfaction. Customer service is paramount to us and will no doubt be your company’s mantra as well. That’s because we all want to see the same first-time customer return to use our company in the future. And that can only be done by providing an excellent service.

If you want to know more about how our removals and storage packages can help you start your own business, please contact us today. This could be the catalyst to kickstart your new business in Bath.