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Fine Art & Antique Relocation

Specialist experience you can trust

Thomas Firbank Removals has over 20 years of experience with the removal and delivery of antiquities and works of art. Whether your needs are home or business removals, we can accommodate small or larger scale removals, ensuring that every item is safe and secure during the relocation.

Safe transportation

To ensure the safe transport of precious items, we can tailor-make specialist packaging for individual pieces. Our removal experts are specifically qualified to handle delicate goods.

Whether you need to deliver a whole exhibition’s worth of art to a gallery in London, or you need to collect a van-full of new additions from your local auction house, we can provide you with the service and transport you need to complete the task.

Over the last 20 years we have helped many clients relocate with their valuable art, antique furniture, and musical instruments, giving you the peace of mind that has been established from handling and safely transporting valuable and delicate items.

Free quotation and insurance options

A free quote is available for the removal of the smallest painting to the largest piece of furniture. You can go online or contact us directly. We can arrange a face to face meeting to assess your removal and to create a direct point of contact.

Every removal that we carry out is covered by comprehensive insurance. All insurance costs and VAT will be outlined in your quotation, so that you know from the outset exactly how much your removal is going to cost you.

At Thomas Firbank we take pride in our ability to safely pack and remove delicate items; we treat every job with the same individual care and attention that you attribute to your possessions. We have a range of other services that can help with storage and other related needs.