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When you’re moving offices or commercial premises of any kind, the looming fear is that there’ll be a downturn or even a  complete hiatus in productivity. And then there’s the stress. That’s why Thomas Firbank Removals prioritise the elimination of both those worries. Using forethought, strategy, and careful listening to our clients, we devise a move (including smooth and safe IT migration) that keeps your business firing on all cylinders. We’ll assign you a trained, experienced move manager who’ll work with you and your staff to ensure an office move that doesn’t damage your company’s fortunes.

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Efficiency and seamlessness are among the assets we’ll bring to your move. We’ll carefully timetable and schedule every stage and keep you and your team apprised of all developments, with good, uncluttered lines of communication. We’ll look after Heath and Safety issues and prepare briefing documents so that, come moving day, it goes like clockwork. We’re able to move you over the weekend or overnight so that your personnel leave one fully functioning office and move straight to another, with no time lost. Although we have decades of experience in the Bath and Somerset areas, we’re part of the Master Removers Group, which means our reach extends throughout the country and overseas.

For the delicate matter of IT relocation, we make sure that our IT experts come with up-to-date training and all the latest handling equipment. Their decommissioning and recommissioning techniques ensure that everything works the way it should when you arrive at your new office.

We can keep supporting you once the move is over, with telephone and face-to-face aftercare, making sure everything’s OK in the immediate days and weeks following your relocation.


Thomas Firbank office moves come with decades of hard-won experience and a degree of expertise that can only be acquired with time. The most important thing is that we make sure we’ve assessed your business… how it works, what it does. Only by listening to you can we make sure our move supports rather than damages your company’s productivity. We also assure you up-front that everything – furniture, computers, work stations, documents, files, IT – will reach your new premises without incurring any damage and that you’ll be able to operate at full speed from the very first day in your new place.


We’re used to all sizes of business moves and have the necessary expertise to handle them all. Whether you’re a small startup or a bustling multi-national, we can move you safely and swiftly. We’ll have you up and running as soon as you walk into your new office, whether it’s a replica of your old one or a newly refurbished and designed space. We’ll also take care of relationships with contractors for the duration of the move so that you can conserve your energy for work. Every bit of planning, including consultancy work, site management, budget control, can be left to us.


Your move manager won’t just be arbitrarily assigned; he or she will be the right person for your particular move. By assigning you your move manager, we ensure that you have a central point of contact who can help with anything and everything. It keeps the lines of communication streamlined and diminishes the room for error and confusion. With other companies, you can end up juggling multiple telephone numbers; inevitably, things go awry when these various parties fail to keep each other apprised of updates. Something goes wrong and there’s a hold-up and it’s the client who suffers because of it. We make sure you only have to liaise with your move manager and no one else.


Nighttime and weekend moves, both of which we offer, ensure that your company doesn’t suffer from an excess of down-time. In fact, you and your team can leave your old office at the end of the week and come straight into a sparkling new one on Monday that’s all ready and set to go. Your Bath/Somerset relocation needn’t cause your business to slow down one iota when you do it with Thomas Firbank Removals.


By no means is moving day the end of our involvement. We’re here to support you in the days and weeks beyond. Whether you need support on the phone to get you over a hiccup or you need additional help with IT, workstations or office furniture, just get in touch. And more than that, we can help you with repairs, recycling, additional refurbishment, storage both short- and long-term, and a file/document management service that really frees up space in your new office. Every service is designed to maximise the efficiency and success of your business.


In the event that you find a less expensive quotation from another company, just let us know and we’ll try to match or beat it.


Thomas Firbank’s storage and inventory-management services are great add-ons to a successful move. We handle every type of storage imaginable for our Bath and Somerset clients. We maintain clean, fire-proof, fully secure storage facilities. With constant CCTV and an inventory-management system that means your goods can be identified and retrieved in a trice, our storage suits short- and long-term use.

We run purpose-built, ultra-dry, ultra-clean facilities, handling fine art, furniture and other climate-sensitive goods. We know how to keep it all safe and its condition won’t deteriorate under our roof. Our Redcare security programs are the very latest. Coupled with unbeatable intruder alarms, they keep your goods free from harm. Add to that, fire-prevention, guarded entrances and surveillance, and you have storage that’s far from average. We use wooden containers that have been approved by experts and storage professionals. They all agree that they are the best protections from perils such as condensation, meaning your belongings and equipment stay in good condition throughout their time with us. Our units come in an array of sizes. With some as tall as nine feet, even the most unwieldy of goods is good with us.


We’ve come up with the kind of self-storage that’s worth talking about. It can be used as an augmentation of your office. You get peace of mind, unrestricted access to your stock and lots of flexibility. We have experts at hand who can take a look at your business plans and forecasted growth and then steer you towards the self-storage option that’s most likely to support you and your company.


Thomas Firbanks’ IT specialists are great at working directly with your own IT team, to ensure that a successful tech relocation can occur, with everyone satisfied and reassured. We know that IT infrastructure is delicate and complex and prone to mismanaged relocation in the wrong hands. We’re different. From the way we pack and prepare your hardware for its move to the way we prioritise safety and security, you’ll be happy you chose us. We can also clean equipment while its temporarily unused. We can undertake portable appliance testing (PAT testing) and our decommissioning/recommissioning is overseen by thoroughly trained experts. No job is too simple or too complex; whether you just have a couple of straightforward desktop relocations or a much more convoluted setup involving multiple computer and server rooms, we’ve done it before and we’re ready to do it again.


All kinds of office moves have been handled by the Thomas Firbank office removals team, with clients ranging from small businesses to multi-national corporations. Whether you want your new office to closely resemble elements of your former one or you need a whole new layout, we can get it done without causing your company any unwanted slow-downs. We can take on any aspect of the move you like, including managing your relationships with contractors, plus budget-control, site-management and much, much more.


The Thomas Firbank IT specialists have been working with companies throughout Bath and Somerset, collaborating with their IT staff so that tech migration always goes as well and as efficiently as every other part of an office move. We know how a careless IT relocation can bring a business to its knees. We expend every last bit of diligence and forethought, from the manner in which we pack and prep your hardware for its journey to the way we never let safety and security slip down our list of priorities. We can also clean your IT equipment at your request and carry out PAT testing (portable appliance testing).


Businesses have been using Thomas Firbank’s secure storage, with its exceptional inventory management system, for years. We’re one of Bath and Somerset’s best loved storage companies, satisfying every type of storage need. With safe, secure, clean, alarmed, fireproof and flawlessly organised storage facilities, we provide both long- and short-term options. 24/7 CCTV and a system that lets us quickly find and retrieve anything you’ve stored with us, we’re ready for every storage eventuality.


If you’re moving within a building, let Thomas Firbank help you make it much easier. All the consideration and attention to detail that we bring to longer-distance moves is on offer for your internal office move. From large, international companies to small businesses, we’ve helped them all with internal moves and we can help you, too.