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Students Applying for University – Our List of Why You Should Choose Bath

Posted on August 22, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Students Applying for University – Our List of Why You Should Choose Bath

For students who are just about to start the final year of A-levels or HE course, it pays to think ahead.What do you want to do after you leave school or college? For many people, the final year offers a route to a three or four-year university course. Although your immediate focus needs to be on this momentous year, you should also start thinking about where you want to do your studies.

If you’re trying to find a suitable place to learn and enjoy your time at university, Bath should be at the top of your list. Bath is one of the UK’s best places to study and live, with thousands of students relocating here. You won’t find a more unique or beautiful city to undertake your studies in. So, if you’re looking for university open days this term, here are some excellent reason why you should choose Bath.

Five Reasons Why Bath is the Ideal University Destination –

Two Excellent Universities– the minimum requirement you need is somewhere to study. Luckily for Bath, we have two top-class higher education institutions in our city. Both offer various subjects and courses that cover just about every degree option. They’re progressive, reputable universities and both play an integral part of what makes Bath an excellent place to live.

Unesco World Heritage Site– yes, you read that correctly. Bath has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the only city in the UK to be given this status. With large sections of Bath being built with iconic Bath Stone, the city, its buildings and historical sites make this an inspiring and unique place to study.

Shopping, Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife– Bath has an excellent range of shops which includes many independent retail shops. There are plenty of local stores as well as top high street brands for you and your NUS card. You will find an excellent selection of places to eat within your budget, and the more expensive ones your parents can treat you to when they visit. Bath has excellent nightlife – with clubs like Komedia, Second Bridge and many more.

Bath Skyline Walk– the Bath Skyline Walk is one of the UK’s most renowned trails that thousands of people undertake every year. It takes you from the vibrancy of the city to what seems like another planet. The six-mile footpaths take you through an array of different sites and views of Bath. If you want a truly stunning view of Bath, the panoramic views that Alexandra Park offers. You won’t find better places to see every part of Bath this winter.

Events and Festivals– Bath is a place that always has something to look forward to. With music festivals to literary events, Bath has something for everyone. The arts and culture hold a lot of sway in these parts, but what’s great about Bath is it’s inclusive and not pretentious. And festivals are happening all year round! You just have to be on the ball and save some dates on Google Calendar.

Removals and Student Storage in Bath with Thomas Firbank –

The Thomas Firbankteam always encourage our customers to give us feedback on our services. By doing this, we’re able to see if there are any new packages or services we should create. And it also gives us the opportunity to hone our performance, so we can successfully meet our customer’s needs.

Every removals job we agree to bring new challenges and requires attention to detail. We assess everything thoroughly so that we can suggest the correct removal servicefor our customers. And for students, we always ensure that we can reduce costs as much as possible.

Thomas Firbank has a brand-new Student Storageservice that starts from £1 per week for a storage box, as well as £1 for every oversized item. The package is ideal for people who need to put their possessions into storage while they return home between semesters.

Thomas Firbank has the best storage facilitiesin Bath. We work with customers from every part of Somerset and the surrounding areas. We are a member company of the Master Removers Group, which is a network of removals and storage providers who have an excellent track record of customer service.

Thomas Firbank – We’re Number One for Student Removals and Storage –

Thomas Firbankworks with thousands of students from both universities every year. We understand what students budget priorities are, which is why we work hard to offer low prices. Our team knows that it’s difficult to make a student loan payment stretch the who semester. One of our primary goals is to make removalsand storageas inclusive as possible.

Thomas Firbank makes regular visits to the University of Bath and Bath Spa University when we collect student boxes. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with both institutions, and we have a lot of students as customers from both.

Thomas Firbank has a range of removals and storage options to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re moving to Bath from another part of the UK, we can arrange to collect you from your home city or town. The Master Removers Group form strategic points for removals and storage throughout the UK.

We hope that you work hard and enjoy your final year of preliminary higher education. And when it comes time to submit your university choices to UCAS, make sure Bath is your number one choice. Contact ustoday, and we’ll guide you through our student-friendly services.