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Adapting Your Home to Become Eco-friendlier in Bath

Posted on August 26, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Adapting Your Home to Become Eco-friendlier in Bath

Until recently, going green was once something that people didn’t take too seriously.  But things are changing now, and people are starting to pay more attention. Even for cities like Bath that doesn’t have the same pollution levels as London, carbon emissions are an issue that we can no longer ignore. The best thing about the rise in awareness of being eco-friendlier is we can all do our part, starting today.

At Thomas Firbank, we take our company’s impact on the environment seriously. We recycle and reuse materials whenever possible. We’re part of the wider Bath community, both as a business and residents, and it’s within all our interests to reduce our carbon impact. To give our followers a helping hand, here are some easy suggestions on how you can make your home an eco-friendly zone.

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