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Advice on Buying a Holiday Home in and Around Bath

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Adapting Your Home to Become Eco-friendlier in Bath

Although it might seem like a fantasy to consider owning a holiday home, it’s possible to make it a reality that represents a sound investment. And from talking to some of our customers who have done this, there is no better way to wind down after a busy week at work. Essentially, you’ll need to look at various locations when choosing to buy your home away from home. And there is one city and the surrounding area that requires your full attention, and that’s Bath and Somerset.

This UNESCO Heritage Site city has a lot going for it. This includes unforgettable skyline walks, some of England’s best restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and a lot of culture to go around. Bath is a beautiful place, but there are also several smaller villages surrounding the city and market towns within a ten-mile distance. Many people want to have the quaint setting of a village or a quieter town while enjoying the benefits of living near a city like Bath. The Thomas Firbank team are admittedly biased in our statement that Bath is the best place for your holiday home.

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