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The Benefits of our Bath Man & Van and Storage for Landlords in Bath

Posted on October 8, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
The Benefits of our Bath Man & Van and Storage for Landlords in Bath

Running a successful business can often be a balancing act of keeping overheads low to help your chances of growth.It’s also a lot to do with your location – and many companies in Bath thrive because of the positive business environment. Some businesses take time to break into, and others that have a readymade market. And one of the sectors which favour new entrants is the rental and housing market.

The job of a landlord never seems to be done, but it’s also relatively simple to set-up your own enterprise. Although it sounds reductive – all you need to start off with is a spare house or apartment. It helps if you have trade experience, but a lot of the basic duties are about elbow grease and getting stuck in. And for new or existing landlords in Bath – you won’t find a better company to pair up with than Thomas Firbank.

How M&V Can Help Landlords in Bath –

Many of our current landlord and property related clients find our Man & Van service useful. It helps people who don’t have a vehicle and would prefer to wait to invest in one later. It makes sense to use this money for other things, especially if it goes some way to investing in a second property. You can put buying a vehicle on the backburner until you find it’s necessary to have one full-time.

You can use a man and van service for all your collections and deliveries of furniture and tools. And when you book with us, you get the use of two Thomas Firbank team members for the lifting and removing duties. This will save you time and effort, in addition to holding off on employing a second person for labour purposes.

Thomas Firbank’s Man & Van service is affordable and efficient. We always turn up early and complete the job on time. The smaller vehicles are ideal for loading and unpacking without causing any issues with residents or creating congestion for local businesses.

Storage Can Be Your Workspace –

Another thing that many landlords don’t have is a dedicated workspace. Many use their own garages and backyards, with is a less than ideal way to run a business. Not to mention the inconvenience it causes you. It’s essential to separate work and home life as much as possible, so a workspace for your rental enterprise is a necessity.

Rather than stumping up the expensive monthly commercial rental costs, you can consider alternative ways to store furniture and equipment. Storage offers an affordable and suitable place to keep your items safe from theft or damage. There is no long-term contract or lease – you can keep your unit for as long as you need to.

You can also have a desk in your unit to do admin and paperwork. If you split the unit in two – you have yourself an affordable and flexible space for your landlord business. And if you find that you need a larger unit, no problem. We’re happy to upgrade you or downsize, should your needs change.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Number One Company for Business –

Thomas Firbank caters for hundreds of domestic and business customers every month. We value each person and company we work with, on the understanding that everyone has different requirements. We’re confident that we have the right removals and storage service for your company.

Customer service is our number one priority, and it influences everything we do as a company. Every package or service we create and offer is done with the customer in mind. There is nothing more rewarding than helping our customers start their own business. That’s why we have a large group of loyal customers who continue to work with us for many years.

At Thomas Firbank, we’re here to help new and existing landlords keep costs down and help grow their business. It’s possible to make your rental enterprise a success by partnering with us for your removals and storage needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable removals and storage company, you’ll find everything you need at Thomas Firbank. Contact us today, and we’ll talk you through our range of business services.