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The Best Time Of The Year To Move In Bath

Posted on January 22, 2021 by Thomas Firbank Removals
The Best Time Of The Year To Move In Bath

Have you looked on longingly as friends of yours leave major urban centres, such as London, and join the covid exodus to the countryside, smaller cities, towns and villages? Youre not alone. The series of lockdowns has made a lot of us reconsider our living spaces and suddenly all the positives of living in the capital (or similar) have turned into drawbacks. The lure of smaller cities has become more and more pronounced with Bath, and its beautiful Georgian architecture, foremost among them. Bath has the benefits of a smaller city, because of its a manageable size, but a lot of the advantages of a bit city – its cosmopolitan, full of life, and rich in culture. It also has a excellent reputation for its schools. But, as with any move, theres a number of considerations to work through before you take the plunge.

When Should I Move To Bath and Why?

Choosing the time of year for your move isnt a simple right/wrong choice. It depends on your circumstances. If youre young and/or single, with no dependants, then theres really no wrong time and your decision should be based on a) what your estate agent tells you about the seasonal ups and downs of the housing market and b) whether you can tolerate a move during the coldest or most sweltering months. May to September will generally see the greatest influx of new residents but that means there could be savings to be made by moving during the off-peak months. If you have children, youll probably opt for July/August, so that your move doesnt disrupt the academic year and your children can be settled in new schools at the outset of the autumn/winter term.

Whats It Like To Live In Bath?

Bath is technically a city, yes, but because its compact it means that youre never far from the centre, whether by foot or car. After somewhere like London, youll almost certainly find it hillier, but you can turn that to your advantage if it forms part of your fitness plan. The countryside of North East Somerset is never far, so you have the best of both worlds; a truly urban living experience with wilderness and greenery just a jump or two from your doorstep. The cultural aspects of the city need little introduction, whether its the exquisitely preserved Roman baths or the beautiful Bath Abbey. And theres a soft, honey-coloured quality to much of the architecture that is immensely soothing to the eye.

Choosing Your Moving Company in Bath

Thomas Firbanks is one of Baths most popular moving and storage companies. Thats why we get overwhelmingly positive reviews and a healthy TrustPilot rating of almost 5. Of course, every Bath removals company can tell you its the best; thats why the right procedure is to get a number of quotations and then make your decision based on reputation, reviews, friendsrecommendations, ratings and cost. It doesnt take long to get free quotations. You should also determine what additional services each company provides. Some of them may well complement your move and make it easier.

Self Storage When Youre Moving To Bath

Self storage can be a godsend when youre moving house. Downsizers will need somewhere to park excess belongings so that they can get on with their move and then go through their surplus goods afterwards. Others will need to leave their old house before their new one is ready, renting a small place to tide themselves over. During that period, storage is vital, especially if your temporary rental is already furnished. Thomas Firbank can store all your possessions so that when youre ready to move, your worldly goods are already in Bath.

What Type of Bath Storage is Best?

Self storage gives you quick, easy, plentiful access to your belongings, usually without having to have any interaction with your storage company. You just turn up at your self storage unit and retrieve whatever item you want (or place additional items in the unit). Its the slightly pricier option but what it gives you in flexibility and access is often worth it. Container storage gives you more space for your money but your access will be limited and has to be arranged by contacting the storage company; they will need to locate and retrieve your container you cant do it yourself. Both types of storage can suit long- and short-term needs. Self storage units often have additional purposes – businesses can use them for stock management and some self storage companies offer document archiving and other complementary storage services.

Online Reviews and Better Customer Service

We read everything our customers write, whether thats their online reviews or their direct feedback to us. Just because the reviews we get are usually glowing, doesnt mean we dont want to keep getting better. Your reviews illuminate areas where theres room for improvement and help us develop new ideas.

Baths Best Removals and Storage Company

Thomas Firbank has frequently been call Baths best when it comes to moving house and storage services. We have first-hand knowledge of the city and the surrounding county, helping us chart the best A to B route for your move. We make it a point of honour to listen to our customers so that the moving plan we devise is precisely tailored to their needs.