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Thomas Firbank – a Proud Member of the Master Removers Group

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Thomas Firbank – a Proud Member of the Master Removers Group

Bath is one of the most popular destinations for people who relocate from places like London. Although Bath is a vibrant and exciting place to live, it also offers a quieter pace than most major cities. It has character and culture by the bucketload. And as residents of this beautiful city, the Thomas Firbank team can confirm that there indeed is nowhere like it.

Thomas Firbank moves thousands of people into Bath every year, and we retain a loyal customer base. The reason behind this is our attention to detail and high level of customer service. Accreditation and affiliation are crucial to maintaining the high quality of service. We not only meet the BAR standards, but we are also part of an elite collective of removals companies called the Master Removers Group.

Choose a Master Removers Group Company for the Best Service –

As you would expect, there are strict guidelines that all Master Removers Group members must abide by. And before it’s possible to join, each company must attain certain levels of service. One of the most important stipulations to receive an invite into this elite network of companies is an impeccable local reputation. In a nutshell – you must be the best removals service in the areas you operate in.

It’s not always clear what constitutes the highest standard of customer service. For a Master Removers Group company, every aspect of removals needs to go above and beyond standard service. It means being able to undertake any removals and storage job without question and completing on time.

Each Master Removals Group member make their reviews and customer testimonials easy to find. It’s a requirement that any potential customers can get an accurate perspective of any company before they book them. The option to leave a review is just as important to us. Feedback from our customers helps us to improve our service and see if we need to create any new packages.

Another favourable reason for choosing a Master Removers Company is the network of companies available. Because it’s a collective group, we can reduce costs with an economy of scale. Each company acts as a link between various destinations in the UK and overseas. No matter where you’re moving to, we can use this network to get your items to your new home in perfect condition.

Why Bath is the Number One Destination for People Leaving London –

Although a lot of people who leave London are looking for a change in life, many find it difficult to adapt to their new surroundings. Many go back to the capital because they can’t adjust to the slower pace. However, for those who choose wisely and relocate to Bath, the exact opposite happens.

That’s because Bath has a lot to offer city-dwellers, while also capturing the rich heritage and culture that Bath provides. Bath has some of the best restaurants in the UK. There is plenty of bars and places to enjoy a drink and a night out. And the shopping in Bath easily rivals the finest stores in London.

And there is one thing London can’t compete with. Bath has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the only city in the UK to be given this status. If you’re an armchair historian, then you’ll be enthralled by the city’s architecture. With large sections of Bath being built with the iconic Bath Stone, the city, its buildings and famous sites will immerse you in history.

Bath is enjoying a property price boom that shows no signs of slowing down. Although there is usually cause for concern, all indications from leading experts suggest otherwise. The gradual increase in property prices in Bath should continue if the trend remains continuous and stable. That means a big plus for anyone who wants to protect their savings in the Bath housing market.

Another advantage for people who plan on trading in London for Bath is the value for money you’ll get in the housing market. For the same amount, you would pay for a basic apartment in London you would be able to get a three or four-bed house in Bath.

You can read more about moving to Bath on the master removers website masterremovers.co.uk/thinking-moving-to-bath/

Thomas Firbank – Customer Service is Our Number One Priority –

Thomas Firbank is Bath’s number one company for removals and storage. Our number one priority is to provide the best customer service possible, in addition to charging affordable rates. The Thomas Firbank team have been providing removals in Bath for twenty years.

At Thomas Firbank, we believe in paying attention to the small details. Our team have years of experience when it comes to removals and storage. And one aspect that’s crucial to us is packing each van properly.  It’s vital that this isn’t overlooked as it could prevent damage to your possessions.

Thomas Firbank relocates hundreds of people every year, many of them head to Bath in search of a better quality of life. We like to build relationships with our customers to that they use our company for future moves or storage. The only way to do it is to provide the highest level of customer service. For this reason, we not only get repeat customers, they often refer us to friends and family.

The Thomas Firbank team are confident that everyone can find something to love in Bath. And if you need to, it’s possible to commute between the two cities by train for work or leisure. You can have the best of both worlds, and Bath is a much better place to raise a family and retire.

If you’re thinking of leaving London for a new way of life, then contact us today and book with a Master Removers Group company.