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Tips on Organising a Last-Minute Relocation in Bath

Posted on September 28, 2021 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Tips on Organising a Last-Minute Relocation in Bath

Moving to a new home can be challenging and tends to have one person doing most of the organisational duties. This is true for all types of moves, both for domestic and business reasons. It takes a balancing act where you are also catering to the needs of your family and work demands. But what happens if you need to move much earlier due to an unforeseen issue?

You’ll need to find a moving company that accepts last-minute removals jobs, and Thomas Firbank fits this description. We’ll assess the situation straight away and advise the best course of action. We have a range of services that adapt to handle emergencies. This blog will go through the last-minute moving process to ensure you feel confident this won’t cause any significant problems.

A Five-Part Plan for Emergency Moves –

First of all, while emergency relocations are rare, it’s prudent to stay ahead of any potential issues. Contingency plans can give confidence that you have some backup in waiting if a problem arises. Then, it’s a case of contacting a reliable removals company like Thomas Firbank. With that in mind, this is our five-point step:

  • Reliable removals company.
  • Last-minute moving checklist.
  • Declutter and reduce.
  • Quotes for self storage.
  • Prepare for the moving day.

By following this list, you’ll be heading in the right direction when it comes to sorting out a last-minute relocation. Plus, we’ll give you some other pointers and assistance when dealing with a crisis. The planning stages are vital to success, even in these scenarios. Let’s look at what our specific role is when it comes to emergency relocations.

One: Finding a Reliable Removals Company –

This is where some movers come unstuck when they go into panic mode. They look for a bargain without understanding the implications it might cause. It’s possible to receive good value and excellent customer service, even when you’re in a difficult situation that requires an immediate solution. But there’s a need for balance, and you still have time to find it.

That’s why it’s essential to quiz prospective moving companies about what sort of service they’re likely to provide you with. The initial thing you should do is seek at least three separate quotes. Also, gauge how they greet you – this is usually a sign if they’re positive and helpful. Providing you with a free quotation is the baseline of customer service, and it must have no obligation or pressure to book.

Then it’s a case of cross-referencing against their online reviews and seeing which comes out in top position. Google Reviews and Trustpilot are credible sources for gathering this information. Remember to read a selection of previous customer testimonials to see what sort of service they received. Combine all this information, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision. And it’s possible to do this quickly for emergencies.

Two: Create a Last-Minute Moving Checklist –

Let’s discuss the importance of oversight when it comes to organising and staying on track during your move. Even for relocations where you have plenty of time, it’s easy to lose focus as you edge closer to the moving day. This increases tenfold for last-minute scenarios where time is a luxury you don’t have. People often think they need to jump several stages due to time constraints.

It’s true that you’ll need to adapt things a lot because time is against us and adding further delays would be unthinkable. But that doesn’t mean you can cut corners and act in haste. A reliable removals provider will still go through the same process of assessment and evaluation. It’s more a case of speeding things up rather than doing away with part of the moving process.

A moving checklist is your central document that will outline and note the entirety of your relocation. You’ll refer back to it throughout the move, ticking off things as you go. Your list should include every task, including deadlines and other important notations. Use a blank calendar to calculate the days you have left until the relocation and plot action points.

Here’s our top tip – break larger tasks down into manageable chunks from the outset. You can read our checklist here and change the information to suit your needs. And a reminder to book with Thomas Firbank if you want to receive a higher standard of customer care and service delivery. We’ll assist with the planning stages and can advise on putting together a moving checklist.

Three: Declutter and Reduce Your Moving Load –

We understand that this might sound like a silly suggestion, especially given the timescales. But you’re still able to reduce your moving load, and we’ll explain why. The load is the total volume of items for your relocation, and it affects the cost and type of vehicle the moving company uses. If you have many excess possessions that you no longer use, it might increase the price of your move. Similarly, you’re taking your problems with you rather than making a clean break.

You’ll hate us for saying this, but it’s possible to declutter before your emergency relocation. It just requires a speedier approach and some helping hands in the form of friends and family. To do this, go through each room and set things aside in three piles. Anything that’s in good condition you can sell or donate goes in the first pile. The second is for something you’re unsure of and will need a bit of thought. Your last pile is the things that aren’t in great condition.

For the first group of items, you can sell via an online marketplace like eBay or Facebook. If you’re not keen on doing this, have a look on Google to see where your closest charity stores are and donate to them directly. You might be able to repurpose things that have other functions, such as containers for pot plants. Finally, everything else will need to go to your local tip or recycling point to avoid ending up in a landfill. Click here to see a list of local upcycling and recycling points.

Four: Get Quotes for Self Storage as Back-Up –

One of the results of emergency relocations is a lack of storage space available to you. People often rush around looking to use family and friends’ garages to store their belongings in. This might solve things initially, but it means having another problem to fix down the line. Plus, you’ll have access issues, and it places a burden on everyone.

Self storage is the best route to avoid this and to make sure you safeguard your items. You can secure possessions and have access on your terms. There are no limits for accessing your belongings during business hours when you work with Thomas Firbank. We’ll also be able to arrange your storage unit straight away, which includes collections and packing.

Many customers keep their unit afterwards because of the various benefits of using this service. The convenience makes for a nice surprise, and they prefer having a clutter-free home. It’s sometimes necessary for those downsizing at short notice to do this and avoid a mass purge of items. We have storage units for all budgets and situations, boasting the most extensive storage facilities in Bath.

Five: Prepare for the Moving Day –

It’s your final week mini checklist, which means it’s time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. And for those last-minute jobs, it might also be your first day of preparations! The good news is you won’t have to panic and make rash choices. You’ll have the Thomas Firbank team here to guide you through the process, and that includes prompts and reminders.

If you’re working with more than one service provider, double-checking everything is essential to make sure there are no issues. Contract your insurance broker to make sure your coverage applies – please don’t assume this. There’s nothing worse than realising you’re unable to claim in the event of a breakage. Take your decluttering donations and recycling to their final destinations. And arrange for your self storage items collection from us.

Pack an essentials bag for the journey and the first couple of days in your new home. If you have young children, they’ll need stimulation to keep them from driving you around the bend during the trip. Animals will require more rests and toilet breaks – plot out a route to accommodate this with regular service station stops. Then check oil and tyre pressure the night before the drive.

Thomas Firbank – Your Go-To Movers for Last-Minute Relocations –

We’re circling back to a few points from the beginning of this article. Moving to a new house is not an easy undertaking. You’ll need resilience, patience, and a calm response to keep things in perspective. It helps to have a reliable removals company in your corner who you have enough confidence to delegate tasks.

Thomas Firbank has a range of removals and storage services to cover all types of relocations. This includes households and businesses in Bath and the surrounding areas. We’re proud of our track record, and you can read our excellent customer care and service delivery here. Our team is here to make this is a successful relocation, regardless of tight time restrictions.

You don’t have to panic when an emergency happens, and you need to relocate straight away. Click here and request a free quotation from us. We’ll guide you through the process, making it as stress-free as possible.