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Tips for How to Store Clothing to Prevent Damage

Posted on October 5, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Tips for How to Store Clothing to Prevent Damage

Now that summer’s over; it’s time to trade in the tee shirts for long sleeves and more layers. And with every new season comes its own dedicated range of fashion. Highstreets across Britain are showcasing their autumn arrivals and pushing out their summer range at a discount. All of this means your wardrobe may suffer from overcrowding, should you give into temptation.

When it’s time to put clothing into storage, it’s important to safeguard everything from damage. Protecting your clothing is easy and affordable. The more you prepare your clothing, the longer it will last, meaning you can keep your favourite outfits in near perfect condition for many years. 

Preparing your Clothes Properly – 

It important that everything is thoroughly clean and dry before you put your clothing in storage. Even a slightly damp top can create a lot of microbiological activity, which in turn damages clothes. This is particularly the case for materials that are easily damaged, like silk or satin.

You’ll need to wrap some items in plastic, especially suits and expensive clothing. Don’t be tempted to cramp your clothes when storing them. It’s pointless taking the extra care to use storage when you’re creasing and jamming your clothes together to save space.

And don’t keep clothes for the sake of it. Unless you know, you’ll wear every item again, sell or give your clothing away. It’s not storing for the future if you’re holding onto a comfortable top that is full of holes.

How Storage Can Create More Space – 

Even though you might plan on filling it again, you’ll create a lot more wardrobe space by storing your clothing. It’s easier to see what outfits you wear and which ones are past their best when you can see them. If everything is crammed together, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s in there.

If you have a shoe collection that’s impressive but also slightly massive, then storage is an excellent way to keep the lid on those designer shoes worn twice. Just make sure that you store them in an additional storage box before you put them into storage and make sure they’re fully clean.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s your storage unit so you can put anything in there with your clothing. Just make sure that there’s plenty of space for your clothing and any other items to prevent any transfer damage.

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