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Top Tips For Selling Up

Posted on February 27, 2017 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Top Tips For Selling Up

Spring is one of the best times of the year for selling up. There’s increased demand and sales really take off after the sluggishness of the winter. However, rather than simply relying on the buoyancy of the market to guarantee you a quick sale, you can encourage such an outcome by good marketing. You may have a great estate agent doing everything they can to attract buyers, but there’s no harm in adding your own contributions to the task in hand, especially if you can make a start before the season turns. If you begin marketing now, then you’ll be perfectly placed to take advantage of the Spring surge.

  • Choosing Your Agent. It’s worth charting a course between the most exclusive and expensive agents (who in any case may not be right for you if your home is middle-market) and the fly-by-night spivs who’ll take your money in exchange for very little work. You could also venture online where you’ll find companies charging a flat fee (around £600) instead of a percentage of the sale price.
  • Open-House Days. Holding well-organised open-house days can snare you a buyer, particularly if you take the trouble to be hospitable and welcoming, perhaps offering your visitors something to drink as they cross the threshold. They’ll be delighted to get in from the gloomy pre-Spring weather and will immediately make positive associations with your property.
  • Setting The Tone. Ambience is everything. Warm your house in the hour before a viewing takes place and don’t ask anyone to take their shoes off. It’s bad enough when people ask friends and neighbours to take their shoes off when they come over to socialise – even worse when you’re making the demand of people you don’t even know. It immediately makes it all about you and your precious carpet, rather than all about them. If you’ve made your guest uncomfortable and self-conscious, they’ll almost certainly feel less inclined to buy.
  • Space And Light. Show your rooms off to their very best using a variety of lamps, dimmer switches, and up- and down-lighters to create contrast and beauty. Mirrors are another vital tool, especially if rooms are small or there are cramped passageways