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Trim Your Business Expenses with Storage and Man & Van

Posted on March 22, 2021 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Trim Your Business Expenses with Storage and Man & Van

It’s no secret that most of Bath’s businesses took a battering due to the lockdown restrictions, and everyone’s hoping for a change in fortunes this year. There was a lot of readjusting and innovation at play to stem the tide of financial losses for those who made it. This year’s key financial aspect will be a gradual recovery that will only be possible with cost-savings.

Many will be asking themselves if the average company in Bath can make actual savings. We all want to keep our staff and remain within a similar operational process, so is it possible to achieve this? At Thomas Firbank, we believe it’s possible by using our range of services. Today’s blog will look into various approaches in reducing your monthly overheads. 

Solving Cashflow Issues by Sensible Savings –

Bath’s business community’s big question for 2021 will be about finding realistic, manageable ways to trim costs. This section will make three suggestions on how you can approach this and take proactive action without harming your current operations. Our first suggestion is to collate all your invoices, receipts, and other payments, categorising them as recurring or once-off costs. Then you’ll need to discuss this with your accounts person or team to identify potential savings.

The second suggestion is to look at your car or van needs. Do you need to buy or lease vehicles to perform certain tasks? Unless you can confidently say your work’s vehicles are essential, consider using a man and van service instead. You’ll save hundreds of pounds per month by using Thomas Firbank’s Man & Van package for your collections and deliveries.

Our third and final suggestion for this section – rent a smaller, cheaper property. You can use one of our self storage units to safeguard your goods and equipment, so you won’t penalise yourself by downsizing. Similarly, it’s also possible to use a self  storage unit as an alternative workspace, especially for small or start-ups enterprises. You will potentially save thousands of pounds each month by doing these simple steps.

Man & Van for Cheaper Local Distribution –

Now we’ll focus more on how SMEs in Bath can utilise a man with a van service for their local distribution. Lots of businesses need a vehicle for collecting and delivering packages to customers. That said, buying a van or car isn’t cheap and can put a strain on your finances. Using a courier company will increase your expenses, especially if a large part of the work involves sending out goods to customers.

Thomas Firbank works with several companies that use us for local and national distribution, and we have affordable options. Our Man & Van service is ideal for this purpose, making local logistics for collections and/or deliveries a simple task. We always assign two team members to handle goods or equipment. Every member of the Thomas Firbank team has expert handling and packing skills.

We always strive to provide value for money to ensure we can offer our services to new and smaller enterprises. Everything you entrust into our care will only be handled by experts to reduce any issues with damage or breakages while loading or unpacking. Additionally, our team know exactly how to arrange everything in our vehicle to avoid any objects making contact during transit.

By outsourcing your distribution to us, you’ll reduce costs by eliminating the need to buy or rent a van. Furthermore, you’ll only need to undertake this when you have collections and deliveries to make. There’s no contract to worry about, and you might go for several days or weeks without having to use the service again. In the next section, we’ll discuss how self storage is the perfect add-on for any small business in Bath.

The Benefits of Self Storage for Start-Ups –

The ability to streamline two services makes self-storage the perfect distribution and warehousing option for start-ups. We have drive-up storage units available, which make it efficient and quick to load and unpack. This provides you with a speedy turnaround for getting things from your unit and out to your customers.

Staying on the topic of trimming your outgoings, it’s also worth highlighting the lesser-known uses of self storage. For the past decade, savvy entrepreneurs have been using storage units as alternative offices, studios, and stockrooms. When you compare commercial rental costs with storage, you could stand to save hundreds of pounds a month. It’s obviously not suitable for all enterprises, but it’s worth adding to your business plan.

Thomas Firbank’s self storage units have environmental controls, including full insulation to prevent moisture and condensation. This means everything that goes into your unit will remain in the same condition when it’s taken out. That’s why hundreds of people and companies trust us with their possessions and work’s equipment every month.

Tips for Setting Up a New Business Venture –

We thought it would be a good idea to include some tips for people who might be looking to start something themselves this year. You can begin by looking around to see what grants and financial assistance are available for small businesses. Get in contact with Bath & North East Somerset Council and the Bath Chamber of Commerce for networking and funding information.

Once you have a better idea if you can apply for some start-up capital, you’ll need to see the market for your niche. This will entail lots of online research for social media and any forums, depending on your business sector. Platforms like Amazon and Facebook Marketplace should also give you a rough idea of how well a potential product will do.

A business plan is essential for any new business, and you’ll need to start taking notes to include in the costing section. You’ll need to get lots of quotes and comparative rates to have a thorough understanding of your industry. This also includes what you might charge customers when you’re ready to start operating.

If you’re currently working full time, you should start saving money now. The best idea is to do this over a longer period, such as a year or two. You can also increase your skills while you’re putting money away for your new venture.

Partner with a Reputable Removals Company –

The Thomas Firbank team have been providing removals and storage in Bath for over twenty years. With a fleet of removal’s vans available and the largest storage facilities in the area, we can cater to most business sectors with ease. Our security measures ensure that there is only one way to enter and exit the site. With everything being captured on state-of-the-art CCTV equipment.

By partnering with Thomas Firbank, you’ll be able to reduce your outgoings significantly without harming how you operate. We have the right removals and storage services to help any business send out orders to customers and associate companies. This applies to established enterprises trying to cut costs, as well as start-ups and solopreneurs.

We believe in providing the correct service for our customers’ needs at affordable rates. Wherever possible, we’ll adapt our packages to accommodate any unique specifications. You can read what our previous customers rate and say about us here with our five-star reviews. Furthermore, we’re a member company of the Master Removers Group due to our dedication to customer service.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Business-Friendly Removals and Storage Provider –

Thomas Firbank worked with hundreds of businesses in 2020, and we understand how difficult last year was. That’s why we go out of our way to share best practices and valuable information. We hope some of the suggestions in this blog will help you rethink some of your operating costs. Reducing your expenses is a sure-fire way to make this a successful year.

At Thomas Firbank, customer service is paramount to us, and we approach every job with this as our focus. You’ll need to partner with companies you can rely on, especially as we continue to navigate the pandemic response. We believe our range of services presents an opportunity to decrease most company’s expenditure without causing any issues with service delivery.

If you want to know more about how our services can save your business money, please contact us today. We have the right selection of removals and storage packages to reduce your monthly overheads.