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Unbeatable Removals and Storage in Bath with Thomas Firbank

Posted on March 24, 2024 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Unbeatable Removals and Storage in Bath with Thomas Firbank

Many factors make Bath an excellent place to live. And it’s no wonder the city has seen an influx of people in the last five years. House prices increase steadily yearly, and Bath has so much to do. You’ll never fit everything in one visit, which might be why people relocate here. For those planning on moving to Bath, Thomas Firbank has the right service for you.

The Thomas Firbank team has been operating in Bath for over twenty years. During this time, many of our customers have become Bathonians for various reasons. Most often, their interests in positive well-being make Bath the ideal fit. With lots of outdoor activities, scenic walking routes and a vibrant city, Bath has something for everyone.


  • A Range of Removals Options in Bath
  • Boasting the Best Storage Facilities in Bath
  • The Advantage of Linking Removal and Storage
  • National and European Relocations from or to Bath
  • Office and Commercial Removals with Oversight Assistance
  • Choosing the Best Moving Company in Bath and Somerset

A Range of Removals Options in Bath

Now that you have your sights set on a big move to Bath, you’ll need to choose a reliable removal company to get you there. Thomas Firbank is Bath’s favourite removal company, and we guarantee to make your relocation as stress-free as possible. And one thing you’ll always have with us is a variety of removal options.

At Thomas Firbank, we have a range of vehicle sizes to ensure we can take on any removal job. We often use our Man & Van removal service for smaller moves, and the smaller vans are ideal for peak traffic conditions. If there is unforeseen congestion, changing routes and using side roads with a smaller vehicle is more manageable. These vans are also handy for navigating the more rural Somerset roads.

We have various larger vehicles available if you have a significant volume of furniture and possessions. Moving everything in one go with our Home Removals vans can often be more efficient.

Every job we book undergoes a thorough assessment with someone who will oversee the relocation. Then, we assign the correct vehicle and number of team members and create a timeline for the move. Our priority is to ensure that we provide a cost-effective and efficient service.

Boasting the Best Storage Facilities in Bath

In addition to our range of removal services, Thomas Firbank has storage options available at our Bath facilities. Each storage package offers complete security for household belongings, equipment, and business materials. Additionally, we work with many students in Bath because of its position as a university city and education hub.

Our Container Storage service is ideal for people who don’t need regular access to their storage unit. This is usually for people who are looking for long-term storage. Container storage units are our most affordable options, starting from just £14 per week.

Then, we have our storage packages in Bath for home and business use. One advantage of self storage is having regular access to your unit without additional charges. Many people opt for self storage because they are looking for a short-term option. Still, it’s also very popular with local businesses.

Thomas Firbank works with many students who use us for different requirements. Our storage is also ideal for learners who plan to head home during vacation and need affordable storage.

The Advantage of Linking Removal and Storage

At Thomas Firbank, we always think of ways to improve our services flexibly. We achieve this through customer feedback, which we encourage and listen to diligently. One area that makes us stand out from other movers is ensuring our packages link together to form more comprehensive services.

That’s the beauty of our removal and storage offerings – they connect seamlessly. This is perfect for people or companies that want to use storage to stagger the moving process and pack gradually. Direct linking between storage and removal services allows efficient packing and moving.

We also have the option to take over the packing add-on to delegate the tasks to our team. Ultimately, this increases your convenience and ensures that quality standards and controls are maintained at every stage, so it’s a significant win-win for everyone, including us. We prioritise providing the highest levels of customer service possible for every job we sign up for.

National and European Relocations from or to Bath

Every relocation has potential banana skins hiding, waiting to make you slip up (hopefully figuratively). However, the longer the distance, the more chances a problem can arise – but we should stress that it’s unlikely if you use a reliable Bath moving company. The more mileage, the trickier the challenge becomes – so using a professional removal company is a must-have item.

Fortunately, you can access national and European relocations from Bath with Thomas Firbank. Our affiliation with the Master Removers Group provides access to removal and storage depots across the UK. That means we have partner warehouses we can use for long-haul jobs, which is ideal for European relocations, and assistance is available for moves further afield globally.

It also means we can connect with our partners to move you in either direction, meaning we can relocate you to Paris and back again if needs be. The best part is that this is all down to the same high standards you can expect from local removals.

Office and Commercial Removals with Oversight Assistance

Bath is renowned for its beautiful Georgian masonry and historical landmarks, which attract tens of thousands of visitors. But there’s more to Bath than tourist attractions—it’s very business-orientated, with a mix of local and international companies thriving.

That’s why we offer tailored solutions for office and commercial removals of any scale, with the ability to handle one-person operations through to multinational corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees. Our services include overseeing the entire office or commercial relocation, mirroring existing setups, or devising new layouts.

We’ll assign a dedicated move manager to ensure quality control and minimise downtime during the relocation process. Additionally, we’ll send an assessor to you for an on-site visit to ensure we understand the job completely. This gives you more time to update your suppliers and clients to inform them you’re moving and new address details.

Choosing the Best Moving Company in Bath and Somerset

Finding a decent service provider can be tricky, but there are a few tried and tested ways to find the ones that deserve your patronage. First, it’s always wise to tap into recommendations to ask for referrals from family, friends, or colleagues. However, there are more accurate ways to do this if you cannot get any referrals.

Checking Google ratings reviews for insights into the company’s reputation – we suggest looking for an overall average of 4.5 and up. Also, read some of the reviews to gauge what level of customer care and service delivery you can expect to receive.

The industry standard for removals is BAR (British Association of Removers) accreditation, so ask any prospective movers about it. Equally important is a Quality Policy because this provides an additional level of quality assurance.  We are committed to exceeding standard expectations in the moving industry, and we’re confident we cover every base for customer service.

Thomas Firbank – We’re Bath’s Number One Removals and Storage Company

Thomas Firbank is the fastest-growing removals and storage company in Bath. Our comprehensive storage facilities are the largest of its kind in the area, and customers from all over Bath and Somerset use them.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping our customers successfully move into their new homes. It’s a new beginning for many people, and we always go out of our way to make the relocation a pleasant experience. Many loyal customers return to use it for their next move.

At Thomas Firbank, we’re confident we have the right removals and storage service for you. We’re always looking to increase our packages and improve our current services. We plan on adding more storage units to our facilities in Bath soon.

Thomas Firbank has everything you need if you’re looking for a reliable removal and storage company. Contact us today, and we’ll happily discuss our range of services.