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Upgrading Your Garden to Sell Your Home in Bath and How We Can Help

Posted on March 31, 2019 by Thomas Firbank Removals
Upgrading Your Garden to Sell Your Home in Bath and How We Can Help

For homeowners who are considering putting their house on the market, there are things to consider before contacting an estate agent. If you’re thinking of undertaking some work on your home to aid a sale, you need to ensure that it adds value to your property and is affordable. The thought of increasing value sounds like too much of an undertaking for some people. They assume that means building an extra room or converting one. However, your improvements don’t need to be drastic or expensive. You can increase the value of a home by upgrading your garden.

Making improvements to your garden is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic look of your property. There is nothing more appealing to a potential buyer than walking out into a well-maintained garden with tasteful features. Plus, it will also help you enjoy the remaining time you have in your current house. You might do such good job of upgrading your garden that you change your mind and stay. Either way, here are some of our top tips for your garden upgrade project this spring or summer.

Easy Tips to Improve Your Garden in Bath –

Before you jump headfirst into your garden upgrade project, it’s a good idea to consider how much of the work you intend to take on yourself. You shouldn’t underestimate the task at hand if you are overseeing and completing the work. Similarly, you will need to factor in the costs of hiring a professional for comparison. So, get some quotes from at least three different people.

The crucial question you need to ask yourself at all times is this. What can I add or improve in the garden that will increase the value of my property? Decking is still a trendy way to showcase your outdoor space. Done correctly, it can turn your garden into an aesthetically pleasing area. However, if you think it’s an easy option you can throw together quickly on the cheap – prepare for disappointment.

A water feature can add a tranquil element to your garden, and many recycle the water they use. If you’re going with a specific theme, the water feature, plants and any lighting requires plenty of research before you begin. Additionally, you should cautiously consider taking on something as elaborate like a Japanese garden due to the high maintenance aspect.

No garden would be complete without a wood burner of some description. If you want to warm things up without burning wood, you can also consider installing a heat lamp. You can continue to enjoy your garden all-year by installing one or both. To reduce the costs of buying new garden furniture, some wooden pallets and inspiration can go a long way.

Rent a Storage Unit for Your Bath Garden Upgrade –

A storage unit can provide you with a way of emptying any items in your garden or home that will impede your project. Additionally, you can start buying and storing materials and tools that you’ll use for your upgrade now. This can also help to spread the costs of equipment and materials over a few months, rather than buying everything just before you start work.

Self storage is an affordable and secure way to create more space in your home and garden. While it’s possible to use garages or lofts for storage purposes, both are susceptible to damage or even theft. Although it might seem unlikely, one of the leading causes of damage to things like garden furniture or tools in garages is from water or damage from damp conditions.

Thomas Firbank has a range of storage options available to assist you as you upgrade your garden in Bath. There is no lease to worry about, and you can end your rental once your project is complete. However, many of our customers began renting a storage unit while undertaking a project and still use their unit now. Their feedback is often about the convenience of secure storage that also creates more space at home.

Thomas Firbank – Bath’s Number One for Home and Garden Improvements –

Thomas Firbank works with hundreds of people every month, and some of them have or are in the process of upgrading their homes and gardens. We encourage feedback about their experiences to see if we can learn and pass information on for other clients. And for those who did the project themselves, it was vital to have a storage unit for their materials and tools.

One of the best aspects of upgrading your garden is that it can improve the look of your house dramatically. Not only that, it’s feasible to take on the work yourself. It can be a fun project to take on, with some long-lasting results you can enjoy for many years. A vibrant garden can be much more than just a selling point, and if done well, you might not want to sell up!

With the right tools, a strong work ethic and some creative know-how, it’s possible to create your own idyllic space in your back garden. And don’t forget the front garden – any prospective buyers are likely to see this first.

For more information about our storage packages, contact us today. We’ll also gladly pass on any advice on upgrading your garden and can recommend professional builders.